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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode18




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode18
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis

      Boredom Eluded Louisa. She laid on her couch... checking the time continously. It was few minutes past 7pm and it hasn't been long Bayley left.

She picked up her phone when she could no longer bear the loneliness, ... She texted seon right away.

: I'm coming over. Explain things later"...

Maybe she'll tell him she ran into Andrea and she was trying to start up a chat with her.

Seon deserves to know Andrea is still around.


Seon sat on his chair facing his Laptop placed in front of him. He was pretty stressed out from work and peaky search for Ciara.

Besides, it's been long  he's seen Andrea. She hasn't received any message from since that particular Sunday. Does it mean she has gone back to Italy for good? 

Maybe his words really hit her harder than he thought. 

She should just scramble out of his life.

Louisa already has made known her feelings to him, and he doesn't want anything to ruin their relationship.

His phone suddenly Buzzed, a message popped in, he picked it up and read it. It's from Louisa.

He smiled at the message.... She's coming over... He's having a good feeling already ..

______Moment Later ___

   The door opened, revealing Louisa as she made her way in. Seon smiled his best and greeted her.

"What can I offer you?" 

"Water.." she replied.

Seon went over to the fridge and brought out a can of chilled water and a tubler. Placing it on a Small table before her.

"Thanks" she muttered a sign of appreciation.

"Saw your text" he added. Returning to his seat.  Louisa nodded slightly as she gulped the water into her mouth.

"So what is it you wanna explain?" He asked.

Louisa dropped her glass of water..."I was just feeling bored so I decided to come over" she replied.

"You came to spend the night here?" 

Louisa nodded her answer.

"Great timing. I was kinda bored too. So the boredom Squad is here and....

"I saw her this evening" Louisa rushed out suddenly. Cutting seon off his words...
 He arched in a confusing manner.


"Yes... And she stopped me and Bayley saying she missed her way cause she's new in town"

"That fvcking B~tch! " 

"Hey Don't make a fuss. I ignored her. You know me too well, I've got no friendly gestures" Louisa replied with a twitch.

"That's good. I almost forgot that" he managed to calm his nerves..."and I guess she left hopelessly" he added with a smirk.

"Yeah. With Bayley leading her way" Louisa blurted out with a frown.

"Bayle.....0'God..." He lamented 

"It's okay seon. There's nothing to worry about. I already warned her about Andrea... And she promised to stay crystal clear from her.... I take her for her word" Louisa assured seon who didn't feel okay at Bayley's behavior.

"Okay" he sighed in relief.

"....Seon....does Andrea know we are dating? She just arrived town don't you think we are a little overreacting?"

"Don't you get it?..." Seon got up from his seat and squatted before Louisa.

"Go to the Internet Louisa... We are online..  YOU are on line.... Comments flooding everywhere about us. Someone as inquisitive as Andrea already know the answer to our relationship...she always go to any length to get what she wants... 

I am so sure she knows about us. I mean, why would she walk up to you for help? There are so many other people ask... Aside you"

He paused sighing deeply. Taking those soft hands into his as he caressed them  softly.

"I won't let anyone jeopardize our relationship.... I've worked so hard for this. We can't let Andrea get the best out of us.... If she thinks she's smart, we'll tell her we are way more clever than smart. 

We are two good heads and she's just one.   Trust me I know Andrea. We grew up together and I know most of her tactics....

We'll bear her in her own game... We'll prove to her that we are stronger than she is...

Is that okay honey? He asked searching her eyes....

Louisa grinned wickedly...

"I didn't learn Kung-Fu for nothing Seon. I'm always ready for a fight.. and I'm pretty with punches too. If that's what she wants, I'll give my Fist to her... And she's gonna swallow her tongue down her throat" 

Louisa threatened... Causing seon to laugh hard.

"Sweetie.... I wasn't talking about Violence. I never meant we should create a fight scene with Andrea... That never crossed my mind... 
Do you want to kill someone's daughter?

Baby I meant for us to think... And not fight" 

He corrected.

"Why think when you've got fists to do a quick job for you? ....

Anyway, I'll do as you say" Louisa smirked.

"That's what I want to hear" he concluded  crashing his lips on hers.... Kissing her relentlessly as he pulled her to the bed. 

And they did what seemed to be the only thing to do at the moment 

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