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Water Mate - Chapter 20




Water Mate - Chapter 20

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

I threw myself on the bed, it had been a long exhausting day. Finn was awake now, going through a book. He had been quiet since I returned, didn't say more than three words since I came back.

Welcome back.


I looked at him from underneath my heavy lashes, he looked so sexy with his hair falling allover his shoulders and down to his breasts. He usually always had his hair up in a messy or neat man bun, I had never seen him let his hair down before. He looked so good. My body was starting to burn up again, I was like an animal in heat , but I couldn't tell him or he would feel bad.

Finn sighed heavily and slammed the book shut. "This is why I have been avoiding you," he looked at me with disapprovement, he wasn't happy about what I was feeling. "Why do you have to be like that now? I can smell your arousal from here."

I decided to ignore him and turned my head on the pillow, it was better I didn't look at him. My body had a natural cooling system, I would have to turn it on to suppress the burning.

"Okay, turn around and lay on your back," I raised my head from the pillow and looked at him, "I might not be able to feel anything, but I can help take care of that for you, at least you can feel."

"You'll do that for me?" I asked excitedly.

"Better that than been driving to madness by your smell."

"I can cool off, beside your legs are still..." He bent his legs up and smiled. "You can walk?"

"I can move my legs but I am yet to walk, I think by tomorrow I will be able to stand. Come on hon, lay and spread for me."

"Lay and spread? What does that mean?" I asked curiously. Don't look at me, I'm a complete novice.

"Lay on your back Suzanne..."

"Florry," I corrected snappily, "I've told you that."

"Florry, I need to go back to this if you don't mind," he waved the big red book, "now lay on your back, rest your head on the pillow and spread your legs like you are making a bed angel." He instructed patiently.

Knew I should have taken Bernice's and Sandra's sex lesson when I had the chance.

"Like this?" I asked as I took the position I think he wanted me to take.

He sighed. Finn dropped the book on the nightstand and crawled to his knees, he grunted and moaned in pain.

"You lied to me!" I shrieked in alarm.

"No, it just hurt when I move after stretching for more than five minutes," he said under his breath. He was in so much pain, I could tell that from the blood running down his nose. I scoot closer to him, whimpering as my mate hurt himself to please me. "Don't worry, I'll be done in...aah!"

"That's enough Finn," I pushed him back on the bed and stretched his legs, "don't hurt yourself, I don't feel like getting screwed again."

"No, I can still..."

"You'll be all fine in three to five days, I can bear, I promise." My eyes welled up as more blood oozed from his nose.

"I can do it..."

"Finn, feed from me," I pushed my wrist to his lips. He took my hand into his mouth and began feeding. Him feeding from me brought my arousal back. I clenched my legs with hope that he won't perceive me this time. Finn looked at me in the eyes as he fed from me.

He retracted his fangs and gave me a bloody toothy grin. "I feel better now, time to set your mood on fire."


"Shhh," he shushed, pushing me down on the bed. "Don't move..." He said as he knelt up.

"Finn, I can't..." I squeaked when he pulled me towards him, settling me on his laps. He groaned from the pain.

"Okay, let's try this another less painful way," he pushed me back. I quickly scoot away from him and sat up. "I promise I won't kneel this time, rest your back."

I looked into his determined eyes and resigned to defeat. I laid on the bed, I didn't had on any underwear. He laid straight, resting his weight on one elbow and gazed into my eyes.

"Don't look away from my eyes, don't shut yours or avert it or I'll punish you." He commanded. I rolled my eyes mentally, he really thought he had some power over me.

I looked down at his hand as he pushed my short dress up, he slapped my thigh, reminding me to look into his eyes. I averted my eyes to his and stared with boredom, he wasn't exciting me.

"Patient amica mea," he smirked, a very suspicious one.

"What the hell does that mean?"

He shrugged with a cryptic grin. I was tempted to look down as Finn's finger started teasing my thigh, it was making me uncomfortable and my stomach wasn't at ease. His finger crawled deeper until his knuckles brushed over me, it caused my body to shiver.

"What was that?" I gasped.

"That coniunx, is only the beginning."

Coniunx, Latin word for female mate. Couldn't he call me something sweeter than that? It sounds like the name of a blonde knight. Well, the feeling of the name was all gone when Finn brought his lips down to mine. I had no idea what he had installed for me, and like he said then, it was only the beginning.




I stretched my hands way up high above my head, another exhausting day. After what Finn did to me, I promised I wouldn't go near his room again. He drove me to Olympics with his slender but strong fingers, and when I was about to reach my throne, he pulled me down to earth. What I mean is that he left me hanging, no matter how much I begged. He said it was punishment for not telling him what I was and still not telling him.

Well, revenge is served better when hot.

I already had my plans, but I would wait until he gets better and then make him beg. For now, ignoring him would do just fine. He didn't need my blood to heal again, he would be fine on his own.

"Milady! I have good news!" Casmir shouted as he ran into the office with Axel behind him. "Guess what my little boy discovered while playing at fire peak mountain?!"

"A shark?" I asked dumbly.

"No, he... Wait what?" Casmir blinked at me while Axel stifled a laugh.

I shrugged, "you never know what you will find anywhere, don't blame me."

"A shark at the top of a mountain? A mountain which fire never seize? Are you talking about roasted or fried shark?" Casmir asked amusedly.

"Okay Casmir, what did you find?" I chuckled.

"Stephan's treasure! We found a whole cave of treasures that belonged to Stephan and we know it is his because..."

"Finn told you where to find it but your son beat you to it, I know." I tapped my feather on my lips and smiled, at least mine won't be touched for now then.

"Shall I get the treasures transported here?"

"Tell Knight that Finn said he should tag along and make sure no one attacks, if the treasures are as huge as my scales tell me, then bandits won't be too far. No one knows about it yet?"

"No, my son went there alone, he loves exploring." I nodded.

"Then I leave the rest to you, you are dismissed."

"Now, the plans for the new security post," Axel grinned as he waved a big folded carbon. "Let's get this over with."

"Actually, Finn would attend to it, he would be in his work room reading, go meet him and... How's Sandra?"

"She will be up tomorrow, I can't wait," he said excitedly, "this is taking too long."

"Do you need me?"

"No, when she wakes up, she will attack the first person she sees, I better handle it alone." He glanced at the door and frowned.

"What is it?"

"Who set the king's wild cat free!"

"He has a wild cat?!" I shrieked as I jolt to my feet, I am terrified of wild cats.

"Hybrid cat. Body of a tiger but spots and jaw of a jaguar, strength and mane of a lion, face of a cougar, speed of a cheetah and tail of a manticore. He is dangerous."

Sure, why not have all the animals I am afraid of in one body, nice going Finn!

The creature burst into the room, his eyes fell on me instantly. It gave a happy meow and leapt into the air before Axel could help. The cat landed on me, forcing me down to the floor. He licked my face, purring and making funny sounds.

"I think he likes you," Axel laughed. "Isn't that cute."

"Get off me kisser!" He nudged me with his head and roared playfully. "Okay, okay, what's your name big guy?" Funny thing, I didn't feel afraid anymore.

"He doesn't have a name, he rejects every name given to him and that is why he can't talk. In order for him to talk, he has to be named by the right person, only the right person will know his name. He loves the king but I guess you are his real owner."

"Down kitty," I commanded, he jumped back and sat, still feeling like pouncing. "So, I own you huh? What should I name you?" I asked, stroking my wet chin.

I shrugged, didn't have time to think, I have to see Lida. "I'll call you Sebastian, like it?"

The cat thingy jumped in the air and started bouncing around happily, swaying his oversized behind. "I have a name!"

"Now he talks," Axel snorted and exited the place.

"Hey! Can I go chase the guard with the big head around? His head keeps calling out to me but Finn says no chasing of his men." He whined.

"Would you kill him?"

"His head is squeaky, like a chew toy!" He shrieked. "So can I?! Can I?!"

"No, you will chew his head," I said sternly, folding my arms. The cat was almost seven feet tall, his body looked like moss grew on it when it didn't. He was green, honey and claret in colour, with flashy beryl eyes.

"Can I eat their shoes? It's tasty! Oh! And those squirrels and bunnies!"

"Aren't you too big to chase the little ones?"

"I love shoes." He grinned.

"Then knock yourself out."

"Yay!!!" He thundered and dashed out. How many pets does Finn have?

After wiping my face, I hurried to find Lida. I found her yelling at some vampire men who did something, they all looked like hell would have been better than standing there.

"Lida," I called in panic. She turned and arched a brow while the others bowed. I didn't give her time to bow, I snatched her hand and pull her along with me. "I need help, I'm having a sexual crisis here!"

"Am I suppose to know about this?" She asked awkwardly.

"Don't feel like that, you are the only girl I know and trust here, I need to know what and what to do to torture and pleasure a man, I need sex lessons." I whispered as I pulled her into the stable. We were at the castle's stable.

"Haven't you ever gotten a nice screw before?" I shook my head negatively. "What..." She gasped lowly, "why? No men?"

"Until I met Finn, no man had ever seen my face, my sisters and I had to protect ourselves from getting on wanted papers." I explained sheepishly.

"And you didn't like men, did you?" I nodded to her question. She placed her hands on her hips and sighed heavily. "Ever got a head before?"

"A head?" I touched mine, "don't I have one?"

"Right," she chuckled, "ever kissed someone or had them do at least fingering?"

"Fingering? What's that?"

"You have got to be kidding me! You don't even know that one?!" I swallowed hard and scratched my head.

"Is it the one where fingers do this job of the shaft?" I asked puzzledly, one could easily see my struggle to keep up.

"Yes, that's the one. Don't tell me you don't even know how everything down there works? Didn't you go to school?"

"I avoided those topic, it was too foreign and no, I didn't go to school after my parents died. Claudia tried to send us back to school, but after we got involved as The Wind, we just quit. I continued learning from what I knew, same as the others. Look, I know this is weird coming from your queen, but right now I need a friend who would help me, I don't want to remain the log of wood I was yesterday, I want to surprise him." My voice sounded so broken, I really wanted to surprise him and then make him pay.

"Alrighty then!" She squealed. "You have come to the right dick sucker!"

Kassandra's standpoint

Sounds, my ears picked up sounds, every single one. I could hear the scratching of a lizard somewhere in the house, the squeaking of the mouse running around somewhere. I arched my back as I picked up some scents, everything was so new and powerful. Footstep, someone was coming. The sweet smell of the person reached me, his cologne was never this strong before. I ran my tongue across my teeth...

Ow! It stabbed me!

I opened my eyes, rising up to sit immediately. I felt my teeth, my canines were like pointed daggers in my mouth. I looked at the wall, I could see some ants walking with food, from that far.

"Who am I?" I looked at my hands. I had to remember, and I also felt so parched and in need of water.

The door opened and a man walked in, his cologne filled my nostrils. I knew it, but again, I didn't. I tilted my head as his smile grew wide. "You are awake!"

You look delicious... I thought, he looked like food. My fangs grew longer than it already had as I saw the veins in his neck and arms. His blood flowed ever so gently through it, calling me to come.

"You are even calmer than I expected you to be Sandra, your self-control must be strong."

That's it, come closer.

Immediately he sat on the bed, I jumped at him and pinned him down, he didn't fight me. I sank my fangs into his manly neck. His blood rushed into my mouth, emitting a purr from me. The man tasted nice, he felt nice, like he belonged to me. I purred again and straddled him as I drank his blood. Drinking felt so natural, it was me.

"You feel that babe?" He asked chucklingly, rubbing his thumb on a sensitive part between my legs. Nub, how do I know what that is? "You feel it love?" I purred louder, grinning myself on his thumb. "You like it huh?"

I removed my teeth from his neck and looked into his eyes, what is he doing to me? "Who are you?"

"I'm your mate, you are my girlfriend."

Mate, what is a mate?

"Shhh, try to remember Sandy, that's your name, Kassandra..." I cried out when he sank two fingers into me. I wasn't wearing any clothes.

Clothes, what are clothes?

"Being a vampire have made you so irresistible, you are an aphroditic vampire, one of the rare, you smell like one."

"Vampire?" I moaned, somehow I knew what that was and I liked It. "Aphroditic vampire? What is that?"

"A vampiress with the power to sway people's emotions and convert it into power, bending them to succumb to her will and obeying her commands..." He turned me over on the bed, slamming me down. "They are irresistible, like nymphs, no man who sees them wouldn't want to kiss their feet and even ram there," he said as he kissed down my throat, "beauty is their companion, they feed off people's emotions and are very sly but peace loving, like Aphrodite herself. So my dear mate, you have been blessed by Aphrodite, the only aphroditic vampire I have heard of in a hundred years."

"Does that make me special?" I moaned, squirming under his intense touch. His hands and mouth spread fire everywhere they travelled to, even when his fingers drove into me. It felt so good.

"It makes you trouble as every male won't be able to get their eyes off my mate, you will have to be careful because rape is an actual thing and once an aphroditic vampire is raped, she dies."


"Made to seduce, never to be subdued. Your kind barely have mates as their free will enslaves them, the power to feel every emotions drove most mad while many were raped or killed by the woman of the trapped vampire. Like I said, your kind her foxy and peaceful, but when they start troubling, they are impossible to stop except by death."

"Then I am bad news?" I whimpered.

"You are my mate, you were before you became one and you will forever be. I'm marking you now to put an electric barrier around you, against all who would want you for your body. The barrier will connect to your powers and conceal it enough to not draw too much attention, only when you need it."

I wiggled as I felt something between my legs, my cunt was throbbing.

"Ready babe?"

"For what?" I asked absent mindedly, blinded by pleasure. He chuckled. Something slowly slid into me, it felt so good my hips buckled upwards, my eyes rolled out of sight. "What is this? It feels so good." I moaned, moving my hips around and rotating over what was in me.

"That's it kitty, just like that," the man growled. Somehow, what he said made me happy. I followed my instinct and turned us over, forcing him under and staying straddled on him, looks like his body part was in me.

I lifted myself up and lowed my body down again, sinking my long nails into his chest. He groaned from both pain and pleasure, holding on to my hips firmly. My body seemed to know what to do, like there was something at the back of my head reminding me of how to do it. I moved on him, riding his dipstick slowly, increasing my pace. Images flashed in my head as I rode him faster and harder, as our moans and groans bounced off the walls of the room.

I knew this man, he knew me. I remembered how I woke up with the dude allover my chest, my sisters... Axel.

"Axel," I called out.

"I'm right here baby, I told you I will." He interlaced his fingers with mine. Something came to my head, when I was dead, some demon tried to claim my soul but Claudia appeared and ripped him into two. She was glowing so bright, dressed like a war angel.

Claudia seized me from the hands of death and took off before my soul was taken, she ultramarine and black wings and a giant sword on her back. It made me wonder how she could lift that thing. She was the one who took me to Aphrodite, a goddess face whom I never saw but I could feel her power and beauty overwhelming me.

"Here she is, but are you sure my sister is who you want to be an aphroditic vampire? She might get killed."

"I owe you for saving Eros Claudia, and this is the only way I can think of repaying you." The memory was fresh.

"If you really want to repay me, tell your son to stop stalking me and drooling, I saved his life, not told him to follow me around with his horny ass." Claudia snarled. I didn't understand.

"Claudia, one of the most stubborn soul I have ever seen, Hera is starting to suspect that you might be one of Zeus's product of infidelity with humans."

"Just because I escaped Hades and somehow found myself a celestial spirit between space and time doesn't mean I am his offspring, I'm just different..."

"And beautiful, that is why my son is crazy about you." Aphrodite teased. I snorted along with Claudia, she would never bend to a man, she was born stubborn.

"Claudia, what am I doing here? Why are you here? Are you dead?"

"Ask Finn." Was all she said before she looked behind her and growled.

"I've told you to stop following me! For Pete sake Eros, I don't want you!" She snarled and took off to the sky. I could have sworn I saw a man take off after all.

"Now Kassandra, you belong to me now and you shall now be known as Carys, daughter of Aphrodite."

I came back to reality, I was still on Axel, beating every other record of ride he has ever had. The look on his face and words said it all, he was close as well as I was. Axel spun me on the bed and sank his fangs into my neck as we both popped at the same time. His pleasure was mine as mine was his. The ecstasy from both of us knotted together, twisted by bolts of electricity and collided with such powerful force. It rose high like a mountain and collapsed on us, swelling our heads and binding our emotions together. And when I bit him again, our thoughts became one.




Axel watched me with disapproval as I dressed up. After that, Axel made me feed from his human pet, she looked like she was being well taken care of by Axel and was more than willing to let me feed. Then we had sex again before I decided I had to see Claudia, she had some explaining to do.

"Just stay in for a while," Axel grumbled, "you can go tomorrow."

"No, I am going today. Now are you going to join me or am I in this alone?" He muttered some curses and threw the duvet off to get ready.

An hour later I was waiting for Suzanne in the castle giant living room, the king was seated there studying me, his new subject. Now I knew why none could disobey him, the aura around him was so powerful I felt like bowing which I was by the way. Suzanne ran in squealing.

"Sandy!" I stood up and rushed her, I've missed her so much. "Look at you, you are crushing my bones." She laughed.

I let go of her and grinned sheepishly, "still getting use to my strength, I'm sorry."

"Understood, now let's talk about... Why do you have the aura of a goddess?"

"She's an aphroditic vampire," Axel replied, grinning at me with pride. "She's the only one and very powerful, she still has her soul and is very much human. Her body is warm like a human's and her heart beats like one, but she has all the qualities of a vampiress. Isn't she cute?"

"What did you just say?" I growled.

"Uh-oh," Suzanne said, stepping away from me. "Axel, take that back."

"But she's cute," he laughed. I hate that! My vision turned pink and before I knew what I was doing, something like a pink chain whip appeared in my hand. "What the fuck!"

"Don't call me cute!" I screamed and whipped at him. Axel quickly jumped out of the way, the whip lashed on the couch, ripping it into two, then the split halves turned to shattered pieces of pink glass.

"Hey! You could have killed me!"

"I am not cute! Take that back!" I yelled, lashing the chain whip again. Axel jumped out of the way, causing the whip to hit the floor. The floor divided at the impact, causing the house to quake. The split part slowly started turning to shattered glass.

"I don't remember aphroditic vampires having that power!" Axel screamed as I turned to him again.

Come on Sandy! He's your mate!

"Kassandra, kneel." M'lord commanded frivolously, my body plunged down and I feel on my knees. He looked at the shattering ground and it began mending itself.

"M'lord please, she is new to this, is doesn't know how to control her anger," Axel pleaded, panic written in his eyes. "Milady please don't let him punish her." Axel cried.

"Finn, let my sister go." Suzanne said with a scowl.

"Sister in-law or not, no one strike in my house, especially at my third in command, the assistant general of my army. Stay out of this."

"Is this because I refused to talk to you?" Suzanne snorted. It felt like a million chains were binding me down.

"Yes, talk to me and I'll let her go."

"Claudia," I spoke, tears running down my cheeks as I realised something. "Where is Claudia?"

"Yeah, where is my sister Finn?" Suzanne asked as she stood in front of him with arms akimbo.

"Crap." He muttered.

"Finn, where is my sister!" Suzanne shouted angrily, her eyes turned red.

"Claudia is dead," I sobbed, "I saw her, she snatched me from Hades, Claudia is dead Suzanne."

"Floriana," She corrected, "and what! You killed my sister Finn!"

"Claudia died a long time ago, the one with you was a spirit."

"What?" Suzanne and I breathe. Then the king explained how she was killed a long time ago, but her determination to protect us brought her back, she was a ghost. I remembered the time Claudia went missing for five days, Suzanne was restless and kept saying she was seeing death. We searched and cried and cried until she showed up mysteriously, she was acting so odd.

It was from there we started as The Wind, from then I got my agility and reflexes, my speed and her sudden strength. He pointed out facts to us, ones we never took notice of. How when I woke up at night, I would always see Claudia awake and staring at us with tears in her eyes but never remembered, how sometimes people acted like she was invisible when we walked in the street as us. How she never had a shadow and would speak weirdly sometimes. Every year, she would disappear for five days like the time she died, her death anniversary. And when she returned, she smelt different.

It was true, my sister was dead. Shocked, I had been long freed from his captivity but still couldn't move. I cried as Axel held me in his arms, my heart felt like it was being ripped apart.

"Florry, I know this would act as a shock to you, but you have t..." Suzanne collapsed on the floor. "Floriana!"

"Suzanne!" I shouted, pushing away from Axel to meet my sister. She was out cold, her body couldn't contain the shock like it didn't when my parents died. King Finn couldn't move from where he sat, he couldn't walk and was brought here in a wheelchair.

"Suzanne, get me water! Somebody get her to water!!!" I screamed frantically. Her amulet glowed, throwing me off her. I watched in awe as the blue light engulf her, swallowing her body completely. When the light died down, Suzanne was gone. "Where..."

"Her amulet took her to my bedroom," m'lord grumbled, "I have to go."

One sister was dead, I just couldn't lose another. Claudia, why didn't you let us mourn you long ago.

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