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Water Mate - Chapter 23




Water Mate - Chapter 23

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

Heat, I was burning in heat and I am not saying sexually. My head was pounding, throat as dried as a desert and my body was numb. I slept off in Finn's arms only to wake up later with the pounding headache. I thought it would go, but it refused to. Each minute that passed, my skin became really dry, my throat parched up. Inwardly, something was going on in me, like something was ripping. The mark Finn gave me was like a scorching iron, burning down my veins, every single veins. My stomach twisted, my neck burnt in liquid fury, along with my blood.

I thought I could bear it, I wanted to but after hours of waiting, it only got worse. The pain was draining me, I needed water but I couldn't move my body, I couldn't feel my body. I tried to reach out for Finn, I tried calling his name but every time I opened my throat, it felt like someone was sucking the life out of me, causing blood to splutter from my mouth. I needed water, someone had to hear my silent cries, someone had to hear me.

My eyes were seeing spots, black spots clouded my blurry vision. I was dying. The fire in my legs were worse, my blood boiled more fiercely, my veins felt like they were being slowly cut with knife. My bones cracked every hour, my scales were all falling off me and probably turning to ash. The worse part was that as time went on, the black spots completely covered my eyes, making me blind.

"Florry," Finn murmured in his sleep, he could feel my pain but wasn't feeling it enough to get up.

Of course! We now have telepathic communication!... I exclaimed mentally. I didn't for once think about it, I didn't remember.

"Finn, Finn, Finn wake up and help me!" He tossed on the bed, shifting away from me. "Finn, please, wake up!" I felt him spring up with a gasp. "Finn, look my w..."

"Holy shit! Florry, what's going on with you?!" He shouted out loud.

"I don't know," I cried telepathically, "my body..."

"Is as dry as a crinkly witch and your blood has soaked the bed, did I hurt you that much?" He asked bitterly.

"It's not you, get me to water, please!"

"Hang on," I heard a whoosh, meaning he rushed somewhere and then came back, carrying me up with the same speed and running off somewhere. I heard gush of water, by the sound of the melody, we were at a waterfall. "I'm going to drop you inside, would you float away?"

"No," I replied weakly. Still mentally by the way. "What's happening to my legs? It's... it's dead."


"Florry," I corrected quickly, "it's Florry."

"Your legs are merging together, I think you are growing a tail." He replied as he walked into the water.

"But I lost my tail and I'm not suppose to have one, plus I feel drained out of blood. What if my blood pollute the..." Finn threw me in the water before I could finish my statement. Immediately my body touched the water, it soaked it up like a sponge.

The lower my body got, the deeper the hole in the water I created from the suction. I body dragged the water in, the most I had ever sucked up in my entire life. The water probably covered up above me when the suction stopped, I closed my already blind eyes and accepted the darkness.

"Kymopoleia," a voice whispered softly, the softest voice I had ever heard, "Kymopoleia."

"Where am I?" I asked rhetorically. I looked around the darkness, looking for a single light but couldn't find any.

"Kymopoleia," it whispered again. I decided to trace the voice. I followed the voice as it continued to whisper my name, softer than the other. The deeper I walked to wherever it was leading me to, the brighter the light at the end became.

I quickened my pace, breaking into a run to get to the light faster. The more I ran, the further it became. I stopped running and continued walking, I wasn't suppose to run. Each step made me want to collapse and die, my muscles tightened and stiff every time I moved. The groundless bottom slowly became watery ground as it rippled at my movement. The water didn't make my feet feel cool, it was hot like lava.

Pain, I seem to be experiencing it more often.

The pain and scorching was hotter than the one I felt before, this time I was been cooked alive. Boiled Floriana. Still I couldn't give up, I had to continue pushing on even though my life was leaving me. The water rose higher as I got closer, swallowing me up to my waist but I didn't stop. The light became clearer, it wasn't just any light. A wall of water separated me from the other side, something was there calling me.

"Come on Floriana," I groaned. I pushed my weight into my hands, placed them on the surface of the water and leapt out of it. I fell onto the water, but this time I didn't sink. I laid on my stomach, almost out of breath and life. I looked over my shoulder at my legs, I grimace when I saw what remained of my cooked legs. "Great, just great."

"Kymopoleia," this time it was clear, the voice came from the other side. I pulled my body to the wall and touched it. The water gurgled and rippled at my touch, the ripple spread and made the wall transparent.

"No way!" I exclaimed, my eyes widening with disbelief and stupefaction. Behind the wall was me in chains, white chains. It was my true celestial maid form.

My skin was ivory with a tint of pink, my blue veins looked like tubes. My scales covered the back part of my hands, from the back of my palms to my neck where the three slashes called my gills were. The scales were rainbow, dark rainbow covering my chest down to the top of my breasts. My tail wasn't sheer like the other sea maids, it was crystal glass alright, but mixed with rainbow and the loveliest shimmer and oyster pearls around my waist and down to the golden curtain fins which merged with the sea.

My hair, was it even hair? It was a mixture of gold, three shades of pink, purple and red, the gold more dominant in it. The hair was a current of water floating around and high above me, curling around my stomach to my waist and down to my water fin and allover my face. A celestial robe whirled spiralling around my hands and down to my tail. My diamond rainbow scales made my face looked like glass, making my face shine like I had light in my face.

I stared with mouth open as myself gazed into my eyes with her hypnotizing gold and red eyes with a little silver flecks in her pupils. Her fangs stretched out and rested below my bottom lip, her pearly white crystal fang. Her lips looked so soft and alluring, so glossy and the Mexican pink colour made it more enchanting. She blinked her long brown lashes slowly, looking at me emotionlessly. Her hands were chained apart from each other, hanging up while she sat with tail sweeping at her left.

"Kymopoleia," she whispered. Tears flowed down my cheeks, I looked so gorgeous. This was it, I needed to release myself, I needed to be free.

"How do I set you free?" I asked in excitement, all my pain was gone just by staring at her.

"You cannot, I am stuck here."

"There has to be a way," I cried, "there must be!"

"Fishy!" I flinched at that familiar shriek. I gasped and turned, Istas was running to me and she looked so frightened. I won't blame her, she was in a dark place. She rushed into my arms as she cried. "Fishy, Kawee scared." She cried.

"It's okay, I'm here for you, don't cry." I assured her, stroking the back of her head. Her face remained in my collarbone. I stroke her until she calmed down. She pushed herself away from me and cupped my cheeks.

"Fishy hurt, why fishy kwaing and pain?" Her eyes averted to the me on the other side. She gasped and then shriek with excitement. "Bigger fishy!"

"Ist..." She pushed away from my hold and jumped through the barrier. My mouth dropped open, she easily passed through like it was never there.

"Fishy best friend!" She squealed before enfolding my celestial being in a hug. My other self was beyond discombobulate as she stared down at the small white haired girl with eyes wide. Istas kept squealing and saying incoherent words.

"What is this?" She spluttered befuddled. "Get it away from me!"

"She's just a child, she won't hurt you," I smiled. My other side looked at me still in shock.

"A child? She...she passed through, she is a goddess, not a child."


"No, she is a child, has powers but still a child." I argued. She looked at me like I was an idiot, but didn't argue further.

"Fishy, Kawee loves you, you love Kawee?"

"Er... this is inappropriate for a creature of my standard, get away from me kid, shoo!" She shooed off Istas. The child only giggled and tightened her small hands around my mermaid. "Get it away from me!" She screeched.

Watching her, I realised why she was chained, she had no emotions and therefore dangerous. Istas was here to bring out her emotions, maybe only emotions could set her free. I smiled as an idea came to my head.

"You know, one day we will have a child like that too,"

"Why would I want a burden? I am the true and only daughter if the ocean, what use do I have for such load?" She asked angrily.

"Because I love my mate and he would want a child with me, you know Finn right?" At the mention of his name, her eyes softened, the anger melted away instantly.

"Finn, the vampire," she said to herself. I understood why the temple guardian said the solution to our problems lied between ourselves. Istas giggled and looked at her, she stared back into Istas' eyes. "Finn loves us, right?"

"He has to, we are mates."

"He makes my heart skips," she murmured, still staring at Istas. I placed my hand on my chest, I could feel her heartbeat, "he makes me smile..." Her lips stretched into a smile.

"I make fishy laugh, right?" Istas asked enthusiastically. Other me chuckled, her eyes turned ocean blue like mine, exactly my eyes.

"I'll have a child too, with Finn," she said softly, as if testing how real the words were. The chains disappeared, her hands and body fell down.

Knew it!

Her hands went around Istas immediately, pulling her into a hug. "My baby would be pretty and strong, mate would love me," she whispered more. The chains around her tail shattered. "Beautiful baby..." My eyes widened as her body abruptly melted into the water.

"Fishy? Where Fishy go?" Istas asked confusedly. The rainbow puddle in the water swam to me like a fish. It pushed pass the water wall and swam under me. The water rose up, spirally wrapping itself around my legs to my waist, chest and finally head. It binded me together, forcing me to hold still.

The water was as cold as ice. It dissolved into my skin, into my head. My body sucked in the rainbow water, sucked in my true form. Peace, the peace that enfolded me was the best I had ever felt. I was complete, I was full. Before my eyes closed, I saw a woman smiling over me... Amphitrite.

"It isn't over yet Kymopoleia, trust in the powers from your bond..."

Finn's standpoint

If she keeps passing out like this every time I touch her, I would never lay a hand on her again, even if it kills me. Floriana remained under the water for days, I had to send her sister over to sit by the waterfall and wait for her while I worked. Sandra kept throwing pebbles into the water while Axel ranted about her not listening to him while he was trying to train her.

She didn't need that much training, she was already a great fighter. The speed and agility she had as a human amplified her vampire reflexes and speed. Kassandra was literally the fourth fastest vampire, almost as fast as Axel himself. I knew she would outrun him as time goes on, her speed was great.

"Just do it Sandy, conjure up those chains and attack me or try to manipulate me into doing something through my emotions..."

"Didn't I do that yesterday? Axel, please let me be, I'm trying not to cry over my sister." She replied calmly as she threw more pebbles into the water. I remained seated at the bank of the river, waiting for any movement or for her to resurface.

"You need to learn how to control your powers, especially when I call you cute... Uh-oh!" I glanced at Sandra, her hands were twitching.

"Should I remind you both that my mate is still in water and I am pissed? Don't make me kill you both." I warned lazily.

"Sorry M'lord." They chorused. My vision spun a little. I closed my eyes and reopened it, I was underwater?

"What the..." Florry was awake! My heart leapt for joy, she was staring at the water in confusion, I could see it all.

"Finn, are you there? I need help down here."

"I'm right here love, can you move?"

"No," she whimpered, "that is why I called for you, I can't move."

"Florry, take a deep breath, think about how I kissed you and then try again." I felt her heart skip, her cheeks probably turned red. She lifted her hands, her hands were different. I furrowed my brows puzzledly. "Your scales are rainbow? And is that a celestial robe around your hands?"

"Yes? I...I... I think I've transformed," she stammered. Her emotions washed over me. She was afraid I would see her as a freak. I pushed my affection to her, reassuring her that she would be beautiful no matter how many tails she has. "I'm com...com...ing out now." She whispered in my head.


"Floriana," She corrected. She was always fast to correct anyone who called her that.

"If you don't come up here, I will come down there to get you myself. I am cutting our connected vision, come out so I can behold my mate."

"Are you sure you won't freak out?"

"I don't know why you feel like I would, I have a pet hippogryph and dragon for Pete's..."

"You have a dragon!" She gasped.

"Technically," I chuckled, "the dragon lives somewhere else and claims to be waiting for my son who would be the master of his daughter. So I won't call him my pet, just the father of the dragon that is meant for my unborn son... Our unborn son."

"I'll love that," she giggled. I sighed when I felt her relief. I blinked my eyes, I was staring at the surface of the river again.

"Florry is awake, she will be out in..." Floriana broke through the surface of the water that moment. I froze as my eyes caught everything in slow motion. The way her hair swept the water over her face and behind her, her oddly mix colored water hair.

Her hair fell behind her like a waterfall, her scales caught the sunlight and reflected it like stars. My mouth fell open, she was so beautiful, so gorgeous. I had seen a mermaid before, but she didn't leave me breathless like the diamond glittering in the water. My eyes travelled down her body which was above the water, I snapped out of my admiration.

She has no clothe on!

"Axel!" I hollered angrily, snapping my head to the stupid vampire ogling my mate. Thankfully, his mate snapped out of it too and smacked his head.

"Ow! My skull!"

"Oh," Florry chuckled, tilting her head to the side in amusement, "you didn't tell me anyone was here or I would have covered myself up," as she said that, her hair wrapped around her chest. "Am I ugly?"

"You look breathtaking," I confessed. She giggled. "Can you shift back?"

"I can try, but I want to go for a swim and explore my new form, wanna come with me?"

"I can't breathe underwater, even if I can last for an hour."

"Finn, you have a water mate, take the ability from me and swim with me, please?"

"If he doesn't want to go, I'll take the offer, let's swim!" Sandra shrieked excitedly. I glared at her, making her squeak and cower back.

"Next time Sandra, come on Finn, join me." She sang, paddling her hands in the water. I smiled.

"Alright, let's swim," she grinned and disappeared back into the water. "Axel, return to the castle and tell Casmir where we are. Sandra, I need you to get her something to wear, I can't carry her back to the castle naked. We'll probably end up at the garden lake, have a dress ready for her... And something to eat, tell Lida that." I instructed as I unbuttoned my shirt.

"Yes M'lord." They chorused. I took off the shirt and threw it at her, she knew what to do. Kicking off my boots, I dived into the water. Florry held my hand before I opened my eyes.

Under the water she luminated even brighter, she swam around me as she laughed beautifully. Her fin swept over my face like a layer of water curtains. It smelt so nice. She spun around and stood in front of me, holding my biceps.

"Shall we?" I puffed, realizing I was breathing. She smiled and raised her right hand. "Don't be shy and obey your alpha,"

"Yeah right," I clamped my hand against her, "lead the way sea girl."

She laughed again, obviously the name appeased her. With a thrash of her tail, she sped off with me. Land speed and water speed are two different thing, don't ever try it!

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