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Devil's Secret - Chapter 19



Devil's Secret - Chapter 19

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



Rio was the one who dropped us at the venue and can't stop using his eyes to undress Ciara

We walked into the Hall and my eyes dropped at the first person I saw .


"Mavin"I shuttered

"Daisy"he called

"OMG I can't believe it's actually you "he said hugging while I felt numb

"why are you in Mexico"he asked

"I..I am ... working here"I shuttered

Someone cleared her throat and we both turned to Ciara

" Ciara this is Mavin my childhood friend and Mavin this is Ciara"I Introduced

"Nice to meet you here"Ciara said stretching out her hand

"same here Ciara"Mavin replied

"The wedding is about to start we should get seated "I said and they both nodded

"we have alot to talk about "Mavin said with a small smile and I nodded

we all sat down at the same roll as the wedding began

the wedding is beautiful but my mind isn't really here

my mind is on Mavin.

Mavin used to be my closest friend back then ,he was the only one who knew about what my father dose to me

He has been by my side and helping me out and sometimes giving us food when we had none

I had a huge crush on him of course of Anna knows about it

A few years back his family had to move away making us loose contact

I remembered how I cried myself to sleep that night and I got used to not seeing him.

Seeing him right now brings back alot of memories that I've been trying to ignore.


The wedding ended pretty good and we walked out of the venue

I excused myself to go use the restroom when I felt someone following me behind ,I turned my back to see someone wearing a black suit but not looking at me

I relaxed a bit

I wanted to enter the restroom when I saw the person walking towards me from the Conner of my eye

My whole body tensed up immediately

Only one demon walks like that "Father "

I was about panicking when I saw Ciara rushing to me ,he stopped and turned back

"omg I thought you ran away"she said making me chuckle and relaxing a bit

"why would I run away,I only wanted to use the restroom "I replied and she nodded exhaling

jezz did she really think I will run away ??

Ciara and I went back after I did my business but my mind couldn't go off the person I saw

Am I hallucinating or what??

could it be him or I'm just imagining things

" if you don't mind we can go chill out and catch up on old times before taking you home "Mavin said and I nodded

"are you sure "Ciara asked and I smiled at her

"yeah I will be okay and I know the address back so no need to worry " I said to her

"I have a teaser and pen knife in my purse in case he tries anything funny"Ciara whispered in my ears

"don't worry his good"I whispered back

"I have a condom pack too"she added making me push her away as my cheeks heat up

She's something else

"see ya "she said waving me as I followed Mavin to his car

The drive was silent but not awkward

we arrived at a fancy restaurant and he lead me in

"hope you like the place "he asked and I nodded

"it's okay " I replied .

we ordered and began talking about funny things we did before

thankfully he didn't talk about my father

"Gosh I can't wait to see Anna she must be all grown now "he said making my mood go flat

"what's wrong "he asked.

"she's dead ..cancer "I said and his mind widened

"omg I didn't know ,, gosh I feel like sh*t ,how are you coping without her , I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you guys"he said with his voice cracking

I changed the topic immediately and I knew he understands ,I really don't want both of us crying in public ,aside that I don't like displaying my feelings.

We were able to talk about other stuff and I ignored some of the questions he asked me ..his really understanding ...I really missed him


Mavin opened the car door for me and I stepped out ,that was when I noticed someone was about driving out too but I didn't pay it attention

"Goodnight Daisy "he said kissing my forehead head which made my stomach flutter

"thanks Mavin " I replied and walked to the gate when I noticed the person that was about driving out is Liam.

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