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Devil's Secret - Chapter 23




Devil's Secret - Chapter 23

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



His eyes landed on me and I stared at my feet

why is he looking at me that way and why am I feeling so so nervous like this

"No need to get all angry ,we are having a girl's night and we are taking the guards along "Ciara said

"I'm coming too"Liam said coldly

"what"we both yelled in union .


"We said we are having a "girls" night "Ciara said emphasising on the 'girls'

"we don't need you there "Ciara added

"Be back early"he said walking away

"He just keep getting weird everyday "I muttered

"yeah and over protective " Ciara added as we made our way out

We arrived at the club and the loud music could make my ears bleed

The guards kept a distance but they were still watching us

We hit the dance floor and began dancing

There's always this feeling anytime I'm with Ciara

She's so fun and lively that you can hardly resist

Like she said we should just get drunk and wasted

"Forget all your problems"

Somehow any hot guy who wants to close to us will disappear all of a sudden

"we should rest ,I feel so hot and horny"Ciara yelled

"yeah I agree with everything you say apart from the 'horny' part "I replied and she laughed loudly

"I think I'm seeing double" Ciara said

"me too"I replied and we both laughed at nothing .

I looked around a saw a familiar structure

"Anna"I called looking at the direction of the girl

"Anna I called again louder following her when I heard Ciara saying something

She turned to me and smiled

it's Anna ,she's Anna

I feel my heard spinning so I grabbed a drink from the waiter and glumped it down

I looked back at the direction but she's gone

I looked around and I couldn't see her again

Remind me never to drink again

"Ma'am it time to go"I heard one of the guards say

He was already holding Ciara tightly and she couldn't stop saying stuffs that no one understands

weirdly I find myself replying her and laughing loudly as the guards drove us back home

"What the hell"I heard Rio half yelled staring at the both of us as we entered the apartment

"He looks so f*ckable " Ciara whispered in my ears and we both giggled

Before I knew it she crashed her lips on his and his eyes widened

"Okay I'm gone "I slurred dragging my feet upstairs

I tried opening my room door but it wouldn't so I settled for the next best option

I moved back and ran towards the door in attempt to hit it down but then the door opened and instead of falling on the floor I landed in someone's arm

I'm never drinking again

"watch it"he snarled angrily as I gained my balance

"what are you doing in my room "I snarled back pushing him out of the way

"Dose this look like your room"he asked coldly

"and why the hell did you get drunk "he asked making me roll my eyes

"you're not my mom"I replied throwing my shoes away

"leave my room"he half yelled as I collapsed on the bed

"you're so grumpy and rude" I replied him

He tried to carry me off the bed I straddled him with my legs making him collapse on me

I giggled at his reaction and he stared at me

"you're so cute" I muttered running my hands through his hair

"And you're in alot of trouble tomorrow"he replied

"let's cuddle"I pouted

"no not happening"he replied sternly

"okay fine I will just do this instead"

I moved to a better position and placed my lips on his neck

I began sucking it and felt his whole body tensed under me

I giggled when I heard him groan

"what are you doing to me" he asked

"I'm bribing you so we could cuddle "

"did it work "I asked and I swear he smiled

"I guess"he replied

"wait"I said and he furrowed his brows

"Help me unclip my bra it's so uncomfortable"I said and he nodded gently

His hands trailed down my skin and I felt hot

so this is what Ciara meant by "He looks so f*ckable "

I removed my bra and threw it before laying down and bringing him close to me

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