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Water Mate - Chapter 19




Water Mate - Chapter 19

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

I stirred in the bed, something was binding me down from moving too much, strong warm arms. I already knew who it was, only one person would hold me like that without fearing what I would do... Or rather, only one person would make my body so relax. I giggled as I remembered that he never slept close to Dainty to cuddle, even after every brutal sex. This was a huge bonus and achievement for me.

I tried to move again, forcing my eyes open. When my eyes looked up to his, it was staring back at me with adoration. His steel blue eyes with smoke grey highlight shone with the same contentment he looked at me with in my fantasy dream. I smiled at him as he kept staring at me. The smoke of his eyes began expanding as a new emotion surfaced; lust.

"Good morning," I beamed, my voice came out smoother than I expected it. "Did you sleep well?"

"Better than I ever have since I was born," his was hoarse, dry and I could feel the pain in his words, it was hard for him to speak.

"Still feeling pain?"

"My throat seems dryer this morning," he rubbed his throat, "you look beautiful by the way, even with your bed hair and rosy cheeks."

"How long have you been awake?"

"Since the first morning crow," his eyes zoned out, his mind went to something horrible. The smoke in his eyes retracted back to where it came to, all desires to do things to me gone.

"Finn," I placed my hand on his shoulder, getting his attention. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, just had a weird dream," he looked back at me and smiled, "don't bother about it."

"Tell me, what did you dream about?" I asked with concern, pushing myself to sit up. He still laid on the bed, hand loosely wrapped around my waist.

"I...I...please don't...bother," he looked away from me, eyes ridden with guilt, "please forget it, you better get to work."

"Finn, don't make me pout," I warned, getting my lips ready for the pout of his life. He sighed in defeat, not wanting to challenge me in that area and find out how good I am at pouting. "Good boy, now tell me what you dreamt of."

"In my dream, you left me and returned to the ocean, to a powerful sea king." He looked away from me sadly, silent fell on the two of us. I knew what he dreamt wasn't just a dream, it was a warning to me that Proteus was close.

"Well, that was just a dream, don't bother about it, I will never leave you..."

"I hurt you so bad! Definitely you would still feel bitter towards me and take the offer to be with your kind, not someone who hurt you so much! I am..."

"Finn! I am not going anywhere! I love being with you, even with your freaking flaws and bad temper. Trust me when I say I rather die by your hands than any sea king who would want me for my powers, I love you just as much as I did as Dainty, and that is not about to change, ever." My voice soften at the end, I told the king I love him. His eyes grew wide as he stared at me, that wasn't part of the plan but what the hell.

"You remember being Dainty?" He gasped. I was offended, that was the only part he heard?

"Yes, I relived her life with you in order to remember," I grouch out, "so yes I remember, and that is why I know my name is Floriana, not Suzanne. You can compare me to her all you want, even if she is me I am still jealous of her because she is me and not me at the same time and you know that. So whatever." I said with shaky voice. I told him I loved him and he thought about Dainty.

I know, I know, why so dramatic and envious of myself? The two characters and personalities are different so I have every right to be envious. I pushed the quilt away, time to leave him to enjoy his time with her imagination. Unfortunately, Finn caught my arm and tugged me back to lay on his chest.

"Let go of me!"

He pinned my waist with one hand and cupped my cheek with the other. "I will never compare you to her, even if you are her. One thing you have to know is that I will never look at you the way I looked at her," that hurt so bad! "She certainly never had me looking at her with adoration, satisfaction and something I find too difficult to pronounce, but you understand."

Yes, he never looked at Dainty with anything other than hate. He loved me, he admitted it in another way. Might not have been direct, but it was good enough to make my eyes water.

"Damn it Finn," I pushed myself up and crashed my lips on his. He stiffened by my unexpected reaction, what other reaction was he expecting?

He relaxed and before I knew it, he took charge of my initiated kiss. His tongue part my lips open, he easily drove his tongue into my mouth. His tongue was very soft, softer than I ever imagined. His lips had it own taste, like honey dipped cherry. His tongue tasted of fresh raspberry and something more unique with a hint of lemon and mango. The taste exploded in my mouth, didn't know if I was imagining the taste but it did make so much dead cells awaken.

I straddled him, deepening the kiss to get to the bottom of that well of flavours, I wanted every single taste, wanted all the butterflies that came with it. Finn wasn't at all comfortable with me being on top and his lack of feeling and strength to extend the moment. I could tell he wasn't enjoying the kiss as much as I was, he wanted so more but yet didn't have the energy and proper desire to press on.

Sighing mentally, I broke the kiss and pushed myself up to stand on all four, hovering over him. My body was ready to be explored, my tits stood erected, begging for attention, and the spot between my legs was much more worse. Finn's eyes were filled with sadness, his ruby lips glisten from the wetness of our kiss. It slightly swollen state testified of our activity. His eyes ran down to my chest, he could see my erect tits yearning for him.

"I'm sorry, I can't attend to you now." I knew it wasn't his fault, I could bear for a little longer. The moment he was fine again, I would jump him right on this bed. My thoughts concluded on the proper action, I beamed brightly.

"This was more than enough, I don't think I would have been able to handle too much bliss in one morning," I glanced at the door, "beside, I have work to do." I threw my leg to his side and sat down instead.

"I guess I better let you go,"

"Time to feed," I grinned, pushing my hair away from my neck. I was dying to know how it would feel having him drink from my neck. If the hand could feel so damn good, how then would the neck be?

"And die?"

"My blood is no longer poison to you, I have given you limited access to my body and blood," I winked at him, attempting to release his sudden tension. "Trust me, I love you too much to want you dead."

He eyed me with suspicion, and then contemplation before his tensed shoulders relaxed. He took my hand instead and feed from my wrist. Disappointment washed over me, I could wait. Also, I needed to refill my blood vessels, my heart wasn't pumping enough blood to cover up all Finn was taking from me. I needed a kill. Once I killed the victim, my body would soak it blood up like a sponge, transferring it to my purify celestial one. I never had a reason to, but now that I had a mate who needed to feed from me for a while, I needed all the blood I could get.

"Finn, that's enough," I said worriedly, he was drinking too much. Finn relutantly let go of my hand and wiped his mouth. "You better learn when to stop before you kill me."

"Sorry, it taste so good, the best I have ever drank." He admitted honestly. I smiled at him, at least he thought my blood was the best, which it is if I do say so myself.

"I am glad you think so but now I've got to go," I stood up from the bed. "I probably should tell you that when I healed you, I felt a demon. The demon is dead now, but it powers still remains yours."

"Good enough for me."

"Oh yeah! Where is my sister, Claudia? Lady Lida says only you know where she is..."

"Aah!" Finn screamed, holding his head. I rushed back into the bed, he was shaking. "My head!"

"It's okay, breathe and stop talking." Well, I guess Claudia would have to wait.

Having healing his head, I first of all gave him a good bath before I had mine. When I came out, he was fast asleep. I wore one of his fancy boots, his shirt which reached me above my knees and his belt to make the shirt look thinner. I arranged my hair up into a bun and walked out, this was what I felt like wearing. To hell with what anyone thought.

I walked straight to the dinning room, Lida was already there with the new maids and cooks. They all bowed to me when I walked in, then Lida stifled a laugh at what I was wearing.

"What? Girl gotta dress the way she feels like," I said with a shrug. She giggled, "now what do you have for me today?"

"A whole lot of fish meals, hope you would like it, added meat to this menu."

I glanced at the women in the dinning as I took my seat. "These are the new cooks and maids, everyone this is the future queen and present ruler of the castle and royal affair as the king is sick, you must all address her as Queen Floriana or Milady in direct speech. Do not ever call her by her name or you will face the wrath of the king."

"Yes Milady." They chorused.

"M'lord is address as sire, His Majesty or My Lord, is that clear?" Lida instructed. I narrowed at the girl staring at me straight in the eyes with defiance, she was one of those who believed humans weren't good enough.

"You," I called out to her, pointing my finger to single her out. I scanned through their thoughts, only three of them were looking down on me. "You and you, the rest of you step back so the three scapegoats would stand alone."

"Yes Milady." They all stepped back. I stood up slowly and let my change take over me, pushing the restraining powers of the amulet aside. My eyes turned red, my fangs and claws extended with faint scales tingling on my face and neck.

They all gasped in shock. "Who still thinks she's human? I certainly don't." Lida said cheerfully, obviously ready for the show.

"You do not look at me in the eyes when I speak, you don't talk back at me or think badly about me because I will know. I will not tolerate insults, disrespect and disloyalty. You will not look down at me like I am some kind of filthy rag, I am your queen and you show me the respect that a queen deserves!" As I spoke, my voice rose and their body lowered down until they were on their knees.

I was in need of blood, go crazy. I sank my claws into their shoulders, two of them that is. Immediately my nails made contact with their blood, my body reacted on default and their blood ran into me. I closed my eyes as their strength became mine, their memories floated in my head, stupid memories of whores. I felt my system magically switch the blood to mine, changing it blood group and DNA to match mine. I removed my claws before I took too much from them, their body collapsed on the floor with a heavy thud. The third girl screamed in fright.

I ran my tongue over my claws, smiling deviously at them. Finn was a well known cruel man, so I had to live up to his name so all would fear me first, at least those who want it the hard way. I did the same to the last girl but didn't take much like I took from the others.

"Now, anybody else got anything to say?" I grinned evilly. They shook their heads with shaking hands. "Good, now scram!" Like the wind they took off, running for their dear lives.

Lida burst into laughter, falling on one of the dinning table chair. I smiled, with time she was going to be more free with me. "That was spectacular! I haven't seen anyone capable of making any vampire run as fast as they did, awesome!" She bellowed in a singsong.

"They need to know who they are dealing with." I said cockily.

"You said it sister!" She shrieked. "Just keep doing that, it would make my job easier, all I have to say is "one more mistake and I take you to the queen" and they would turn pale." She said between her laugh.

"Glad you find my coldness amusing, now I shall punish you," her laughter stopped dead immediately, fear glinted in her eyes. "How about a quality girl time? I punish you to a whole day of shopping for new shoes and clothes, you, me and Sandra, Claudia wouldn't be interested."

Lida heaved a sigh of relief. "Why not call the royal seamstress? That would be easier." Lida suggested.

"Nope, I want to be the queen who explores, goes to other people and try their works. I'm not saying the royal seamstress is bad, she must be really good to be made one, but I just need to stretch my legs freely after this whole ruling stress."

"Then I know places! I have a whole list of places I have been meaning to go to..." Her voice trailed off as she started fantasising about her break from work. I quietly went back to my chair and began eating.

An hour later, I walked into the courtroom, swaying my sexy ass which the shirt popped out. The boots stopped right below my knees, big but small enough to make my legs look sexy. I smiled secretly as the old fools checked me out, but my focus was on the two members of the courts who wanted my mate for themselves. I liked the way their eyes turned red in anger as they realised whose clothes I had on.

I sat down on Finn's courtroom throne and crossed my legs, my shirt crinkled up enough to show some skin.

That's it bitches, enjoy the view.

"What is the meaning of this?" A tall dark man barked, anger flashed in his eyes as he glared at me on the throne. "Why is this thing sitting on the king's throne?!"

"You will not call the king's mate a thing, or face the consequences." Axel threatened, showing them his pretty sword.

"Axel," I rolled my eyes to him, smiling slyly. "I can take care of myself, no need to do anything, I can handle them."

"Handle us!" Another, a brown haired shouted. "We are the king's elect court members! We have been even before your mate became king..."

"But my mate is king and you are not," I said evenly, staring at my nails, "I'm sure that's why you are burning in rage, the king is out and you are next in line, huh? Well sorry sweetheart, he has a queen and you will all obey her because he sealed me as his next of kin. Can you get me off this throne? No. Why? I can do this." I telepathically threw them back on their chair and kept them there.

"What is this! Release us!" The dark one shouted, Lord Modred shouted I assume, the other would be Bancroft who is next in line.

"And if I choose not to? You are talking to the lady who just killed Stephan and saved all of your lives with just her arrows and power. Do you think you can hurt me?" They kept their mouth shut. "Sorry to disappoint you lambchops, but the human mate you expect to easily dethrone isn't human, deal with it."

"This harshness is inappropria..."

"You may all shut up and never speak again unless you have something better to say! I will not listen to you all try to insult me or tell me what to do with my husband's kingdom!"

Did I say husband? Wow.

They all kept their mouth shut and lowered their heads, even though they were angry. "Now, back to the reason I summoned all of you..."

"You cannot summon the council! I will not sit here and be insulted by a w..." My eyes turned red, I internally jabbed his heart. He cried out in pain, spluttering out blood from his mouth. I smiled innocently as the others rose, shock in their eyes.

"She is definitely Finn's mate." One murmured.

"Thank you," I grinned, "now sit!" They all say down, glancing at Bancroft who laid his head on the blood table, trying to control his breathing. "Let's start with the plans, I have gone through the problems of the kingdom and came up with possible solutions. Finn went through the ideas and plans and saw it fit, he already gave me his approval."

"What plans milady?" A nicer member asked calmly.

"First, I thought about the way to end the reduction of vampire warriors. We have many vampires, but most aren't trained. There are powerful clans like...?" I looked at Casmir for help.

"Leonard clan,"

"Thank you luvvy, Leonard clan. According to what I read, all members are born with their vampires buried in them until they cross eighteen where it sprouts out. The Leonard family are very powerful but none are trained in combat, just very good botanist and zoologist. If those powerful vampires could learn to use their powers for things other than herbs and animals, the kingdom would be stronger.

Along with the other powerful families with young children, training them would be great. So in conclusion, Finn and I have decided to build and open a vampire knight school, a school to train vampires so everyone who is interested would know how to defend themselves. Then three huge schools where vampires allover the world could attend with prepared magical transport, that would reduce them going to human schools and causing trouble."

"That's a great idea."

"Then we are going to work on building more hospitals and business centers..." I started speaking of my ideas for business. Since we were somehow separated from the human world, I opted to creating a media to reach out quicker and an emergency means of sending information to the king in case there was a problem.

If the people could reach out to the king, they would be more comfortable and confident in their king and be more loyal. Then I suggested the company we would get all our building supplies, it was Finn's idea. Kale owned the biggest company in the supernatural dimension and one of the top in the human. He supplied quality building materials, especially wood and cut stone, solid magic stones. Of course they refused at first, but I got them to agree by making good points.

"Now for the most pressing matters, did Her Royal Majesty find the solution for the blood shortage and illegal port trading?" Lord Modred asked sardonically.

"As a matter of fact Bancroft, I did," I crossed my legs which I had dropped previously. "King Finn and I both brought different solutions, his is more possible since it is almost done, I can't reveal it though. Mine on the other hand is a possibility, depends on the way I approach it. Have anyone ever heard of the blood garden?"

I ran my eyes across the room, they all looked uncomfortable. "The blood garden belonged to the former crone of witches before she dropped her title and went to live in the one eyes woods. Her mate was a vampire, a pureblood. She had used up almost all her magic to create a garden that grew fruits of blood, a garden which trees never runs out of blood. The more you pluck the fruits, the faster many grew." Casmir explained.

She witch made the garden for their anniversary, to surprise him. But he never saw his surprise as he was attacked by another pureblood and killed over something so meaningless. The witch didn't have enough powers to hunt down the killer, so she sealed her garden in a jar and took it along with her to the dark woods where she was said to die. This was one of the tales the ocean told me when I was growing up, and it knew where she lived. The witch was dead, but her powerful spirit still hovered about the garden in a jar.

"With that garden, the blood supply will surely increase," one of the old men gushed, mouth watering as whatever images played in his head. "But too bad it no longer exist."

A sad murmur brought through the old vampires. "And what if I told you I know where that witch is?"


"I am aware of her location, getting to her isn't the problem, talking to her would be. If I can successfully convince her to give me the key to the garden, it would really help." They murmured in silent, I wasn't sure Finn would let me go but I was ready to try for his sake.

After must discussion, I gave my final announcements. "I will be attending the conference this evening, but first I shall go around to look for the lands for the building sites. Oh, three of you have lands that would suit in well, I was informed of that. So Lord Bancroft, Lord Modred and Count Raymond must relinquish their ownership of the selected lands, no arguement needed. Casmir would fill you in on the money each council members and nobles must donate to the projects before the expiry date. A task would be issued, not to the badly affected citizens, but to the rich and ones that can afford. Everyone must help out the way they can.

The businesses would be handled over to each of you, all to give account of their work when the time is set. The details would be given to you by Casmir after I leave, no arguments. And finally, Lady Kaede and Lady Rosella would escort me as it customary that two or three of the court members must escort the king when he goes out to meet the people. I hope you would be ready before the time, I hate to be kept waiting."

I intentionally chose them, I wanted to feel their hate and envy as they bowed to me and watch me take over what they badly want. I would deal with Kaede at my own time, Rosella did little to offend me so the punishment of being at my command was good enough.

"I have something important t..."

"Suspend it." I deadpanned, leaving no room for arguments. I looked at the nicest vampire in the room, he hasn't spoken a word since he got here. His wife was pregnant, the poison did a lot of damage to her.

"Lord Matthew," I called softly, my eyes softening because of the agony in his eyes. He turned those sorrow to me. "How is you wife? How is the baby?"

He sighed heavily. "The physicians said that there is no hope, the poison already ate too deep into the baby, it would die between sunset tomorrow and dawn. It is just unfair, it took my mate and I a thousand and thirty five years to conceive that child, it's just not fair." He shook his head, one could see the tears threatening to break free, he was close to breaking down.

"Axel, please help me with Lord Matthew's goblet, sire please fill the goblet with your blood for me."

"Why?" Lady Rosella questioned. The person I was talking to didn't even ask, he quickly cut his palm with his fangs and filled the cup. I guess he thought that if I could heal them all the first time, I could do it again.

Axel brought the goblet over to me, I dropped it and let my little finger's claw grow. I stabbed my thumb with it and squeezed it over the cup. A droplet of blood dropped into the goblet, causing it to explode with red smoke.

"Restore the life of the baby oh blood of mine," I said telepathically, "and kill any who would drink it for anything else."

It was done, he drinks it and he dies.

Axel gave the happy man his goblet back, hope shone through his smile, reflecting back on some of the court members face. What I did showed kindness.




Axel returned home while I changed and went outside to wait. Casmir told me to wait for him while he attends to the court members, but I wasn't going to wait. I had the location of everywhere I needed to be, and what better way to find out about the court members than from the people themselves. I was looking around, waiting for the hippogryph Finn told me would take me. I had changed into his grey shirt instead of the white I wore. The shirt was shorter than the first, but didn't accentuate my behind and chest like the other one. His fancy boots stayed, along with a grey hose Lida got for me.

A loud screech from the sky made me look up, I couldn't see anything or anyone. It made me think of Stormy, she would be visiting very soon and not in a good entrance. I remembered how I met her, she was caught in a trap set by hunters, wings torn at each sides and leg bleeding. Till today I am yet to know what happened to her, but I saved and healed her. She was the first powerful being I used my healing powers on, it took a lot of energy out of me that I collapsed. When I woke up, we were at the cave, she watching over me. That was how I found the secret island my sisters and I stayed at, she showed me and then slashed my arm, forming a bond between us.

"For saving me and showing you are superior to me, you are now my master. I will be there for you if you desperately need me, I will check on you every time. Be safe Fish legs." That was what she calls me, how I so hate that name but Stormy is the most snooty, graceful and stubborn headed creature on the planet. Finn is learning, she was worse. She claimed I was her master but she was doing a terrible job serving me. Sometimes I wonder who serves who.

"She's beautiful," I flinched and jumped away from whatever said that. I looked to my side and saw a black hippogryph with silver beak and claws. The tip of his midnight black feathers were silver, just like his eyes. I found myself mouthing 'wow". "What's her name?" He asked earnestly.


"Your hippogryph, I saw her in your eyes, she is so beautiful!"

Uh-huh, I probably should tell the kid Stormy hates males.

"Her name is Stormy," I paused and watched the way he tasted her name on his beaks, smiling if that was possible. "She will probably thunder here any day from now, destroying the castle in an attempt to find me. When she gets to the island and not see me there, she would freak out and would live with me to make sure I am okay. I will advice you stay away from her though."


"Stormy has very bad memories concerning males, a dominant male who found her mother already with foals came to claim mating rights but her mother refused. The next they knew, he raided her home with his flock, killing her mother and brothers and uncles and aunties. Stormy was the only one who survived. She became dark hearted because of that, especially after she grew up on her own and constantly have to fight and kill every male that keeps trying to get her."

"Kill?!" He squawked.

"Yes, Stormy is the only supreme female left, ruler of her own flock with lots and lots of ferocious killer females she trained, but none has divine powers like her and the way I see it, you. Every male want to mate with a supreme for stronger offsprings, Stormy detest that so she kills anyone of them that crosses her path."

"Get on," he said calmly, but I could hear the sadness in his voice. I climbed onto his back. "I already know where you need to go." He took off with a sudden speed that make me scream. I can manage land but air is too far for comfort, one of the reasons I didn't mind Stormy never letting me ride her, even though I wanted it so bad.

"Calm down," he said with a chuckle, "now enjoy the view." I cling on to his throat like my life depended on it, which it does! My eyes were shut but the wind did it job by cooling my skin and blowing at my hair. The gentle flaps of his wings were like lullaby to my ears, but I still couldn't calm down.

"Sorry, I can't calm down and I am going to die!"

"This would have been more easier if Finn was holding you or you are riding your own, your bond with her would give you comfort. Eventually, if she should appear now and see you riding another, she would be jealous and attack me. What is her element?"

"Elements," I corrected, "Stormy lives up to her name. She has the power to convert any storm related weather or any weather at all into energy and power source. For example, drawing the strength from a thunderclap, she can reflect the sound on the ground, causing earthquakes or serious destruction. Or lightning, even tycoons and hail storm. She can also change her body into untouchable matters, like wind or water, so no harm would come to her."

"She's powerful!"

"Tell me about it, I have only seen her fought once and it wasn't pretty. The male that stalked her to me didn't last a second before he was struck by lightning, roasted to ash. Do you like her or something? I mean you haven't even met her."

"I have seen her in my dreams, heard her voice in my head and now seen her through your eyes, Stormy is my mate, but now I don't think I want her anymore. It's not like I can't beat her up, her element is nothing to mine, but fighting her would be wrong and she has an army, I don't like unnecessary waste of energy." He lamented. I chuckled and stroke his head, even with my eyes closed.

"When she comes here, try being a friend to her instead of going straight to the mating part. Stormy might be cold, but she has always wanted that male who would see pass her beauty and powers and just be friends. She hates hanging out with females, she is a male kind of girl, but since all males don't think of her as anything but a means of sexual satisfaction, she hates them. So if you truly want her, first make her one of the guys and the mate bond would take it place."

You gotta love me, I'm cool.

Stormy would kill you if she finds out you have him her weakness!... My inner voice yelled. I shrugged, I'm with his master, it wouldn't be a bad matchup.

"Brilliant idea! Thank you...er...?"

"Florry, you can call me Florry." I grinned.

I'm going to puke!

After checking the lands, Knight took me to the conference where the two vampirinas were waiting for me. It was just a large stage set in the heart of the capital city, people heaving the place. They would pass information. I let my hair run wild, it was already a mess from the wind anyways.

"Milady," Casmir caught me as I staggered forward. He chuckled, already knowing why. "Maybe when going back, we should ride the ground transport." He suggested.

"Agreed!" I shrieked.

"Wimp." Knight murmured.

"Bird brain." I retorted. He chuckled and turned his stony face to the crowd. They all looked afraid of him, Knight told me he is not friendly with anyone but Finn.

I made my way to the middle of the stage and smiled when they all bowed, they must have gotten the memo about me hating disrespect.

"Good evening, sorry I'm late," I started, my voice echoed in the place as they all remained quiet. "My name is Floriana and I am the king's mate, and no I am not human, but I won't be telling you what I am. I am sure you are all aware that the king had been sick for a while before Stephan's attack, but despise his weakness, he was able to successfully kill the idiot once and for all," I looked at Casmir as he furrowed his brows. I wasn't going to sell my mate short. I made sure I warned them that night to keep everything a secret until I was ready to spill.

"Even though he successfully ended the threat before it caused serious damage, the king is temporarily not in seat, he is sick and needs to rest. So while he is down, he has appoint me to stand for him until he gets back on his feet. I rule under his command, and all I do is his instructions. He wanted you all to know that he is sorry to those who lost families, friends and properties to the attack, sorry he wasn't there to protect you all on time or properly. But still, he wants to assure you that new measure to tighten the securities and restore the damages have been taken, new buildings have been approved. Soon you would all see the works, but do remember that no matter what, your best interest is still in his hearts.

From now on, I have taken it upon myself to make sure a system for you all to reach him and lay your complains would be made, for quicker alert next time. Few things might change to better the kingdom, but I assure you that none would inconvenient you..." I listed the things that would be built and told them to get the injured that were still trying to heal or isn't healing at all. The weapons of the vampires were powerful.

After the speech, I went through the crowd, listening to what they had to say and many had a lot to complain about the court members children and those of the nobles who keeps oppressing the lesser privileged. I promised to do something about it and healed those who was brought to me. I healed so much I ran out of energy. Then I made the last declaration that any higher vampire who don't learn to mind his or her business would have the general to contend with. Many already knew I killed Stephan and healed all the court members and those present, words travel faster than I thought. They also knew of the workers I changed and why I did that.

In conclusion, I was amazing to them. 

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