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Devil's Secret - Chapter 22




Devil's Secret - Chapter 22

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



Everyone was gathered around looking at me in awe including Liam

But Liam held a different expression entirely "cold"

I looked at Dani bloody face and my heart sank

I grabbed my things and ran out of the warehouse.


I don't know for how long I've been walking and I really don't know where I'm going

My legs were already hurting like crazy.

I felt the cool breeze hit my face and it was kinda relaxing

The breeze made me feel relaxed ,I really needed it

I felt pity for Dani because her face is going to be messed up for a long time

And Ciara I'm sure she will be really worried about me

Something started vibrating in my pocket ,I almost forgot I have a phone

I brought it out and saw the caller ID is Ciara

I didn't even know I have her contact ,I'm sure Liam put his and that of Rio too

"Hi"I said

"omg ,are you okay, where are you ,I'm worried sick "Ciara said worriedly

"I'm okay I just needed some minutes alone"I replied her

"okay I understand call me if you need a ride okay"she said

"I will"I replied and ended the call

I entered a cafe eat something since I have a few bucks with me

I sat down when I noticed a familiar person walked in

"Mavin"I called smiling and his face lit up immediately he saw me

"what are you doing here "he asked

"I just passed by decided to get something "I replied back

"ohh great my company isn't far from here so I come here frequently"he said to me and I nodded

"About the other day ,I came by but I wasn't allowed in "he said and my eyes widened

"yeah I waited for hours ,the guards told me strangers are not allowed in and I didn't have your number to call you " he said carefully staring at me

" I'm sorry about that ,you know it's just for security purpose"I replied hoping he would understand

"yeah I understand ,thank God I met you here"he said giving me a warm smile

"yeah and I got a phone too , you can put your number on it so we could talk anytime you want"I said handing him my phone

"what the hell happened to you " he half yelled grabbing my hands

I almost forgot I had bruises on hands

"it's nothing much I just scratched my hands against something "I replied and he looked at me

He knew I was lying ,Mavin has know me for long and he reads me like a book

"Daisy if there is anything at all,I mean anything you need , anything you want ,if you need someone to talk to I'm always here "he said and I nodded

"if you need somewhere to stay, a job "just call me okay"he added

"And I know you're lying to me but I won't pressure you into telling me anything , wherever you're ready I'm here to listen"he said

So here is the reason why I've always liked Mavin his so caring and understanding

"thanks Mavin " I replied and he smiled


Mavin and I talked for hours and I laughed really hard forgetting my problem

"are you sure you're not going to get scolded by your boss"I said and he chuckled

"I'm the boss "he said proudly

"Alright I'll see you some other time "he said as we reached the house

"yeah "I replied back.


"you are not telling me no this time"Ciara yelled

"Remember what happened the last time"I replied

"it is not happening again ,this time we are going to take the guards with us and just enjoy our life and get wasted "she said

"fine "I replied and she jumped exictedly


Right now we were both ready and looked really hot

I saw Liam sitting down in the sitting room and I felt nervous

His eyes landed on me and I stared at me feet

why is he looking at me that way and why am I feeling so so nervous like this

"No need to get all angry ,we are having a girl's night and we are taking the guards along "Ciara said

"I'm coming too"Liam said coldly

"what"we both yelled in Union .

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