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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode9




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode9
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


     Louisa and Seon sat opposite each other as they ate their savoury meal. 

With the way they were mulching the food, it was pretty obvious that they were enjoying it. 

Seon on his path made Louisa a bit uncomfortable and shy. He couldn't help himself as he stared relentlessly at her during their meal. Anytime their eyes met, he would smile and not look away. 

Louisa's cheeks turned eternally red as she blushed uncontrollably. Only if seon knew how he's making her pretty nervous. She thought within.

"Stop staring please" she whispered timidly.

"Can't help myself. You are beautiful. I just can't look away" he remarked.

"Thanks for the compliment" she added.

"It's way more than a compliment Isa"  he paused reaching for her hand which rested on the table. 
He caressed it with care.

"I love you" he said making eye contact with her. 

Louisa kept mute as her heart raced and fluttered with butterflies. 

She re-echoed those words in her head.  
As she stared at him speechlessly contemplating on what to say.

"Well I don't expect you to say it back" he broke the silence.

"But I'll love to hear it from you " he added..

Louisa nodded. And smiled at that.

"Le---lets continue with our meal" she stuttered.

"Yeah. Sure" seon released her hand and continued with the meal.

"So ..." He started.

"If there's one thing you'd wish for. What would it be?" He asked.

"To find Ciara" her face faltered..

It has always been her prayers to find Ciara real quick. Lot of weeks has passed by and Ciara is yet to be found by the police. No one around New York knows a soul that goes with the name Schwezilia.

"Ciara." Seon sighed.
"What's the police report?" He asked.

"It's futile. No one knows. No one has a clue. The police Don't have any lead. And my instinct tells me their search for her is faltering"
Louisa scoffed out.

Seon nodded...
"I'll help in whatever way Louisa. We must find Ciara. We will surely find her. I promise you" he assured placing his hand on hers.

"Okay" Louisa breathe out.


   They continued with their meal and talked about other stuffs. They chatted on topics that lightened their moods. It went on for long and they lost track of time.  

With seon around, Louisa no longer had the urge to smoke nor drink. It's like he's now her Relief. Her Addiction.

He calms her nerves whenever she's tensed and also makes her forget her odd habit.

"Uhm.. Miss, Mister, the sales for together are out and we're about to lock up..it's almost 9:30 and...

"9:30?" Seon voiced in surprise.checking his wrist as if in doubt.

"Sorry for staying this long" he apologized and brought out some notes from his wallet.

"Here" he handed it over to the sales girl. " Keep the change" he added and turned to Louisa.

"Honey let's go" he took her hands and led her out.

"Why the Rush?" Louisa who didn't seem bothered by anything asked.

"My gate isn't open as at now. It's always locked by 9:00pm  for the safety of the tenants." He replied.

" I am sorry. What do you do now?" She asked.

"You don't have to be sorry. You made my evening  and I don't regret spending it with you" he smiled.

"I'll just have to Lodge in a hotel. For tonight" he smiled as they waited for a cab.

Louisa was Happy deep down that he confessed she made his evening. 

Maybe she should render him help ... it's really gonna be hard to do this. But....

What are friends for?

"Stay with me for tonight se0n" 

"That's...wait. what?"he asked in disbelief. 

"Don't make it sound some how. There are lots of room in the Mansion. Just save your money ..I promise not to bite" 

"There's nothing offensive Louisa. I'm just happy you wanna help me" he smiled.

"My pleasure. As always" Louisa winked at him.


  Louisa Walked into the parlour. She met seon sitted watching a movie.

 She was in her nightie with her hair dripping wet. Just finished having her bathe. 
Seon drifted his gaze to Louisa and smiled.

"Not in bed?" He asked

"Can't sleep" she replied moving forward.

"Same here. Join the club" he added referring a seat to her beside him.

"No problem" she smiled and sat down.

After a long pause, Louisa exhaled sharply.

"Tired huh?" 

" A little. Just a lot on my mind"  she retorted.

"Hope am among those 'lot'?"  He asked.

Louisa chuckled softly. " Yeah." She whispered. " It's strange yunno, you've been on my mind lately and it's something else. 

It's hard to see me around a guy. Talk more passing a night together in same house." She scoffed out.

"You still haven't told me why it's so. Your dislikes for men?  A beautiful damsel like you is supposed to be surrounded by men. Cause Time from now, your fourth left finger will be pretty occupied"

Louisa huffed. " I doubt" 

"I don't wanna argue...but time will tell"   he remarked.
She huffed once more, letting the discussion die down.

Seon took her hands and slowly caressed them.

"Louisa..." He called staring deep into her eyes.

"Yes" she answered.

"I am getting addicted to you. I can't really help it. I keep thinking about you all day. 

Seeing you smile makes me go more crazy about you and it's obvious  I love you. 

being friends with you, it's great and I don't want it to end.  
It's not enough for me.    I Love you so much and I want you to feel Same for me." 

He paused and pressed his lips on her hair. 
Louisa sighed nervously as she felt him on her hair. He trailed kisses slowly down to her nose.,then Her cheeks. Pecking her softly.

Her cheeks reddened at his touch and her heart raced faster than before.

Then, he stopped.... He stared deeply at the love of his life.

Louisa's eyes were fixed on his. And  to seon's utmost surprise,

She leaned closer and pressed her lips against his.....

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