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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 15




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 15

Written By Amah's Heart


This was the fourth day and she remains restless, several attempt to spill the beans was unsuccessful.

She knew it wasn't in her place to be sneaking around and trying to know what Marina was planning next but she can't close her eyes and ears from her wickedness.

She was able to gather enough information concerning Marina.

She was never pregnant, the first was a sham, fake pregnancy.

Lizbeth remembered how Marina was crying heavily, deceiving everybody and acting like she truly lose a baby.

She deceived everybody and they even blamed Mr Cole's first wife whom Lizbeth has never met.

They made her believe that the real Mrs Spence was evil.

Now, the truth is out and Marina is the evil one that directly chase the real Mrs Spence out of her home with her fake pregnancy.

Cole threaten to hurt his wife because of Marina. He prefers Marina to his legally married wife.

Even madam Gold was totally deceived by Marina.

Now, Marina has succeeded in draining him dry.

Mr Spence, like she usually call him needs to know the kind of Lady Marina was and do something quick before things gets out of hand.

Marina was manipulative, she was very insultive and also harsh.

She treats her like a spoilt garbage, no iota of respect or whatsoever.

Lizbeth dislike her person and will do everything she can to make sure you uncovers her dirty secrets.

But her only issue is how to go about it.

Just last night they were shouting and quarreling with each other.

Probably over money, Lizbeth can't tell what exactly caused last night issue but she was used their banter everytime.

Anytime Cole goes out she will be speaking on phone with whoever that knows her mischief.

Her partner in crime.

They will be calling Cole all sorts of names and continue making arrangements on how to finalise her evil plan.

"Lizbeth... Lizbeth!

Lizbeth can hear Marina shouting her name but she pretend not to hear.

Marina came down stairs with a bag and continued shouting her name.

"Where is this foolish help, have she suddenly gone deaf or what? Lizbeth... Lizbe...

Lizbeth answered as she came out of her room, pretending not to hear her before.

",Oh, you finally heard. I thought you have suddenly gone deaf and dumb.

Lizbeth, for the first time looked at Marina very closely.

She first of all checked the way she dressed, almost naked.

A very short handles tight gown that exposed both her thigh and cleavage.

With a nude color lipstick, same color with her artificial long nails.

Her eye lashes was not left out, full and long. More than five piercing on both her ear, nose and side of her mouth. She has a twin tattoo on her back and left arm.

She was beautiful but looked razz and street.

The tattoo on her arm wasn't there before, neither was the piercing beside her mouth. she probably recently added those or Lizbeth never noticed until now.

"Sorry madame, I was occupied inside...

"You're always occupied, I don't need your dirty sorry. My husband, Cole will not be coming home tonight. He went for outside work, but just incase he comes back later and asked of my whereabout, tell him that I went to the hospital for check up and if the doctor insist I stay over maybe placing me on bed rest that is exactly what I will do for the sake of this baby I carry. Cole has been stressing me lately, resting outside this house will be very necessary. So, i may probably not come home tonight. hope I'm clear, did you understand everything I just said right?

Lizbeth looked at her with a straight face, she almost said exactly what was on her mind.

She wanted let her know that her secret will not remain hidden forever.

That very soon and soon enough she will be exposed.

"Yes Madame.

Lizbeth replied instead.

"Good. Because I won't take it lightly with you if you make a mistake in the information I just gave you. I'm not sure he will be coming back but if he happens to, don't fail to tell him exactly what I said without mincing word because I will be switching off my phone. I don't want his nonsense disturbance. Is that clear Lizbeth?

"Yes... very clear" Lizbeth replied

She walked out of the door to her car, and drove off.

Late that evening, Lizbeth was surprised to hear the sound of Cole's car driving in.

The security closed up the gate as he drove in.

She haven't prepared dinner, her thought was since no one was around, there was no need to make dinner down.

Lizbeth quickly went into the kitchen and started making food.

She came out and greeted Cole immediately he stepped inside the house.

Cole replied before going straight to his room, after sometime he came down in a polo and short.

He had his bath and changed up quickly.


He called out while changing the television station.

Lizbeth ran out quickly to answer.

"No dinner tonight? Cole asked

"Is almost ready, I started not quiet long, didn't know you will be coming back tonight...

Lizbeth said trying to rush back to her cooking.

"Wait...did Marina say where she was going to? Her phone is off...

Lizbeth paused, this was a good opportunity to spill the beans. Marina's rubbish needs to end and all her secret must come to light. The game is over for her.

"She went to the hospital for check up and may decide to take a bed rest with the doctor's instructions.

Lizbeth said, instead of all that she had in mind to say.

She turned and went back to the kitchen. She kept trying to rehearse the whole speech all over.

It has to sound convincing to Cole if not he won't believe her and she will be in a serious trouble.

Lizbeth served Cole dinner, he ate a little before going to the cushion to stretch out himself.

Lizbeth knew he may probably fall asleep in no time.

This was her good opportunity to tell Cole what Marina have been up to.

Lizbeth kept going back and forth, she was restless and did not have the gut to talk.

"Is there any problem Lizbeth?

Cole asked.

"Yes...I mean no. There is no problem Mr Spence.

Cole stood up. He looked at her suspeciously

"Put off things, the television, the other necessary sockets, including this sitting air conditioner since no one will be sleeping here. I'm trying to cut down cost with the prepaid light. Things are not as they used to be, I'm not bouyant like before. try not to waste anything, especially food. Make only what we can finish, no left over except you want to eat it later. I don't know how long but I will keep trying to pay for your services and provide money for the necessary things in the house but make sure nothing useful is thrown into the wastebin. I'm going to bed...

He began walking upstairs.

Lizbeth knew is now or never. If she doesn't tell him Marina's secret now, she may not be opportune to do it again.

"Mr Spence, I have something I want to tell you...

Cole paused, turned and looked at her.

"Yes, what is it Lizbeth?

She thought of changing her mind but she will be needing something to dismiss Cole.

Unfortunately she can't find anything.

Telling Cole about the real Marina is far difficult than she thought.

Cole stood but when Lizbeth began babbling he said to her

"I asked you earlier if everything was alright and you said yes. Now, asking me to wait that you have something to tell but end up saying nothing is what i don't understand. listen to me....if is about money, I don't have money to give you Lizbeth. I don't, is better you manage what is in the house. I said it earlier that you should learn how to economize. Things aren't as they used to be. I'm going to bed now...

He turned and began to climb the stairs that lead to the master bedroom.

"Marina is not pregnant...

Lizbeth finally said very loud, making Cole to pause and turn.

"What did you say...? Cole wasn't sure of what he just heard. He took few steps down.

Lizbeth breathed deeply, she knew there was no going back.

She has to finish what she just started.

"Marina, your woman is not pregnant...

Cole looked at her like a ghost.

"What exactly are you talking about Lizbeth, what do you mean Marina is not pregnant...if she's not pregnant then what is she carrying in her womb?

Cole said while raising an eyebrow at Lizbeth who was ready to spill all she has learnt concerning Marina for the past few days.

"She is only pretending to be pregnant so to keep collecting your money. I'm not lying because I have nothing to gain from all of this. But I have heard her on phone while you were away and I knew she is not pregnant but only deceiving everybody...

Cole was quiet at first. He came closer to Lizbeth.

"Why should I believe you? Why will you even say such a thing Lizbeth...? loosing the first pregnancy was a big blow on us all, on me specially. You were here and witnessed it all but nature favored us by giving us another opportunity to be parents again. I'm happy for that atleast, despite it has left me in shambles but my happiness is becoming a father and seeing Marina deliver safely. I can't fathom out what brought about you thinking Marina is not pregnant but that's definitely the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Get back to whatever you are doing, this conversation between us is so lame and holds no water...

Lizbeth never knew convincing him will be this difficult but she was out already and there is no going back.

Anything she has to use to prove her point, she will do it.

Cole was turning to go back up. She took few steps closer to him and try to be bold because she was very certain of what she was saying.

"Marina is not pregnant. I repeat that again because I'm very sure of everything I'm saying. She has never been pregnant Mr Spence. The first one was a total lie, she didn't loose any baby because was never pregnant. This second one is equally fake.

Cole laughed out sarcastically.

"For your information she showed me all her doctors report. during the first one, her stomach has grown from each stage of pregnancy, her body changes and that goes with the baby bump are you telling me that there wasn't a baby in her stomach or the baby that was in the bump was a fake baby too? Lizbeth what exactly are you saying..? I'm getting uncomfortable with all this. I paid you to scrub my floor and prepare my food. I didn't pay you to poke nose in my personal affairs, if you were tired of your job, which is obviously true that you are. All you needed is to say so. What the hell is your business with Marina's pregnancy. I understand that you don't like her due to her harshness towards you but that does not give you any right to say what you just said. In about a week from now the month will end, get ready because you will no longer be in this house. Go to another house, leave what they pay you to do and continue with your nosy senseless gossip. I will get money and pay you off before then, why you will exceed tomorrow in my house is only because I don't have money right now. I no longer feel safe staying in this house with you neither is Marina. You are capable of giving her something that will hurt the baby in her womb. Don't speak another word Lizbeth concerning Marina's pregnancy. Return to your room...

Lizbeth already knew the danger she was getting on but cares less.

Since Cole was already firing her, is better she just say everything all that was on her mind.

"I don't really care if I'm fired or not, but I think is high time you know the bitter truth about Marina. She wears a fake pregnancy bump...

Cole curved a smile in a total doubt.

"....yeah, I know you won't believe there is such thing. I also never knew stuffs like that was already in existence untill I heard her speaking over the phone and mentioning some of the things I'm telling you now. In her wardrobe there's a box with password, she kept some of the bump there and some hidden away in the other room she packed her stuffs.

Cole asked Lizbeth to follow him and she did. He went straight to Marina's wardrobe while Lizbeth stood watching.

Ever since the incident of the lock, Marina was no more locking up her wardrobe.

He pulled out the box that Lizbeth mentioned, there was no password in it again. just a single press of the lock button it automatically open on its own.

Cole opened it but there was only few clothes inside.

He searched round and saw nothing.

He turned to Lizbeth who was surprised to meet an empty box.

"You can leave my room now, hope you have seen that Marina is not hidding anything. And the only lie I see here is yours... get out.

As Lizbeth was leaving she decided to use the last minute of her time to speak.

"She probably played smart here, after you broke her wardrobe. She felt her secret is no longer safe and move it out which was why she left the box unlocked. Follow her to the hospital and not just drop her off by the hospital, enter inside and into the doctors office where she usually go for examining. Or invite another doctor to check her. Get a CCTV or recorder and either mount it in the room or gym. This two places are her favorite place where she makes serious calls. Since I will be gone soon I will advise you to run an investigation on her, I promise you that at the end you will come in terms with the fact about Marina.

Cole pushed her out of the room and she left

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