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Devil's Secret - Chapter 20



Devil's Secret - Chapter 20

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



Mavin opened the car door for me and I stepped out ,that was when I noticed someone was about driving out too but I didn't pay it attention

"Goodnight Daisy "he said kissing my forehead head which made my stomach flutter

"thanks Mavin " I replied and walked to the gate when I noticed the person that was about driving out is Liam.


I walked into the apartment not taking a glance at him

I opened my room door and flinched at the sight before me

"jeez you scared me "I said to Ciara who sat on my bed grining

"I'm Sorry I couldn't wait to hear all the spicy details "she replied making me roll my eyes

"there is no spicy details "I replied sitting down

"okay what did you guys talk about "she asked

"Mavin is an old friend of mine ,we just talked about everything that has happened and random stuff that's all "I replied

"his so hot "and handsome she added

"yeah"I said collapsing on the bed

"that reminds me did you see my brother?

"he was furious when I didn't return with you"she said and my eyes widened

"I only saw him driving out when Mavin dropped me"I replied and she nodded.

Right now we were on our way to the warehouse

"Why are you so quiet"Ciara asked

"nothing much just thinking "I replied back

"oh c'mon don't tell me you're thinking of that hot guy what's his name again"

"Mavin "I added rolling my eyes

"so are you two still going out today "she asked

"yeah just friendly dinner and he wants to help me get a new phone"I explained

"why didn't you tell me ,I thought it's sisters before misters "Ciara said pouting

"you know it's not like that " I replied

"OMG "she half yelled

"You need to get your hair done and your nails too and ...

"hold on Ciara"I said cutting her short

"it's just a simple Friends dinner"I said emphasising on the friends

"scratch that ,it's a date ,I know it's a date how can you not tell when a guy is into you"she added

"his not into me "I defended

"whatever ..there is this lady I know she's very good at waxing " Ciara said and I almost choked on my spit with my eyes popping out

The car stopped immediately and we both turned to Liam

"Get the hell out both of you "he snarled angrily making the both of us rush out and he drove off

"what the hell was that about "Ciara yelled loudly

"how can he drop us in the middle of nowhere "she added angrily

"he wouldn't have dropped us if you didn't talk about getting waxed for a date "I replied

"oh so you now agreed it's a date"she said smiling like a five year old

"you're impossible"I yelled walking away

"wait for me ... I also have a video of different s€x positions if you want "she added making my cheeks go red .

I can't still believe that Liam could drop us in the middle of nowhere

why is he angry ?

it's not like he even cares.


Ciara and I walked for about thirty minutes before reaching the warehouse

Dani was the one teaching me and to be honest she was gentle

she treated me worse than an enemy and hits me anytime she has the chance to

I didn't see Liam in the warehouse till we left .

I waited for hours thinking Mavin will come but he didn't which is a surprise to me, maybe he was caught up with work

thankfully I didn't waste my time getting all prepared like Ciara suggested.


I lay down trying to sleep but I couldn't so I made my way downstairs and to get some snacks

Thankfully the sitting room was empty ..I mean Liam free

I grabbed the things I needed and began heading back when I tripped and a strong arm held me from hitting the floor

it's was Liam ,we stared quietly at each other

"next time be careful"he said letting me go and my body collide with the floor

I wanted to yell and scream at him but I looked around and he wasn't there anymore

wait ...a... minute

was i imagining things or it was real

how did he appear and disapper so easily

Arrrh I think I'm going crazy .

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