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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode17




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode17
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


    ---A week Later---

     Bayley and Louisa stride to the mashion. They were coming back from a shop not too far from them to purchase a fruit....

Twas really a cool evening.

They chit-chatted along the way and bayley couldn't help but express how Happy she is for her best friend. 

Louisa has been so light-headed and jolly good for some weeks now. And it gladdens her heart.

Considering the kind if trauma she passed through in the hands of her Relations. 

Thanks to Seon and Little Ciara who is still yet to be found.

They were about to enter the compound when someone called from behind.

"Hey... Hello Miss's" she greeted both as she caught up with them. 

The two friends simultaneously turned their eyes to her.

"Hi . How can we help you?"
Bayley asked. Darting her from her head down.

"I'm Andrea Barclay" she answered stretching out her hand for a shake.

"Hi there Andrea" Bayley reciprocated with her hand.

Andrea smiled and then gestured her hands towards Louisa who stared bluntly at her. Ignoring her hand.

"Okay. That's weird" Andrea complimented under her breath. As she withdrew her hand in embarrassment.

Louisa stared at Andrea Barclay. 

Seon has told her everything about her and her mere threats. How she intends to steal her seon away from her for some selfish reasons. 
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The thought alone tightened her chest.

What's she doing here?

Andrea doesn't know she's dating seon. Does she?

"Well I'm new in town and I kind of missed my way...so please I need help in directions" she pleaded staring at Louisa 

Louisa huffed out. "Go find someone else.." she replied nonchalantly. Causing bayley to raise a brow .

It was obvious she was suprised at her friend's response.

"Oh..k. i s-see. Maybe I'll just do as you say and ask someone else" she stuttered feeling a sense of embarrassment. 
She sighed dejectedly and turned to leave.

"No please wait. I'll show you the way.. I'll give directions. I'm good with New York Routes so...I ..

"Bayley" Louisa called out. A trace of anger in her voice.

"Be right Back Louisa" Bay rushed out ignoring Louisa's call as she walked out with Andrea.

_______MOMENTS LATER _____

    The door opened revealing Bayley as she walked in. Grinning from ear to ear.  

"I'm back" she announced.

"I can see" Louisa snubbed, eyes on a book which she was obviously reading
 *Or faking to read*

"What's with your mood?"

"Nothing" she replied nonchalantly.

"I doubt that. And why did you act that way to the Newbee in town?" Bayley frowned strapping her hands akimbo.

"What act?" Louisa arched turning to Bayley.

"Don't put on any drama. Cause I know you do know what I mean" 

Bayley retorted.

Louisa sighed in defeat, dropping the book from her hand.

"The truth is.... I don't like her. Andrea or whatever she calls herself" Louisa scoffed.

"You can't like someone you don't know... At Least, you should have tried to be hospitable.... You don't always have to act mean to people yunno. It goes a long way in friend ship an .....

"What has Andrea got to do with friendship? I don't keep friends and you know that.  If you wanna be her friend, then go ahead. 

But I want you to know that I'm not gonna be Happy with you if you take such decision"  Louisa almost gave out a fuss.

"I really don't know why you don't like this girl. Damnit Louisa she's hot! 

I mean check out her car, her house and other stuffs. I was so amazed. She's fvcking Rich. And you Know my taste in girls. Highclassy b~tches especially.

And aside that, she seems really nice and sweet too. She's good I must say"

Bayley retorted in so much excitement causing Louisa to scoff in Anger or Jealousy. 
*No one can tell*

Bayley narrowed her eyes at her friend. She isn't too dumb to not have noticed Louisa's contenance as she talked about Andrea.

"Awwwn..." She purred sitting next to Louisa.

"I'm so sorry for making you angry"....*and jealous* she whispered the last part. Or Louisa would make an issue out of it.

"I'm really sorry okay... And you know what? Since you aren't cool with Andrea, I'll cut off ties and stay away from her. It's a promise to you my best friend" 

Bayley crossed her heart.

Louisa suppressed the smile on her lips. By letting out just a twitch.

"Thanks" she replied.


     Andrea downed her scorch. 

Her room smelt dead of alcohol.

"Louisa surely is a ripe b~tch. So unpredictable" she commented refilling her cup.

"She's obviously not friendly and I know from a dead start she doesn't like me too. 

Unlike her friend Bayley. That one is a bit different from her. .. bayley is friendly. 

Too bad, I wanna make friends with Louisa not her." 
She Soliloquised  like a drunk.

"Louisa as what people describes her to be is a freak, she's mean and a b~tch too.

I wonder how seon got to win her over... 

What has that freak got that I don't have ? 

If only seon knew what we'd achieve together when we become one. The Alliance, the Fame, The Money.... we'll make from our union. He wouldn't be wasting so much Time."

Andrea lamented in Anger 

"Within the past weeks I've turned a watch Dog all for seon's sake. Monitoring his moves with that Lady. 
They are really tight.

Even Louisa's bond with Bayley is questioning. How come?  These two ladies are the exact opposite of each other.  So it's kind of sappy seeing the way they act like sisters."

She shrugged out, lighting her cigarette.

"I've tried to talk to seon like a good girl into seeing matters the way I do. But he seems Adamant....

And Louisa? ....not much different too..."

She paused, puffing out smokes from her mouth and nostrils.

"They leave me no choice. I'm gonna go for #PlanB. They asked for it and I'll gladly give it to them ... I'll....

Her phone suddenly rang out, distracting her from her major thoughts. 

She picked it up and glanced at the ID. 

She smirked.

"Hey Mom! How was your trip to Italy?" She asked. As she continously chatted her mom through the phone.

They talked for minutes.... Until suddenly, Andrea's face turned pale.

"Louisa Sullivan? What have you got with her?" 

She frowned hard as she listened to her mom's response.

Andrea smirked.

"Seems I'm not the only one interested in her. Don't worry Mom. She won't hinder any arrangements. 

Good thing. I have a backup plan.... Stress not mom. I'll give you a positive result in weeks time. Trust me on that" 

She replied grinning wickedly as she ended the call.

"Hmm plan B, plan B, plan B" she hummed dialing another number. 

"Hey Honey. I want you traveling your @ss down to New York City. Two days from now I want you at my door step.

It's urgent. And it's business as usual Baby. You'll love it" she smirked harder before ending the call.

"You leave me no choice seon. It's you or no one" she muttered gulping down the remnant in her cup.

"I change my mind on Louisa .. I think I prefer Bayley ....she is gonna be Soo useful to me as time progresses" 

She grinned more. "What did Mama tell you about strangers ??" 

She sang out in sarcasm.........

Staring at Bayley's phone digits on her phone.

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