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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 16




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 16

Written By Amah's Heart


He listened to it again, after the third time he was still not sure he heard it clear.

He turned it on again and began to listen, this time he tries to pay more attention to every detail.

He couldn't listen to the end when he stood and angrily throw the recordings to the wall and it smashed.

It suddenly dawn on him that he just destroyed his only evidence

The only prove he would have used to nail the culprit.

He rushed to the pieces on the ground and try to see if he can gather it up but it was already ruined.

He put his head on the wall and started hitting it continuesly.


Cole fell to the ground, he rolled to one side of the house and continue his anguish cry.

"Is not true, it can't be true. no...no. this can't be happening...oh..oh...my God...

He continued crying.

He has decided to put everything Lizbeth said to heart.

At first he did not want to listen or think about it, but he saw the seriousness and zeal in Lizbeth.

She was ready to go to any level just to prove that she was not making up the story.

All through that night he couldn't sleep, he called Marina first thing in the morning and luckily her line was going.

She did not pick up immediately, until Cole called upto three times.

"Hello Cole, why are you calling me this early morning? Didn't Lizbeth give you the information I gave her? I'm on bed rest as the doctor's orders. I don't need to be disturbed. You have really been stressing me lately and this rest is very much required for me and the baby. I will be coming home later in the evening, You shouldn't be interrupting my rest this early morning...

Cole listened to every of her word without interrupting.

Everything Lizbeth said the previous night is still very fresh in his mind.

"Which of the hospital are you presently, I want to stop by.."

Cole asked calmly after she was done ranting.

"What for, to come and do what exactly? You want to come and add to my stress... please don't come. Ones I'm done with my check up I will be coming home. Aren't you supposed to be going to your office... what do you want to stop by for?

"I want to know the exact hospital that you are presently in Marina. Atleast for the first time let me watch how your examining process is going. You are carrying my child too, is only normal to participate in some of the things I couldn't do during your first pregnancy. I want to cherish every memory, pending the time you will be traveling... tell me the hospital Marina...

Marina interrupted quickly

"Cole, you are not making any sense to me. Don't you know the hospital that I usually use, why asking me again of the hospital. I'm at St Lawrence hospital, this is the hospital I have been using, I only get to change HMO on a special recommendation. You can't come because I'm on a bed rest. They won't allow you to see me... go to work and make some money for us because I and the baby will be needing lots of it.

Cole was quiet for sometime he later said.

", Sure sweetie. I'm sorry to disturb in the first place. Please get some rest. I only missed you last night in bed... you know I can't stay without you honey. I'm going to work right away. Please take care of yourself and the baby too..

Cole later ended the call, he searched through all the hospital receipt that Marina has been bringing.

He noticed the signatures, the different hand writing. The number there wasn't even correct.

Cole was ready to dig deeper.

Since Marina will be coming later in the evening, he will have to do whatever he had to do and be fast about it.

Cole quickly drove out, he couldn't afford a CCTV camera so he decided to buy a recorder instead.

He bought two manual recorder, he hide it away where Marina will not suspect.

One in the room and the other in the gym.

It was carefully hidden away.

After that he took all the receipts that Marina drop, drove out again to the said hospital.

He presented it to the hospital and there was no doctor with the name on the receipts.

He asked for past record of Marina and also the baby they lose.

They checked all the records no such thing.

After gathering more information, Cole drove back home.

He told Lizbeth that he will be doing some office work and won't come home tonight.

His line will be off but she should pass the message to Marina.

Lizbeth who has been acting cold and careful after trying to convince Cole but he took it differently.

She nooded to every of Cole's orders.

Marina retuned home, Lizbeth heart skipped.

she does not know if Cole told her anything concerning what she said.

when Marina asked of Cole, Lizbeth who has become their information carrier passed the message.


That was all Marina said with a wave of hand as she went to the room.

Lizbeth gasped out in relief.

Mr Spence have not said anything to her obviously.

Lizbeth can hear Marina laughing and talking over the phone after about fifteen minutes.

She did not bother to find out who she was on phone with.

It was pointless, Mr Spence has fired her for the one she did.

The remaining days she has to spend here she will have to be very careful before somebody stabs or shoot her to death.

She is not ready to die over things that aren't her business.

Trying to help out was her only way if standing up for the truth and justice but it never works out.

She can't even sleep or eat without trouble and fear occupying her mind.

Lizbeth noticed Cole didn't come home that night, Marina had the whole house to herself.

She went from gym to the room talking and laughing over the phone.

It was the following day, in the evening Cole returned. Marina has just three days to finalize with her traveling documents.

She informed Cole that she was going to collect some of her papers that were ready for her traveling.

It was after she left, Cole has time to check the trap he set.

Cole locked himself inside the room and began listening to the recordings.

Both the one from the gym and also the room own.

No one knew he set up a recording gadget, not even Lizbeth knew.

Cole listened continuesly to all unbelievable confirmation from Marina.

What he greatly feared most has happened to him.

He threw the two recorder on the wall and watch it shatter.

He fell to the ground, rolls like a child in dispair.

He does not know how to react to everything he had learnt about Marina within few days.

He suddenly couldn't breath well, his heart beat became choke.

Cole held a hand on his chest, it felt stroked.

He try to stand but fell back to the ground, he made another attempt but fell.

His lungs felt heavy, there was a painful sensation on his chest he can't fathom what it was.

he was dying, scream left his mouth.

He shouted Lizbeth name again before darkness covered his eyes.

Cole awaken with tube attached to his body, a man in a medical uniform was checking him.

"Where is this place...where am I?

"Please relaxed back sir, we're running some check on you.

The doctor said as he continued his work.

Cole asked again where he was.

"A Lady, named Lizbeth called the medical team after you passed out in your room. She couldn't give us any information concerning what exactly happened but from what we have been able to gather is that you suffered a partial stroke sir and you will need to remain here until we confirm your well-being atleast to 70percentage.

Cole was not even listening to anything the doctor was saying, he thought of Marina and it all came rushing back.

"Can I see Lizbeth...?

Cole asked, Lizbeth who was waiting outside was brought to him.

"Mr Spence, thanks goodness. You gave me a scare.

"How many days have I been here, what of Marina?

Cole asked trying to sit up but the attached tubes on his body would not let him.

"This is the third day Mr Spence. I heard you screaming my name by the time I came, I met your almost lifeless body on the ground, I have to call the medical personnel. Marina wasn't around but when I informed her she said you will be alright, she has other important things to attend to..."

"I need to go home right now"

Cole said but Lizbeth ignored him.

"Your life and health is far too important. Please take a nap and relax. Let the doctors do their jobs. There is also a letter I received on your behalf yesterday...is from your office. They came with some police men. They wanted you to follow them for some questioning but I told them what happened to you. they even sent some men to confirm if is true, it was after they saw you that they believed and left Please relax back and get well Mr Spence...

"Take me home immediately, right now Lizbeth...

Lizbeth looked at him like a ghost.

Cole ordered her but she couldn't, she rushed out to call the doctor. Cole began to remove the tubes.

They couldn't stopped him as he asked Lizbeth to get him his clothes.

Cole couldn't walk right, he was in pain and did not care about the doctor's warning.

Lizbeth got him a walking stick and a cab that took them home.

Marina's bag was almost ready to leave.

As Cole entered the Master bedroom, Marina's boxes were lined up, the whole room smells of a strong alcohol.

She was surprised to see Cole, who was supporting himself with a walking stick that Lizbeth gave to him. He looked around the room in disgust.

"Oh you are back already Cole, I was planing to come over to the hospital and see you this evening. Hope you are feeling better now...

Marina asked, acting all concerned.

Cole who was still feeling a little dizzy curved a smile.

He looked around the room, even his own wardrobe was thorn apart.

"Are you going somewhere...?

He asked her while he continued to lean on the stick.

"Oh, you mean the bags. No, I was only arranging them. I can't possibly go anywhere when you are in the hospital. That will be very heartless of me. My passport is actually out and by next week I should be saying goodbye but I'm concerned about you. If not for the baby I could have changed my mind and stay with you....

Cole suddenly threw his stick at her and it landed on her face, injuring her.

He couldn't hold back his anger or pretend anymore.

Marina started raining abuses on him as she examine her injuries from the stick.

"You daughter of Jezebel has the gut to play me this way for over a year after everything I did for you!?, you thought I won't find out...oh Marina. I will kill you and bury you before finallying Killing myself. Marina...oh Marina...how dare you...how..

"You can't do anything Cole, you are half dead already mere looking at you, I will advice you to stay off my way before I kill you first. Who told you that you can pregnant a woman? you have your aim I had mine, yours didn't work out mine did. Why are you beating around. I gave you enough sexual satisfaction, atleast even if you don't get a child from me, you got good sex with different style. That's compensation enough. Is unfortunate you found out now, I wanted to be gone first before you find out just to save you the whole sad drama buhhh....

Cole rushed to her, Marina quickly grabbed small knife she stored in one of the boxes closest to her.

As Cole grabbed her by the hair, she stabbed him but he didn't let go off her.

He dragged her outside the door, Lizbeth came rushing, she couldn't do anything because so much blood was gushing out of Cole's body.

He looked like he was about to drop dead but still did not let go of Marina as he dragged her while Marina's dagger was almost buried on the side of his stomach.

Cole used the last strength in him and threw Marina over the staircase.

She screamed and landed on the tiles, her screamed became silent.

Cole couldn't stand still again, his vision became blurred, he fell and rolled down the stairs in a silent noise.

Lizbeth quickly ran to call the medics.


Florence was preparing for a weekend outing with Maxwell.

Maxwell was parked outside her house and waiting. Lizbeth makes him wait outside the house to avoid certain temptation.

In about a week time she will get to sign the divorce papers and move on with Maxwell.

Her relationship with Maxwell has blossomed as he continues hoping until when she will be a free woman before having her to himself.

She was going for her sister's ten years wedding anniversary party.

Susan asked her to bring Maxwell along.

Susan has come to like Maxwell, she felt he is far better than Florence almost ex husband.

Florence was happy after receiving her sister call who asked her where she was.

Maxwell bought wine, banquet of flowers and some other gifts for Susan's anniversary party.

Immediately Florence entered Maxwell car, he was admiring her beautiful gown when a call came into Florence phone.

After answering the call, she looked up at Maxwell in shock.

"What is it... what happened Flox?

Maxwell asked concerned..

"Cole was admitted in hospital for almost two weeks, he just awaken early this morning and asked to see me. Is his mother that called me...she said I should come before her son dies.."

Maxwell swallowed hard, he was speechless at first.

"What do you want to do Flox, today is your sister anniversary. The only thing you owe your ex husband is the signing of the divorce like he wished for. nothing should concern you whether he's alive or dead. He does not care all this while if you are alive or dead. His mistress comes first and your life and well-being doesn't matter to him so why are they calling you now... what for? Please ignored those people let's go to where we're going...

Maxwell turned on the ignition of the car, Florence held his hand.

"Max, I need to see Cole, is a matter of life and death please. Let's put the hate aside for now. Let me just stop by, just a little and check up on him... then we will continue to my sister's place. I promise I won't waste time, just a quick stop. Nothing will stop me from being with you, The divorce process will be over in about a week, be patient. Nothing is going to change. Let me pay probably my last respect to Cole... please, drive me to the hospital. Madam Gold sent the hospital address already. If you can't drive me down then I will use my own car...

Maxwell was surprised with the way Florence was acting.

He later agreed to drive her.

They entered the road as Florence continue reading out the hospital address to his hearing.

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