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Devil's Secret - Chapter 21




Devil's Secret - Chapter 21

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



"Father" I called staring at the man in front of me

"Finally Daisy"He said smiling

"I always told you that you can never run away from me"

"I will always find you because you're mine "he added moving closer to me

"No No leave me alone"I yelled


I woke up panting heavily with beads of swear gathered around my forehead

This nightmare keeps coming back and they feel so real each time

i wiped the tears coming down my face

I don't cry, then why are my crying now ??

I have always been strong but remembering that Anna is no more kills me everyday .

I took the note she left for me and began reading it .


"Jeez you look horrible" Ciara said making me smile a little

"Anna always tells me that"I replied and I could see sadness written all over her face

"Come I prepared breakfast "she said

That was when I noticed Rio and Liam also eating breakfast

"Rio "I called exictedly and hugged him tightly

"it seems like I haven't seen you for ages "I said and heard him chuckle

"Just busy recently"he replied and I nodded

I sat down opposite Liam who focused on his breakfast

"so I heard you found a hot guy chasing after you"Rio said making me glare at Ciara

"they slipped out of my mouth"she said quickly

"his just a friend "I said to Rio and he nodded

"Here it's yours"Liam said pushing a new phone towards me

"oh no need I can't take this ,Mavin already offered to go get me a new phone "I said to Liam

"I said take it ,it's for work "He said in a more strict tone

"And for your information I don't want to see that guy around this apartment I don't trust him"he added

"you don't have to worry about Mavin his an amazing person and means no harm" I replied

"I said I don't want him ...Guys who stare at girls like piece of meat are not to be trusted or even allowed close to my house"He snarled angrily

"At least his better than guys who go about f*cking girls in warehouse "I snarled back angrily

His expression changed immediately but replaced with a cold glare

I grabbed the phone and stormed out of the sitting room




well after the whole drama I got ready and went to the warehouse

I'm not done with the training yet

As much as I wanted to avoid Liam ,I couldn't because he will be the one driving us

"you're coming with us "I heard Ciara asked Rio

"yeah he recruited some boys and need to teach them a few skills"he replied and Ciara nodded

Ciara didn't ask me about what happened during breakfast and I was glad

The place was a bit crowded than usual and different training was going on

I met Dani and we began training

"Do you hate me that much" I asked angrily due to the hard punch she landed on my face

She always timing my face and wants me to have scars and today I've had enough

she grinned widely at me meaning she enjoying the whole thing

I felt tensed up and anger was the only thing running through my blood that moment

I didn't start this day happily and she wants to add to my pain

I threw her an unexpected punch that sent her to the floor ,she was surprised and more angered

she rushed towards me and began hitting me

I fought back

i don't know why but I kept seeing the face of my father on her ,it angered me more

All the beating and ill treatment she has been giving me I'm returning them back

I kept punching her till she couldn't fight back and her face turned bloody

"Stop"I heard someone yelled but I didn't

"Please stop Daisy think of Anna ,she won't be happy seeing this"the person said and I froze

I turned around to see it was Ciara in tears

Everyone was gathered around looking at me in awe including Liam

But Liam held a different expression entirely "cold"

I looked at Dani bloody face and my heart sank

I grabbed my things and ran out of the warehouse

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