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15days Fiancee - Chapter 4




15days Fiancee - Chapter 4

They are stubbor, but the perfect couple

You don't want to mess with any of them

Genre: Comedy , Romance, Drama , suspense

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 



"You want me to be your girlfriend for 15 days?" I asked in disbelief.

"Fiancee not girlfriend." He said smiling.

"Why would you even think I would do that? Like be a fiancee to a stranger? Not even my friend?" I asked in surprise.

"Because you and I know how badly you want to get into the institute. So it's just like a trade, I give you the chance of entering the institute and in return you be my fiancee. It's not hard, it's just a fifteen days act." He said and I sighed thinking about it.

"Why me?" I asked.

"What?" He asked.

"Why did you choose me? I wasn't the only one rejected and disgraced. Why did you pick me?" I asked and he sighed standing up.

"You are exactly the type of woman my stepmother wants." He said looking at me.

"She wants a failure for you?" I asked and he shook his head.

"She wants a woman that is willing to do anything to get to that place she wants to be. A woman that is gorgeous and smart. Not just a singer." He said and my cheeks flushed a little.

"But Lydia has everything. She is everything." I said and he smiled.

"She doesn't also want someone who sees herself as everything when she is nothing. You are the perfect one for her." He said.

"For her? Not for you" I asked in confusion.

"My step mom as always had my back since my father married her. She wants the best for me." He said.

"If you know this. Why are you lying to her? Why not look for a lady that is willing not to act or accept it as a contract. There are many ladies that would not accept anything for your love." I said and he laughed.

"Love? I don't think it exists." He said staring into space.

"Why would you say that?" I asked and he shook his head.

"It's okay Elena. I am sorry for telling you to act like my fiancee. It's not making sense at all. Don't worry, I will try my best to help you into the institute. You can forget about the deal." He said and I stood up.

"Why?" I asked wondering why he changed his mind all of a sudden. I know he was doing it for a reason.

"Nevermind Elena. Once I get any thing from the institute, I will get back to you. You can leave." He said sitting on his chair again.

I nodded and carried my bag staring at him. With the look on his face, I knew I said something I shouldn't have said.

"Thank you for this." I said and he nodded. I walked out of the office looking at him once more.

I got out and I saw Lydia leaning against the door. I looked at her and ignored her but then she called me back.

"What can Jace want from you?" She asked making me stop.

"I don't think that is your business, because if it is he wouldn't ask you to excuse us." I said Smiling.

"So you think because he asked me to give you guys a second, I won't know what you two are up?" She asked and I sighed.

"Looking at you. I know I am older than you, so forget the fact that you were a b**chy judge, you can't just open those lips of yours to tell me nonsense." I said boiling in anger already and she looked shocked.

"How dare you talk to me that way?" She asked and I smriked.

"Because I am not just anyone you can stop on the way and throw words at. If you have been getting away with that from everyone. You can't get away when it comes to me." I said very boldy and she walked close to me. 

"I promise you that you will never step your feet into that institute. I will do whatever it takes, and let this be the last time I see you anywhere near Jace." She said and I smiled.

"He doesn't even like you. Now I know why you are never going to be his taste." I said walking out on her. The cells in my head were screaming...

"Damn baby girl!!!! You nailed it!!! Like wtf! That was a punch line!" 

I smiled feeling so full of myself for talking back to her. Actually I never take shit from anyone, but this felt so good, I felt so alive.

At least it would stand as a pay back for what she said to me at the Audition.

I got out of the company and began to walk down the street. I actually didn't have any where important to go, so I though of calling my girlfriend Susan. Her place would be the best to spend my day.

As I walked, I looked Into my bag searching for my phone when I mistakenly hit someone in the process. I wasn't looking up at all, what did I expect?

As we hit each other, my phone fell to the ground and it scattered.

"Oh no!" I said bending to pick the pieces up.

"Oh my... I am so sorry." I heard a very familiar voice and I was forced to look up and there was Stefan. My ex boyfriend.

"Stefan." I called and he smiled.

"Hey it's you. I am sorry about your phone, I should get you a new one." He said.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"I am back in town. Can we save the talking till later? We should get you a new cellphone." He said and I nodded.

To be honest, though he jilted me I missed him so much. Seeing him made me happy, but I couldn't show him that.

"So you are back here with your wife?" I asked looking at him.

"We divorced." He said and one side of me was surprised, and the other side happy.

"What? Why?" I asked.

"I realized I didn't love her." He said opening the door to the cellphone store and letting me walk in first.

"Wow. That's so not surprising." I said.

"And you? Any new boyfriend?" He asked and I nodded immediately.

"Yes." I lied. I didn't want it to look like since he left I haven't been able to go into another relationship.

"Wow that's great news." He said passing me the phone he got.

"Thanks." I said and he nodded.

"I am sorry about the old one, I guess we both weren't watching where we were going." He said and I nodded smiling.

"Ah, I really need to go. I have things to do." I said and he nodded. I walked to the door and he stopped me.

"Can we see some other time?" He asked and I smriked before looking at him.

"Stefan I have been so busy lately. We will see when we see okay?" I said and he nodded.

"Sure." He said and I walked out of the store.

"I think I acted too cheap there. Why was I so happy to see him? He can't just walk into my life after jilting me for almost two years now. I need to show him I have moved on. I know exactly what to do." I thought smiling.


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