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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 24




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 24

Written By Amah's Heart


"...I want you to tell me that everything he said is all lies...all... Flox.

She made attempt to say something, gasped and sat hard on a chair.

Maxwell was already on his feet. He had repeated everything that Cole said twice to her hearing yet Florence remained mute and has this pitiful eyes.

Maxwell was looking past her pitiful appearance as he waited for her to deny it and tell him to the face that is not true.

"...Flox... Flox...is it true? Did you lie to me? Flox...did you lie to my face severally that you and Cole wasn't involved intimately? Are you pregnant... did you changed your mind about the divorce? You even slept together last night...? Tell me all of this are not true....he was only ranting. Please.... please tell me they're not true.

Florence wiped another tear that was rolling down her cheek.

Her mouth remains open but no word came out.

Maxwell suddenly screamed out startling everyone.

"...Stop acting dumb Flox...talk to me. Tell me is all a lie... please... don't drive me insane... I beg of you. Tell me is not true Flox...

Florence fell down on her knee and began to cry.

Cole spoke, pointing at Maxwell angrily.

"Get out of my house... you have no right to come under my roof and try to questions my wife over what is true and what isn't true. She loves me and will never be yours. Who do you think you are to be shouting in my house. I make love to my wife any day or anytime I feel like it. She enjoys every bit of it... she is my wife. Go and marry yours Mr ex. Why are you shouting, don't you know that she is pregnant... why are you disturbing her emotionally. She is carrying my child and I won't sit and watch you break her down. What sort of nonsense is this?

Cole turned to Florence.

"...Florence why will you even tell him that I wasn't touching you? What sort of white lie is that....you want me to start dragging you with another man? your ex man coming to my house at his free will to look for you is a total disrespect to my person. You can do all your rubbish outside but I demand a total respect in my house. You remain my wife and there's nothing Mr ex or anyone can do about it. Except you want to go against your faith and core believe to start meeting another man aside your husband which is a taboo. Tell him to leave us alone or is it because of the cheque you tricked him to collect so that we can recover our home back? Is his lost and I care less about that. You did great by deceiving him to get the cheque after all it was also a smart woman like you that tricked me and made the bank to almost collect the house. You used your woman power correctly and I'm proud of you. Tell him to get the hell out of here and never return. Is high time you stop all this nonsense...I don't want to see his sick face in my house ever again.

Maxwell was breathing hard as his eyes remained on Florence.

"I'm sorry Max...I..he...I Kno... I'm..I..

Florence began stuttering.

No reasonable word came out of her mouth.

Maxwell bite his lips hard, he held his fist tight as a line of muscle crossed his forehead.

He suddenly laughed sarcastically while walking towards the door, he suddenly turned and came back again.

"I will not have believed even in my widest dream that you of all people could do this to me. You took me for granted... Oh Flox... I loved you, I trusted you. I had a great future planned out for us. I kept waiting, hoping that it will all be over and you will finally be free from the beast of a man you called husband. I waited.. all this I did patiently. I thought you deserve better, I thought you are trustworthy... oh Flox. Why...why? How could you do this... how could you do this to me...why? oh God...

He kicked the chair and laughed out like a crazy person again.

He gasped after looking at Florence who remained on the ground crying.

He started walking towards the door again.

Cole said after him laughing while mocking him.

"Mr ex are you leaving already? Hahahaha! So you shamelessly want to cry because of another man's wife? I thought you will wait a little more for answers to your stupid questions..."how could you Flox...why Flox.. this and that Flox...yen yen yen! Hahahaha... Go and marry yours and leave mine alone. She said she was only using you. Now, she is mine...all mine. Loser...loser...

Maxwell got to the door turned and said to Cole.

"The reason why I'm not bursting your brain open this minute is because of your pathetic situation. I may end up sending you to an early grave. You are walking dead Coleman...so, I will pass all your insult and pay no heed to your banters. Have a great life Mr and Mrs Spence. Mrs Spence, makes sure you stay off my route...I never want to see you in life again. You and Coleman deserves each other...byeee.

He take a long look at Florence, shakes his head pathetically before sighing. He walked out of the door and straight down outside to his car.

He sat for a while in his car before driving off with speed.

Cole face Florence who remained on the ground crying

",Your boyfriend threaten to beat me up in my own house because of my own wife. He called me a walking dead because of you. Florence, I will try and overlook all the drama that just happened because of your condition. But make sure he does not return here...well, he wouldn't dare"

Florence stood up and looked at Cole angrily.

"You have no right to say those trash you said to Max... you should rather be grateful because he saved you from being homeless. You painted me bad before him... now, hope you are happy that he will forever hate me all because of you...

" I have every right to say anything to anybody that boldly comes under my roof to insult me and to shamelessly tries to declares love intentions to my own wife. I'm not gonna share you with any man...You have to define clearly the side you want to belong...stop disgracing yourself Florence, you're a married woman...pregnant one at that. Stop cheating on me with another man just because I don't have money. Things were not usually like this, there used to be money to throw around before and you were happy. Now that there is none...it doesn't give you right to go throwing your self cheaply to another man's arm. you are disgracing and disappointing me... put a stop to this madness...

Florence moved closer to him

"Remind me again when you were throwing the money around and I was happy? I can't remember ever been happy in this house. The only person you threw money on was Marina and after she left you shattered I retuned to gather the pieces she left of you and mold you back up. Every day with you is nothing but sadness. And despite everything I did you still have the effrontery to pay me back with sickness which you must have gotten from another woman... You disgust me Coleman....

Coleman looked her shocked.

Lizbeth startled from where she was hidding and listening.

She wondered how Florence got to know that Cole was having another woman.

"What are you talking about...

Cole asked.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. I will get to the root of this... whoever it is that you are seeing secretly, by the time I do my findings and find out who she is, I will drag you and her leg to the mud. This isn't the time of Marina that you abused, insulted, hit me and even threaten my life. And for your better information... I'm not pregnant. I went for a proper test today and the doctor did not only find out that you can't still pregnant a woman, he also found out that I have STD. And is from none other than my very own husband. You see why I'm totally disgusted by you... your dirty attitude smell like a dead rat Cole. I will not open my legs for your pleasure again because you and your manhood is useless. You have ruined my chance with Maxwell. for every pain you caused me, God will give it to you double.

Florence walked away and went to the room.

Cole came to meet her.

"You mean that you're not pregnant? Are you serious...? What is the difference between you and Marina? You lied to me that you were pregnant... you made me think I was gonna be a father... and here you are vomiting nonsense, saying I infected you. Why did you even come back... you could have stayed back with your ex boyfriend. I think I'm the one that should be disgusted here. You are fool Florence for giving me hope with pregnancy news... Gosh, I feel so pained right now...

They went on exchanging harsh words. Coleman got fed up and slapped Florence.

She held her cheek, shocked. And when Cole wasn't expecting it, she retuned the slap.

The fight continued

She moved her things to another room down stairs.

Few days later she drove down to Maxwell, to plead for his forgiveness.

But Maxwell asked the security never to let her in again or they will be fired.

He told her that he never wanted to see her anywhere closer to his property again.

Despite Florence plead and cry he was not moved.

She was finally ready to walk away and never look back from Cole.

She has gotten drugs and was taking every prescription accordingly.

She was feeling better and avoided anything intimate with Cole.

She sent messages to Maxwell, because he wasn't picking her call but got no reply.

Florence cries herself to sleep every night.

No matter how she tries to move on, she felt stuck.

Cole kept calling her different bad names for deceiving him with pregnancy.

She wish to move out but where to, she does not have enough money to go rent an apartment again.

Susan will not even give her a dime because she was terribly angry with her

Florence vow to find out the lady that Cole was seeing.

She met Lizbeth and promised to pay her a certain amount If she can tell her who the Lady was.

"You are mostly around, you know who comes in and goes out. Please...I need you to tell me who is the lady that came around here while I was away. this information is very vital... and important to me. Mr Spence won't know that I got the info from you... I'm ready to pay if that's what it takes.

Lizbeth did not know how to reply or what exactly to say.

She quickly thought of a lie.

"Mrs Spence, I really want to help you but I don't know much. There is a certain lady that came one day that I was on my way to the grocery store. I didn't know how long she stayed because by the time I returned she was gone...

"Was it only ones you saw her, can you describe her, did she drive... what does she look like? Please tell me more...

Florence said pleadingly

"She came like twice, I think her name is Lizba or Lisa. Mr Spence called her one of those two names. Her structure is no much difference from Marina. That's all I know ma'am.

Lizbeth said with her head bent. She avoid looking at Florence eyes.

"Thanks Lizbeth, I really appreciate this. Please look out for her, any day she comes in my absence...I maybe at work please call me. I will leave office and drive down.

Lizbeth nodded.

Florence gave her some money for the information she gave.

Lizbeth collected it and thanked her.

Florence left, she became more determined to find out whoever Lisa or Lizba was.

She may even secretly set a camera without Cole knowing.

She will tell Lizbeth about the camera or she better not tell anyone.

It will be her only little secret. Whoever Lizba was, she will be exposed.

There is no relenting this time.

She was contemplating if telling Lizbeth about planting a secret camera will be a good idea.

She was not sure of what to decide but she was certain that Cole's secret woman will be exposed soon.

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