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Devil's Secret - Chapter 15



Devil's Secret - Chapter 15

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



After having a boring day all alone in the room without doing anything ,I decided to go watch a movie

I can't really remember when last I watched a movie or even look at the TV

Liam and Rio went out for business and Ciara went along with them ,she said she was going to train

I wonder what she's training for

after scrolling endlessly through various channels I finally settled for a movie called the nun

Those women are always amazing people and true believers

I'm sure this movie will be inspiring

I sat down properly and began watching.

thirty minutes later.........

my throat went dry and my body shivering as I put off the TV

this was a bad idea

how could movie about nuns be horror

I don't like horror movies

the curtains moved and I tensed up

it's just breeze Daisy calm down ,I kept reassuring myself.

Few hours later....

Here I am sitting on the couch with my head buried in-between my legs and a spatula in my hand

somehow I kept hearing creepy noises and some things moving

I really can't wait any longer for Ciara to come back cos i might go crazy .

I sat down in my room alone in my thoughts.

Ciara came back from her training later and we prepared dinner

we all went back to our various rooms after dinner .

A knock landed on my door and I sprang up immediately

"Daisy "I heard Ciara called

"I thought you might be asleep by now"she asked and I shook my head

"I'm still awake"I replied

I can't tell her I watched a horror movie and I feel like the movie is hunting me

"well, there is this club I went to the last time I was here ,it's really cool and I'm really bored right now ....

"yes I will follow you"I said cutting her short

she was surprised but later smiled widely

"omg I can't believe you would actually say yes ,go take a shower while I get somethings from my room"she said and I nodded

I've never been to a club but anything that will take me out of this room ..I'm so doing it

I rushed into the bathroom and took a shower ,I was drying my hair when Ciara cane back with a huge box

"what is the box for"I asked

"makeup of course"she replied

she picked out an outfit for me which I find really uncomfortable but she didn't allow me change

she rubbed some makeup on my face and I smiled at how pretty I looked

"Let's go beautiful"she said making me chuckle

we sneaked out of the apartment as she hailed a cab ,we couldn't use hers else we would wake everyone up

I was worried Liam is going to find out but Ciara assured me that he wouldn't.


we arrived at the club the place was a bit noisy due to the lines at the entrance

"Hey Ciara ,it's been ages "one huge bouncer called

they both exchanged pleasantries and in a minute we are inside the club

"How do people enjoy the insanely loud music" I yelled so Ciara can hear me

"The louder the movie the louder you feel the vibe "she yelled back

She dragged my hands to the dancing floor and began dancing

"I don't know how to dance"I said to her drawing down my dress due to the stares in was getting

"Follow my steps"she replied and I did

In no time we were both having fun dancing and laughing

The waiter passed and Ciara took two drinks from him

she gave me one and I glumped the whole content down as it burned my throat and made my head spin

After few seconds I felt alive I grabbed another drink and we began dancing

we were about to move on to our next drink when I sighted someone

I dragged Ciara to the floor instantly

"what happened"she asked

"Liam is here"I replied and her eyes widened

"sh*t"she cursed

"follow me "she said and I followed her

we kept our head down and ran out of the club laughing loudly

"that was close"I said and Ciara nodded

We hailed a cab and it drove us back to the apartment

a thought popped into my head

what if Liam saw us??

what if Liam is back at the apartment?

He can't be that fast right ???

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