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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 27




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 27

Written By Amah's Heart


Cole have confronted Lizbeth concerning the infection and she denied outrightly, saying she has no infection and can prove it.

The person that probably spread the disease was Florence and not her because she is clean.

Lizbeth secretly got drugs and injection without Cole's knowledge. Anytime she lied about either going to buy something for the house or going to the grocery store she will stop by at the Lab to collect her healing progress and to know what more to do.

She continued this way until the Lab test came out clean.

She presented the clean result to Cole as a prove that she never heard any sexual disease.

She was totally clean so Florence should be able to say where she got the disease that she spread out.

Cole was convinced with Lizbeth lab result and believed her without questioning.

They continued their secret affair but stayed off whenever Florence is around.

Florence continued footing the bill and taking care of the house without knowing what was happening under her nose.

Lizbeth also warned Cole of the hidden camera in his room and asked him to be very careful. She is doing all she can so that Florence won't suspect her.

He also needs to play smart.

While Florence was out to work, they locked the door and lay in the sitting room. Talking and Laughing at Florence foolishness.

Lizbeth complained of not liking the fact Cole was getting close to Florence and even begging her for intimacy when she was always available and ready to satisfy him to the brim.

Cole reminded her that Florence was still his wife and he has to do all he can to make sure she does not run off again, because presently she is the breadwinner of the house.

He warned Lizbeth to stop getting in the way, playing different drama because of jealousy. To avoid Florence suspecting anything, they have to be careful.

Since Florence put a hidden camera in the master bedroom, they can crash out in the sitting room anytime.

He will act all normal and good, unsuspeciously play the game.

Since Florence has also refused to get intimate with him, moved out of the master bedroom and refused him in, he is not worried one bit because Lizbeth was around to satisfy his urge.

She is always willing to do his bedmating bidding.

Lizbeth on the other hand was happy, she was only looking forward to when Mr Spence will fully be hers.

She remembered the first day it happened.

She has been crushing on Mr Spence, liking him so much even while Florence was around.

She pretended and did not let out her feeling.

Marina has put that crazy mood in her head. She will be screaming anytime she is making out with Mr Spence.

Lizbeth, remember tip toeing to their room door, holding herself and wishing she was was the one getting laid and not Marina.

She hates Marina for different reasons at the same time afraid of her. Because Marina was capable of anything while Florence was predictable.

She has lay alone in her bed, imagining Mr Spence lying beside her and touching her like he used to do to Marina.

When the crisis between him and Marina happened, she tries to wave off her dirty feeling and focus on the devasting time.

Florence retuned and after few weeks they started making out in bed.

Florence was not loud in bed like Marina but she hears her silent moaning sometime.

Lizbeth began to wish even more that Mr Spence will look her way.

Her wish came through when Florence left the house in anger and didn't return for days.

It was her opportunity and best time of her life to make Mr Spence notice her.

She heard him watching porn one day on his laptop, and knew the man was missing something.

He wasn't using his usual ear piece, the noise was a bit loud

She wrapped herself in her short towel and rushed to his room.

Mr Spence was surprised and covered his laptop, he asked her what was the problem and she lied

Saying she thought he was screaming for help, she didn't know it was a noise from his laptop.

She deliberately left her towel and it dropped to the ground.

Mr Spence jaw dropped with it as he saw she was totally naked.

She quickly grabbed it, apologizing that it was a mistake before walking out.

The picture registered in Cole's head. The following day, during breakfast, She apologized again for what happened, Mr Spence waved it off and said is nothing.

He asked her to sit with him on the dining.

She happily did.

He asked her if she has a boyfriend or have ever had one.

Lizbeth talked about her past relationships before coming to work for him.

She talked about her sex life and how active she used to be before breaking up with her boyfriend for cheating on her.

Cole will laugh, he was enjoying the whole conversation as each talk leads to more intimacy talk, styles in bed she enjoys and crazy things about sex Mr Spence wants to introduce to her.

He opened his phone and started showing her different types of sex, asking her if she has tried it or will love to experience it.

Lizbeth smiled, she was fully aroused and ready.

They had their first try in the sitting room. It was fabulous she thought.

Mr Spence was damn good. The second time was on top of the dining, then another time was in the kitchen. They later took it back to the parlour before taking it to the room.

Exactly what she had longed for. Mr Spence has a magic finger. She was screaming more than Marina. Now, she has experience it and knew why Marina always want to scream out her lungs.

Mr Spence enjoys it when she screams even louder, he said Florence was boring in bed because she hates crazy styles and doesn't scream but moan quietly instead of loudly. And the moaning is only when she feels like.

Lizbeth saw her opportunity and tune up her screaming to another level entirely.

During then, they were calling Florence to make it seem like she was missed.

When she finally answered the call, Lizbeth was right beside Mr Spence after having their usual bedmating.

She has pretended wanting Florence to return, she only wanted to know her plan and when she plan to come back.

After the call Lizbeth and Cole had a good laugh.

The day she retuned unexpectedly, they were as usual caressing and doing their fore play, about to start the main thing.

When they both heard Florence calling out to them loudly.

She was back unannounced and they were happy she didn't Walk up to them just like that.

Lizbeth quickly picked up her small pieces towel, wrapped around herself and quickly rushed out.

She never lacks what to say to Florence.

The lies came out freely and Florence bought them cheaply.

After then Cole had tried to stay away from Lizbeth, he had warned Lizbeth to stay off so that they won't get caught.

Lizbeth was angry and wish Florence will disappear again and never come back.

When Florence moved to stay in a separate room after Cole insulted her for deceiving him with pregnancy and also infecting him with a disease.

Lizbeth saw her opportunity and remained hopeful.

Cole started coming to her again in Florence absence and she wish to have him all to herself selfishly.

Florence on the other hand never knew what was going on.

Ever since she went to apologise to Maxwell and met his fine girlfriend, she knew it was all over.

Maxwell belongs to another.

Maybe, she needed to work out things with her husband and focus on her marriage.

Seek God more, pray more and believe that by faith everything will be settled.

She was assisting Cole in getting a Job, he finally landed into one.

It can't be compared to his old job but it was atleast something nice.

Florence planned moving back to the master bedroom, the following weekend.

She was not yet certain if Cole will cheat on her again or not.

That Saturday, she needed time alone to think over her life.

A peaceful and undistracted environment to focus.

Her days, months, years have been unfavorable. Human have also failed her.

God feel at a distance. Before, she used to feel the presence of God more but not again.

She has no reasonable saving, expenses eats up her money.

Instead of buying the camera that Susan suggested she saved it for other spending.

She has been able to check the camera in Cole's room three times and saw nothing.

Is almost a month she put it but Cole was going about his life normally.

There was nothing fishy about him.

She removed the camera and dumped it in her bag. she regret wasting big amount to purchase it and wish she never did.

She was happy she didn't waste the money Susan gave her for another.

She could have moved out during the early time she was in a heated argument with Cole over the pregnancy saga and STD.

But she had no money for another apartment. Taking care of feeding and other expenses eats larger part of her money.

Lizbeth was very understanding. She was not getting paid but chose to remain.

Florence manages to give her some money at the end of the month but she has been working without payment and do not mind.

Lizbeth kind of person was rare. Florence thanked God secretly for a lady like Lizbeth.

Florence needed a quiet time out, and she knew the right place to go.

Her car was bad and needs maintenance but she has been managing it all this while, waiting until when she will have enough money to fix it.

She was driving out to the field park when her car broke down on the road.

She had no choice than to call her mechanic who later came and took it away.

He checked it and informed her that the car engine has gone really bad.

Many things was wrong. She should have brought it when she dictated the problem earlier and not waiting until it becomes worst.

He mentioned the first amount she will pay for work to commence on the car.

It was huge.

Florence still has the money Susan gave her, she did a bank transfer to him but the man complained it was not enough.

Florence asked him to start work first she will run around for more money.

Nothing was going to stop Florence from getting the peace of mind she seeks.

She took a cab and went to the place.

On getting there, she did the necessary signing and went in, looked for a better and calm area, she sat on the grass. She draw in a fresh breath with her eyes closed.

Something she has been craving for.

Florence was used to coming here with Maxwell, and missed him alot but everyone was moving on and so she should too.

She felt stuck and don't know how her life will turn out.

Her eyes remains close, as she sat silently, praying with her heart that God will again have mercy on her.

Her mouth wasn't moving, but her heart was deeply into prayer.

She desire to have a loving and godly home. children of her own, who will call her mother. Less drama in her life.

She desire peace but time was going, age is also not friendly again. Her life was wasting away in fighting for one thing she desires most and yet she is not there.

She was tired of fighting and needs God to step in and take up the wheel of her life.

Tears run down her eyes, she didn't bother stopping them or cleaning it up. She allows it to flow freely.

She began to whisper some prayers out.

Her mouth was moving, her eyes remained close

"I'm tired God...my whole life is filthy, disorganized like a troubled water. No color, no joy... there's absolutely nothing to boast off. I'm tired... I'm not growing younger, I want to be a mother. My mates are living fine with their husbands and kids. Why is my life different...why haven't I find the happiness I have been seeking for years. I know I stepped out of line, I allowed my human flesh to lead... Lord, I failed allot of times. I'm unrighteous in every way. I'm sorry... I'm sorry. I confess it all out to you. Have mercy and change my story for good this time...let me smile again... help me to find the real happiness that comes from you. Step into my situation and add color again to my life. I'm tired of fighting, tired of life itself... I'm just at your mercy. If you approve of Coleman, then work out our union to please you. I don't want any further trouble, I'm tired of it all. Light up my life... help me walk in your way. I want to live to please you for the rest of my life. God, I'm right in your Palm... do with me as you please. Ligh...

Somebody cleared his throat loudly very close to her.

She opened her eyes and saw him, he was in a simple fine attire, and must be in his early forties.

He was a handsome man indeed.

"I don't mean to interrupt, forgive me. My name is Bill...

He has a foreign accent and moved closer to her.

"...can I sit here with you? I came with a friend, he is on the other side. I decided to take a walk and came across you. You are crying...I hate to interrupt but I just needed to say hello atleast. You are beautiful, I must confess. I Lived in UK all my life and just came back. I'm staying over at a friend's place, he was the one that brought me here. He's a lover of nature and I'm loving everything about this place. I apologise again for disturbing...

Florence assured him that there is no problem.

He sat beside her.

They got along so fine as if they have known for years.

"I can see your wedding band, you're married...?

Florence nodded and looked down at her ring finger.

... you're not happy either in your marriage or career. Something isn't right... I'm sorry, I'm not trying to...

Florence interrupted. "Is fine Bill. You're right... nevertheless, I'm beseeching God to fix it for me... I know he will.

Bill nodded with a smile.

"Is all gonna be alright. The God that fixed my life will fix yours. when I ran into serious trouble, I became homeless at some point in life. My wife left with my son and remarried. I Lived in the street of London for about three years plus until God remembered me. Those who lied against me and made me loose everything were apprehended. My life was better off than it used to be. I bounced back and my ex wife wanted to come back due to things was not moving well with her new husband but I don't need someone that left me in my worst state, when I needed her the most. I was better off without her. I take good care of my son like I should. I'm doing great and the friend that brought me here today gave me a great support when I was restarting my life again. He is a friend indeed and I don't joke with those kind of friend... they're hard to find. ..

He paused and looked at his phone, it was ringing.

"...I gat to go now...my friend must be looking for me. I don't know how possible it is, but can I get to see you again. I will love to see you again Florence... please. I will be traveling back to London next two weeks, my friend is coming with me. He said he needed a vacation to clear his head. His going through some personal ish... relationship aspect. He is not married yet and moving to London may help him start his life on a better note. I know you're married...but I enjoys your calm personality and wish to be friends...

Florence likes Bill already too. He has a warm and friendly nature.

She smiled and was about saying something when she saw Maxwell coming.

His eyes was on Bill.

"I have been looking for you everywhere Bill, can...

He looked towards her and pause. He was shocked to see her.

They locked eyes, staring at each other

"I'm sorry man...I got carried away with this beautiful damsel over here. I'm really happy you brought me, I'm enjoying everything...I don't feel like leaving yet. Let's stay a little more Max? By the way... this is Florence. My new found friend...

He turned to Florence and said.

" .. this is Maxwell, my buddy. A great friend. The friend I spoke of. Well, since my birthday is next week, I will love to specially invite you over, please don't say no Florence. I want to celebrate it over in this state before traveling back to London...

Florence looked away from Max, she picked up her bag to leave.

She turned to Bill and said.

"I have to go, is nice meeting you...

She started walking away.

"Wait... please. Are you driving, how are you going. You came with a car...

"No, my car is bad but I will take a cab Bill.

Maxwell stood in silence, not knowing what to say or do.

He saw the way Bill was flowing with Florence as if they have Known for years.

"What is Florence even doing here? He wondered silently.

She was beautiful dressed in a flower gown, he remembered driving past a boutique and saw the gown in display. He stopped and bought it for her and she loved it.

She pulled her hair all back just the way he likes her wearing her hair.

She was beautiful as always.

Maxwell frowned when Bill grabbed her hand and said.

"Please, I insist...I and my friend will drop you off. Please... don't turn down my very first request... please Florence..

She looked up at Maxwell, he quickly looked away.

Florence nodded quietly to Bill

She left with Bill while Maxwell followed behind.

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