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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode19




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode19
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


   Andrea's Doorbell Rang, she hurried to the door and opened it 

"Damon!" She squealed in excitement.

"Hey Andy.... " He smirked.

"I really never expected to see u this morning" she gestured him into the house.

"I thought you'd come at Least days from now. Considering it was yesterday you received my call"

"Yeah I know... Like you started 'Business as Usual' . You know I don't take you for granted. " He smirked harder .

"Thanks. " She grimaced.


           * A week Later*

   Andrea Smirked.

"Seon won't escape this" she grinned wickedly staring at the piece of paper in her hand. 

She scoffed. "I warned... But he wouldn't listen. It's Time to do this my way.

Besides I have an unfinished business with Bayley. 

I'll just have to kill two birds with a stone" 

She added dialing Bayley's number.

"Hello dear friend... I really need you to come over.  Its urgent. Please I need someone with me right now... please" 

She pleaded through the phone call before hanging up. Without giving bayley any Time to reply.

"Game on!" She tsked.

~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~.      ~~~~~~~

      Bayley frowned. "What now?" She asked no one in particular.

Andrea just called saying she needed her and it's urgent...
And Louisa has already warned her to stay away from Andrea. She can't betray Louisa.

But what if Andrea is in trouble? She surely can't disappoint the pretty New-Bee in town .

She contemplated for a long while until finally she came to a conclusion.

She'll go and pay a visit to To Andrea. But. It's gonna be the very last Time and Louisa won't get to know about it. It's a pinky swear. She concluded wetting her lips with some lip-gloss and applying some pomade. She picked up her bag and left that house that very evening by 5pm. She hopes to be back before six at the dot.

~~~~~~~.     ~~~~~~~~.    ~~~~~~

      Louisa laid on her bed feeling feverish. She's been like that for since morning. Unable to go to work or do anything. She can't exactly remember the last time she fell sick.

She just wish this stupid sickness will go away.  She's having a persistent headache and her eyes are heavy too.

She guess all these are happening to her business of the abrupt change she's made during the past Months. Her abstinence from alcohol, smoking and others.

Maybe it's her body trying to adapt to it's new system.

She closed her eyes once more for sleep with high hopes of getting better tomorrow.

~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~.      ~~~~~~~~

     Bayley tapped gently on Andrea's door. And without wasting time, Andrea opene her door. Smiling warmly at her.

She happily gestured her in. 

"Please sit, what can I offer you?" She asked 

"Nothing .. I'm good" Bayley retorted. Her eyes darting the nooks and crannies of the room... Damn! She's one rich B~tch.

"Nah . I don't treat my guests in such manner. You must take something Bayley." Andrea replied persistently heading to the wine bar.

Bayley's eyes followed Andrea as she stopped to get her a drink.

Holy shit!

Are those assorted drinks? She asked herself. Her eyes almost Poppin out from it's sockets.

This lady is goddamn saucy  she remarked.

Andrea came back with whiskers and two tublers..

"Here" she handed a glass to her 

"Thanks" Bayley Mumbled

*How did she know my right choice is whiskers?Mehnnn I love this drink *.  Bayley thought within.

Andrea poured some into their glass cups.

"So why did  call? You said it's urgent" Bayley asked sipping her drink.

"Was just bored. I needed someone to talk to. You know I've got no other friend around here except you" Andrea replied as she watched bayley pour more whiskers into her glass cup...

"Thanks Andrea. For seeing me as a friend" she clipped. Gulping another round into her mouth.

"You really are a good friend to me" Andrea commented with a smirk.


And so on ....
Their chat lasted for long minutes... As Bayley continously without control drank a whole bottle of whiskers which had high content of alcohol.

Andrea expected bayley to be getting drunk by now.

Bayley was almost done with the bottles of whiskers while she (Andrea) bayley touched hers. She knew whiskers would be harsh for her and she doesn't want it to ruin her plans for tonight.

She's got something big to settle.

"Bayley...." She called staring at her in a drunken state.

Finally! She's drunk.

Andrea checked the time. It's almost 6:30 and there's not much Time to waste.

She opened another bottle of whiskers and poured More for Bayley.

She brought out a small phone and placed it on record.

"Now ... Bayley" she began.

"W--what..." Bayley slowly replied blinking her eyes as she drank more whiskers.

"...let's start with Louisa.... Bay I want you to tell me everything you know about your friend Louisa Sullivan"

"Louisa?" Bayley Berged, Oozing out Alcohol from her mouth

"Louisa's My friend" she replied unconsciously.

"Yeah...I know she's your friend... That's the thing! Louisa Doesn't keep friends... But still she has you as a best friend. How possible is that? How did you too become such great friend?" Andrea added staring at the already- drunk Bayley who still continued to drink.

"We became best friends for a reason... 

It all started a long time ago...."

Andrea smiled. Now they are getting somewhere.

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