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Devil's Secret - Chapter 24




Devil's Secret - Chapter 24

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



I groaned loudly due to the pain I felt in my heart

Remind me never to drink again

I opened my eyes gently and started at the celling ,the room was a bit dark

And why dose it smell different.

I raised my head up only to see a different bed and a different room and then my bra on the floor

I opened my mouth to yell but nothing was coming out

I touched in between my legs and notice I still had my panties on

Well that's a good thing

And that was when it hit me "I'm in Liam's room"


I must have came in here when I got drunk,I tried remembering what happened last night but I couldn't instead my head hurts more

I rushed out of the room but half way to mine, I remembered something

"my bra"

I tried running back and that was when I saw someone climbing the stairs


I couldn't go back so instead I ran to my room and shut the door breathing heavily

This is not happening to me right now ,I feel so embarrassed

What will he do if he finds a bra in his room ?

Will he suspect me?

Wait where did he sleep ?

Did I meet him inside his room?

Did he touch my boobs ?

wait, did he remove my bra?

Oh jeez I feel so crazy right now and why can't I remember anything for goodness sake

I entered the bathtub and sat down.

After the warm bath ,I felt relieved a little but my head still hurts

I dragged my feet to the sitting and saw Ciara drinking coffee with her eyes all puffy

"Well you look better than me "she said and I sat beside her

She handed me some pills and I took them

"so last night "I started and her cheeks turn red

"We didn't do anything "She quickly said making me smile

"Really,why are you so defensive "

"that wasn't even the question I wanted to ask,I don't even remember anything "

"Did you "I asked

"a little "she replied.

We sat there in a comfortable silence

"I'm never drinking " Ciara said

"me too "I replied


Few minutes later we heard footsteps and turned to see it was Liam

He looked from me to Ciara before walking to the kitchen

" Daisy "I heard him called and my body tensed

"This can't be good, bye "Ciara said and ran away leaving me .

"You called "I said acting all confident

what if he realized that it's my bra in his room

"About Dani ,what happened the other day shouldn't repeat itself again "

"oh"was the only thing that came out from my mouth

"well she deserved it ,she was being rude to me and hitting me for unnecessary reasons"I added

"that doesn't mean you should turn her into a punching bag "he added sternly

"Well tell her not to hit me again else she would get worst and I don't need anyone to teach me how to defer myself "

"I just want to pay my bills and go start my life" I half yelled

"Don't raise your voice at me"he snarled

"Or what"I challenged and his eyes grew darker

He hates challenges

"I dare you to raise your voice one more time" He said walking towards me

"I thought as much"he added because I couldn't say anything

He looks scary

I walked to my room and shut the door

Congratulations Daisy you just embarrassed yourself again

Now I wish I beat Dani even more ,his warning me because of her .

I moved to my bed and saw something on it

"My fucking bra"

"Arrrrrrh"I yelled till I ran out of breath

He touched my bra

He saw it,he brought it back to my bed

He knew it's mine

He knew i was in his room

Wait...a minute...That means his there when I entered his room or he saw me in his room

I shut my eyes tightly hoping all the embarrassment will go away but it didn't

Help me dear lord.

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