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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 20




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 20

Written By Amah's Heart


"Is two...is two lines?

she stared at it again

..."the second line is kind of blurred but is... maybe I will have to do it again. This will be the fourteen sticks. Two lines means positive... while negative is one line. Positive means I'm pregnant. That is the details I read on it's body...or am I getting it wrong...

She tried again and it came out the same.

"... I'm pregnant. No matter how I tries to convince myself that I'm not, the truth stare back at me. I'm carrying Cole's child... How can this be? Cole has issue getting a woman pregnant and has been on medication for the past two months. How can he get me pregnant...no...no. This means I have to get back to Coleman...

a phone call interrupted her.

she checked the caller and frowned.

it was Lizbeth. Lizbeth has been calling since yesterday but she refused to pick.

Cole also called several times but she never picked.

Florence sighed as she decided to answer.

" Hello Mrs Spence, thank God you finally picked. Mr Spence is in a bad shape. He said he was going to kill himself if you don't return. He miss you so much ma'am. He fell in the bathroom a day ago. Also fell in his room last night and this morning as he was trying to climb down he fell down at the staircase. He has refused my help and said is either you or no one else. He said he is not living for anything again... His house was about to be taking and his wife was gone. He wants to kill himself... and I'm scared. Please Mrs Spence, I know you are probably mad at him for what he did but for the sake of the God you serve please come home. Mr Spence really needs you... please.

Florence sighed again before replying Lizbeth.

"I'm not coming back Lizbeth. If your Mr Spence wants to die then he should quickly do so. Tell him he's an ungrateful soul and I will never stress myself over him... ever again. Since you care so much about his welfare then attend to him and stop calling me every minutes concerning Cole...

"Mrs Spence, you know I would love to attend to him but he has refused my help and said is either you or no one else. I don't know what to do again... he's threatening to kill himself if you don't com...

Florence ended the call before Lizbeth could complete her sentence.

She began talking to herself quietly again.

"No... I'm not going back to him. He's an ingrate, an ungrateful soul. He's going to become homeless soon, jobless and will be at the mercy of either his shrewd mother or anyone willing to help. I can't continue in this misery, Maxwell must not know or I'm doomed. Maxwell will give me and this child a better life, he will love and cherish me, he will respect and care for me and the baby. This are things that Cole isn't capable of giving...he can't give what he doesn't have. He only thinks of himself... very selfish. oh God, I'm pregnant...why now and why Cole. I have to act fast and make Maxwell take responsibility. I will try and go intimate with him tonight. He must not know that I have been sleeping with Cole and already pregnant for him...no he must not. He won't forgive me and I will be ruined if I return back to Cole like he wants. I will sign the divorce papers, everything about Coleman will be forgotten. He will...

Somebody interrupted her.

"Flox, are you alright in there? You have been in the bathroom for over 30minutes. Did you later take the drugs you got or I should take you to the hospital... you will see a doctor who will ascertain what the problem is and we will know what exactly to treat... Flox... Flox...

Maxwell called out to her.

"I'm coming out now Max. I'm feeling a bit fine...no need of going to the hospital. Yes, I have taken the drugs...I will be alright...

She hide the pregnancy test properly inside her clothes before coming out.

She flashed Maxwell a smile, he wasn't convince even with the smile.

"Flox... let me take you to the hospital. You were running temperature while you were asleep last night, I came in and checked up on you before going to bed. I touched your forehead and your were running temperature. That's why I made the special green tea for you this morning, but you left it untouched and went to work...

Florence moved to her wardrobe and stylishly dropped the hidden test. while Maxwell slowly move back to the room and stood beside the bed.

Florence went to him and wrapped her arms around.

"You worry too much Max, I'm fine. I couldn't take the tea because I was already running late for work. And you know I'm taking a prescribed drugs from the pharmacy, I don't know if it's okay to take the green tea too...

"Is very okay. It does not affect the drugs. It actually helps you bounce back quicker than usualllll.....

He startled and suddenly paused from what he was saying as Florence put her hand under his shirt and tickle his nipples.

She kissed his arm up to his face.

"Max... stop talking and come let's move to the bed. Make Love to me...I desire you... so much...

She kissed him passionately.

Maxwell blinked back severally before responding.

He suddenly stopped and set her aside.

He looked at her and said with a smile while holding her hand

"What are you doing Flox? Did you want to get me in the mood... and run off again...

He smiled expressing his teeth as he led her into a chair beside the bed and made her sit on his lap so she won't feel bad.

"Flox...I thought we agreed on the first day that no intimacy. You said so yourself and I totally agree to the ideas. We agreed that ones the divorce papers are signed which is in about two weeks from now we can freely do that. I might have allowed my feeling to cloud my thinking during the time of your separation, when Cole was living with another woman. I wanted you so much back then but I feel alright with myself for not succeeding. Well, all thanks to you. I realized that getting intimately involved is like sleeping with another man's wife, you are by all standard still Coleman's wife... despite the divorce case been in Court. Is only after it's signed that you are Florence Richard Adam or you take up my own name...

He paused, smiled and continued

"... since everything is within two weeks, I have chosen to wait. I desire you too Florence... way too much, even more than you do but doing the right thing pays. Hope you understand...?

Florence frowned, she stood from his lap.

Is true she has suggested they don't get intimate but that was before she tested positive to pregnancy.

Plans has changed and she just wants to go ahead and do it with Maxwell without thinking about it.

If she sit to think it through, she won't proceed with it.

This baby must belong to Maxwell, Cole has ruined half or almost all her life.

If he is giving another chance, he will ruin everything.

She won't give him that chance. Maxwell must not know her plan or she will be in trouble.

He will be shattered and she can't allow that to happen.

Maxwell made attempt to hold her but she stepped away from him angrily.

"I thought you truly wanted me? Your body language and your attitude speaks of it. I see desires most times when I look into your eyes. And now I'm throwing myself cheaply into your arms and you are rejecting me...

Maxwell went to her and cupped her face in his hand.

"I'm not rejecting you Flox. I can never reject you... I'm only reminding you of our initial plan to wait. Is true that I truly love and wants you forever. Flox, even right now, my body yawns for you but I'm trying not to...

She interrupted him with a kiss on the lip.

"Enough talk, if you want me like I do then let's do it... I can't think of any other thing except to be with you Max...

Maxwell nodded quietly as he responded to the kiss.

He asked her if they can go to his room or she wants to stay in hers.

She didn't respond as she began unbuttoning his shirt before pushing him towards the bed.

She pulled off her clothes and went to him and the kissing and caressing continues.

Maxwell moaned softly as Florence increased the level of their romance in bed.

She was doing all she can to make sure he won't start another sermon making her have a rethink.

Suddenly Maxwell said to her while the hot romance was ongoing.

"Flox... Flox wait...uuhhhuu...pleeassee wait... Flox...

"What is it... what the hell is wrong with you Max? Our whole body is deeply connected to each other... while are you interrupting this beautiful moment...

Florence barked at him angrily, feeling dejected already.

He tries to hold her but she moved away.

"I'm not interrupting my love. I only wanted to ask if we can use... protection...I mean condom. I have some somewhere in my wardrobe...I can rush down and get it...I will be fast at it.

Florence scuffed, she stared at him angrily.

"Why will you want to use condom on me Max? Did I complain to you...

Maxwell breathed shakily.

"I'm only trying to play safe... you know. I don't want to get you pregnant.. maybe not now until your divorce papers are signed. Don't get me wrong Flox, I will be the happiest man alive if you carry and give birth to my child. Buhhhhhh.....

Florence pushed him and stood. As she was trying to get dressed Maxwell rush to hold her.

"...I'm sorry Flox.... please let's continue. I promise not to interrupt again... please, I'm sorry...

Florence faced him.

", You are afraid of getting me pregnant... really... Max really? You don't truly love me because I never complained to you that I was afraid of carrying your pregnancy. Come to think of it, what are condoms doing in your wardrobe? So You have been having other ladies here and acting like you were faithful to me while I was nursing Cole... you lied max...

"I was truly faithful Flox, Keeping myself just for you. Having condoms doesn't necessarily mean that I was having other women around. I bought it during the time you separated from Cole...last year. I thought You may not like me touching you without it so I kept it in case but we never used it and it remains unopened. I have kept myself ever since then Flox, waiting untill when you will be fully mine. That was why I was pissed when I realized you were sleeping in the same bed with Cole. But you reassured me that nothing happened. You were only sleeping on the same bed because you only needed to help him out at nights. I'm glad that Cole never touched you neither did you. you made me proud with such action. I'm happy that you also kept yourself for me and I definitely do not want to rush the golden meal. I want the time to be right, I want it to be one of the memorable romantic moment that you won't forget in a hurry. Well, this isn't how I planned it but i will do anything to please you. please I'm sorry Flox. Let's go back to bed and I will never interrupt again... I'm sorry...

Florence thought of going back as he kept pleading but she was already having cold feet.

Her guts was down, fear has creep in and she can't continue tonight.

Maybe some other time and soon before the pregnancy start showing.

She told Max, tomorrow instead they can. She was tired and needed rest.

Maxwell later left her alone and return to his room.

Three days ago was a Sunday, she attended a church service with Maxwell. During the prayer section, she has knelt down not minding who was watching.

She quietly prayed fervently with all her heart.

"God Almighty, I'm in a middle of nowhere...in a confused state. My relationship with you has really gone cold. My worries increase each day pushing me away from your thoughts. At this point in my life, I'm at a crossroads. I don't know what to do...I don't know why my life has to be this messy. Falling in love with Coleman and getting married to him has done me more harm than good. If he wasn't your plan for me why did you even let our path to meet... I know I can't question you. Divorce is never something I ever wanted in my life...oh God, never have I thought it will come to this. Maxwell is a nice man, I know he will give me a better life but I'm probably carrying Cole's child and Maxwell will be shattered if he finds out. This is my dilemma...I need you God. Please do not leave me... help me to gather up pieces of my life and make good meaning out of it. Forgive me... for I know my sins stare back at my face. I'm sorry God... please, help me. Don't forsake me... help me...

Florence had prayed silently, making sure no one hears her except God who hears even the tiniest echo of our hearts.

Maxwell was also praying during the section too. he squeezed her hand gently as she stood and sat back on the chair.

After service they drove back to the house. After lunch he decided to take her out for a movie.

Florence went outside and made sure she was alone before calling her sister Susan.

She did not want to tell her before but she needed to speak to someone and she knows Susan will always listen.

Susan shouted at her before asking her to go and get pregnancy tester so she will know if she was really pregnant.

Susan said she hopes she isn't pregnant for a man like Cole but she should get tested first.

It was while they were still on their way to the cinema that she asked Maxwell to stop beside a pharmacy so that she can get some drugs.

Maxwell did and wanted to follow her inside but she asked him to stay back in the car because she won't be wasting time in there.

She went in alone and got the pregnancy test kit. Which was her main purpose. She bought few other drugs as a cover up and did not intend using them.

She hides the pregnancy test kit properly in her bag while holding the other drugs that was inside a leather bag in her hand.

She showed Maxwell the drugs she got before they drove off.

They went to the cinema and the movie was exactly what she needed to distract her from her present worries.

They got home late at night and she kept thinking of how to use the test stick to ascertain if she was truly pregnant.

She was scared to check and did not stop thinking about it.

It was while she was alone in her room late at night that she used the test.

It came out with one clear line and the other was a bit faint.

It confused her because she can't tell If it means positive or negative.

She decided to try some other time.

Susan called her to ask what was the result.

She told Susan what she was seeing in the test stick after using upto three.

Susan told that she was probably not pregnant. She should try and go to the hospital to be sure.

Florence was scared of going to the hospital.

She had used upto ten sticks within few days, and even bought another pack on her way back from work.

She was certain that is pregnancy.

Even though majority of the used stick's second line was either looking blurred or not showing at all.

Most of the second lines look faints, but with all the several test she used, she has come to conclusions that she was pregnant and was not going back to Cole no matter what.

Is either Maxwell or none other.

If she suddenly developed cold feet today in getting intimate with Maxwell, she will do it either tomorrow or next.

Maxwell won't say no to her again.

The following day while at work, Cole's messages kept coming in.

He was threatening to kill himself if she does not return home.

He mentioned how his health has gone worst since she left.

Florence started thinking of what to do.

She thought of how to help Cole recover the house.

If she tell Maxwell, he may not want to help because the amount was huge and before Cole can pay back such amount of money back to him it will take years.

Maxwell will not agree but she was going to ask him anyway.

If she succeeded in helping Cole with the house she won't look back in being with Maxwell.

Maybe tonight, she will finally get intimate with him after which she will tell him about the house if he can help in anyway.

She cares about Cole but she wants to start her life with Maxwell and make him feel like he got her pregnant instead of Coleman.

After dinner that night with Maxwell who has been acting all sorry for the other night.

He led her to his room, the light color was friendly, roses scattered on the bed and the floor.

A bottle of champagne and two glass cups by the beside.

"This is not how I planned our first love night to be but is a bit close. No condom, no interruptions... just me and you in our coozy world of fantasy. Getting pregnant for me will be the best thing that ever happens to me... I'm sorry again for the other night. I can't stop saying sorry Flox. I love you...so much.

Florence knew it was time, Susan has said she was not pregnant with the test result but she was convinced that she was due to the way she feels and the whole test stick she has used just to confirm. Although she still needs to go to the hospital like Susan suggested, to really confirm.

Susan sounded sure that she was only stressed out and felt nauseated but is not pregnancy and the test result too said it all.

But she doubted Susan and wasn't going to take any chances.

After tonight with Maxwell, she can finally say the baby probably forming in her womb belongs to him.

Maybe after then she can go to the hospital.

She has fears. with all the terrible ideas forming in her head, her heart beat was racing.

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