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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode8




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode8
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


 As the weeks passed by, seon and Louisa spent most of their time together. 

Their mutual relationship wasn't hidden either at the work place. It marveled most of the employees as they wondered how seon was able to make friends with the Boss lady.

No one has ever seen Louisa laugh. Until seon came. Louisa was now fond of laughing with seon, seon alone. 

The jolly mood of Louisa turned everyone on. The fact that Louisa  told seon that she's happy around him and he's always in her thoughts didn't change his mindset.

He only wants one thing! He wanna hear those longing words from her lips. Those three breathe taking words 'I Love You'.
Louisa is yet to say it and it bothers him Alot.

He's gonna get those words out from her very lips one of these days. He thought within himself. 

He knows it's never gonna be easy knowing the type of person Louisa is, Expecting such big words from someone who doesn't know it's meaning is gonna be difficult.

 But he won't give up yet. Not yet! 

He'll surely get what he wants.


On a usual day at work, seon found his way into Louisa's office.

"Can I come in?" He asked closing the door behind him.

"You are already in seon." She replied, eyes glued to her laptop.

He smiled at that and walked closer to her desk.

"What's up with your laptop that got you so engrossed in it?" He asked noticing how straight her face was.

Louisa still kept her eyes glued to it as a slight frown stretched on her face.

"That's it. " He straightened, turning her face to his. "what's the problem?" He asked.

Louisa sighed." It's just these fucking people who finds it damn hard to mind their mother fucking business" she grunted.

"Okay tell me what they did this time around" he asked rather calmly.

"Take a look at this...it's everywhere on Net! " She ranted handing the laptop to him. 

Seon took it from her and glanced through it.

"Hmm. It's funny" he commented.

"There's nothing funny there" she twirled her eyes.

"It is!. It's absolutely funny to see what people think of us. 

Here, this one says....' is it true the fiery Boss lady is making out with her worker?'.    .... another one says. ' Louisa Sullivan is creeping me out. 
Who's gonna fall for a freak like her?' " seon mused out their comments on Net.

Ouch! The last comment stings. He thought within himself. He knows Louisa is already at the edge of explosion. Their comments has really gotten to her.

"You know what? Let's just forget about this" he blurted out. Slipping the laptop flat.

"It is people. And that's the way they behave. You can't let that get to you. At least you've heard Alot worse than this" 

"I know seon. I'd give anything to shut their hell hole" she stated Matter of factly!

"It's okay. All Same, I came here for a purpose" he stated.

"What purpose?" She asked in puzzlement.

"Well I thought you'd be free after today's work and I wanted to treat you out for dinner" he announced to her.

She glared at him for a while before fixing out her words. " Some other time Seon. I think I'd be busy and tired too" 

"It's not a request Louisa. I already fixed a date for both of us and you're gonna comply. 

I'll come pick you up once we close for today"
He said standing up to leave

" No. I need to drop by my house to get something. You can come pick up there since I have no choice" she scoffed out as he closed the door behind.


"It's really nice Louisa, A date with Seon Nichols. It's a good thing. Since you've never had a date since forever" Bayley remarked.

She has decided to click to the idea that Seon isn't for her. So she's okay with the idea of Louisa and Seon.

"He's gonna come pick me up later today" Louisa smiled, swirling round the chair.

"That's Romantic..." Bayley added staring at her friend as she felt super excited about the date.

"Can't remember the last time you smiled this way. Tell me what's up" 

" Nothing's up Bay. I just feel excited"

"You feel excited about a date. With a guy?. This is getting funny. 
I thought you never liked them"

"Them' Exactly!  ........    Seon  isn't 'them' ...he's ..... he's different" she smiled.

"Sounds odd coming out from you. If my guess is correct, I think you like this 'seon guy' " Bayley Blurted out.

"Or wait. Like is even an understatement, ...... You love him don't you? I think you are in love with him" she added.

"Inlove? Seon? Love? That's Absurd! I am not in love with anyone" she frowned as Bayley's assumption.

"Even though I have never had a real date Louisa. You still can't deceive me. I know love when I see one"

"I am not in love with him!!! He's just a ....... friend.  Don't you think  love is an overstatement? I really can't believe you'd say such" 
Louisa bluntly remarked spitefully making Bay look stupified.

"Well, I hope you are telling yourself the truth. I just pray you don't realize it a little too late" 

Bayley scoffed out in doubt

"Amen!" Louisa retorted sarcastically.

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