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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 25




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 25

Written By Amah's Heart


Susan brought a box of tissue for her, Florence thanked her as she wiped her nose and eyes with it.

"... Suzy, he takes me for granted and doesn't care about the way I feel. I confronted him about the strange woman he slept with and got infected and he denied and said he never slept with any lady after Marina except me. So I should look for the man that infected me because he's not the one but unfortunately I have infected him too. He accused me instead taking responsibility for his dirty action and apologies. He made me look like a fool... like the guilty one. Cole thought I'm stupid, he thought I will let it slide...I will never. I must get to the bottom of it. I told Lizbeth to let me know whenever any strange lady comes around. I even gave her some money just to show her how serious I am. She promised to do that for me....

Susan heaped a sigh before saying.

"Flo your issue is too complicated because you made it so. I don't know how to help you again. All of this dirty and annoying drama wouldn't have been necessary if you have listened to me in the first place. Now Maxwell is gone for good. Your life is in a total shambles. You don't deserve any of this happening... you are soft, caring and sweet human I have ever known. I don't know how you got yourself involved with a man like Coleman Spence. Two of you are not in anyway compactible. You are an opposite version of Coleman and he deserves someone just like himself. Look what he has turned you into. I don't know what else to say, I have exhausted my strength in advising you... whatever you want to do Flo then go ahead. Because I may tell you what to do and you will go doing another thing... this is your fight. Fight it alone. But I will only wish you will go back and ask Maxwell to forgive you.

Your sins against him his gravy...I pray he finds it in his heart and forgive for real. I tried calling him but he is not taking my calls either. You bruised his entire emotions and ego Flo... and now you're stuck with that animals called Coleman...

Susan pause, she looked at her sister all over again, she was sitting and staring at nothing.

Susan sighed heavily before she continued.

"..... you shouldn't be going through any of this Flo. And you shouldn't even trust anyone in that Coleman house...not even Lizbeth should be trusted. But wait... what will you do if you happen to find the lady Coleman was sleeping with again? I suggest you leave that house for the sake of your sanity. You can come over and stay with us...if you wouldn't mind.

Florence blew her nose into a tissue paper before saying.

"I can't inconvenient you and your family again Suzy. Running down here anytime i have problem with Cole isn't the solution. I still want to know why he has the mind to invite another Lady over and they probably slept together in my matrimonial bed. The worst part is that he denied it. He accused me instead, saying no lady ever came looking for him. I was the one that came back with the sickness after sleeping with my ex and other numerous boyfriends...he said all of this to me. That is the main reason I want to get hold of that lady. If I can get a solid fact I will make a big fool out of him and the said lady. He will be disgraced and put to shame and that will finally be the end of us because I have gone to the bank twice, asking them to revise the cheque that was paid to recover the house back...they said they can't. I went again, met with the manager and he asked why I wanted the cheque back. I told them that the person that loan us the money is threatening our lives. He wants his money back. The manager is not convinced yet. I'm waiting to know this said Lady after which I will take another step. Cole has messed with my head and heart far too long... he has forced me into a tough skin human. Nothing about him moves me. I will even go the extra mile, take his phone for a day, arrange with another man to pick the call and act like him. I will ask the manager of the bank to call him and confirm if what I was saying is true or not. When they call the strange guy that I will pay, he will act like Cole convincing them how our lives are been threatened everyday...he will even urge them to return the cheque fast and come and collect the house back. Suzy...I know the idea sounds crazy and unrealistic but I'm still very indecisive because I'm waiting for fact. Ones my mind is made up, I'm getting Maxwell money and Cole's house is going back as it was. The bank will take the house and kick him into the street where he belong. He undermine my ability, I will deal with him... let me confirm which lady that came visiting in my absence first. That's why I needed Lizbeth's help because I'm mostly at work during week days... so Lizbeth will be my ear and eyes when I'm away. I kinda trust her... she likes me or maybe she acts like she does but I have this feeling she will help me with the needed information..."

Susan was surprised at Florence latest idea, she was not sure if her sister will carry out the plan to the end because she has a soft spot for Cole but she solemnly hope with all her heart that Florence plans will work out and she won't get a cold feet in the middle.

Florence decided to drive again to Maxwells resident the following day that was a Sunday.

That early morning.

Ever since she left Maxwell's house, she has not attended church. It was over a month already

She had been caught up in her web of trouble and haven't thought much about church.

She was told by the security that Maxwell had gone to church. Florence decided to go and meet him in his church. she will keep asking for his forgiveness until he forgives her.

When she got to the church, she searched for his car in his usual parking lot but didn't see it. Somebody else parked in his spot.

But after counting three more cars on the line she saw his own.

She quickly sigh in relief before going into the church.

When she got into the church, she was not paying much attention to the church activities.

Her mind was on Maxwell. She searched from pew to pew. Each roll was occupied with people and Maxwell was not among them.

The church was big but she will picture Maxwell out anytime any day even in the means of thick crowds.

She sat up a little and continue searching.

An usher asked her if she was alright, she smiled and nodded.

After a long search, when she was about giving up she saw where he was sitting.

At a very distance end of the fourth pew if counting from the front.

She gasped out again in relief, smile but her smile was covered with a frown.

Florence saw him bent over and whispered something to the ear of a beautifully dressed lady sitting beside him.

The strange lady looked up at him like an idol and smile.

Florence hand suddenly started sweating and shaking.

From sweating she began to feel cold. The more she watched them, The more a sudden cold grace her skin.

She couldn't sit still, she decided to leave the church to go sit in her car.

There she sat quietly in her car until the service was over.

She watched out for Maxwell, hoping he will notice her car.

Florence saw him walking down with the Lady.

Looking at her clearly, she was really beautiful and young too.

She had one of the cutest smile.

She smiled at whatever Maxwell said.

she appeared to be in love and can't take her eyes off Maxwell, who was also into her clearly.

Florence became angry that Maxwell moved on way too fast.

It was not upto two months yet. A week from now will make it two months and Maxwell was already in love with another lady that appears like his favorite.

The pretty lady was obviously in love too and didn't hide it.

They were about getting into the car when Maxwell suddenly spotted her car.

He looked away and then looked back to be sure it was actually her car he was seeing.

He said something to the lady that was already inside the car and started walking towards her.

Florence try to make sure she was stable and look good enough.

She checked herself again in the review mirror and arranged her hair properly.

She waited quietly, as she breathed deeply to look relaxed.

She will pretend like she was not looking until he comes.

Florence waited but it was taking him almost forever to come.

She decided to look up and know what was keeping him.

And that was when she saw that Maxwell was already driving off with his lady.

He drove off and never looked at her direction.

Florence placed her head on the steering and battled with hot tears forcing it's way out from her eyes. she later started her car and drove away.

Florence drove back home, stepping into the house something delicious greeted her nose.

"Hey sweetie, how was service today? I made one of your favorite meal with the help of Lizbeth. Come over to the dinning table...

Cole said persuasively.

"I'm not hungry. I'm going to take a nap.

Cole who was still using a walking stick asked her to wait.

"I know I haven't been the best of a husband sweetie, I'm sorry for everything. I'm through with the treatment drugs you got for me and I'm very alright now. Both from infection and from fertility booster. I miss you Flox, my sperm is so filled up and I really need my wife even if is just for an hour. Can you move back to the Master bedroom... let's continue as we used to. I want you... please...or I can come and meet you in your room tonight...

Lizbeth watched from the dinning with a frown.

Florence ignored him and walked away.

She planned on getting the hidden camera tomorrow and nothin is stopping her.

Not even Cole's sudden change of attitude.

He insulted her, called her all sorts of names. Accused her of infecting him with sickness and she had to buy drugs for him.

She was not going to be enticed into his arms again.

She was getting used to staying without him and her plans are still solid.

That night as she lay on her bed thinking of the scene with Maxwell, there was a knock on her door.

She asked who was that and Cole replied that he wants to come in.

"I just want to cuddle my wife and show her how much I love and miss her... please open up sweetie"

Florence started having double mind as Cole's words started getting into her head.

Maxwell has moved on, she has no place with him again.

Maybe having Cole back this time will change things for good.

She was contemplating on what to do. When she heard Lizbeth shouting "fire fire" in the kitchen.

She quickly rushed out and ran down the kitchen with Cole to Know what sort of fire it was.

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