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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode16




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode16
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


    Ciara opened her eyes. Everywhere was so dark and there was no penetration of dim lights. The place doesn't seem like a room to her.  The last thing she remembered was having her meal and that was all. She must have fallen asleep or perhaps drugged.

Her head aches so much.. 

suddenly, the ground shook. Pulling her stamina as she stumbled two feets backwards. It finally dawned on her that she was in a transporting container. She knows she's been transported. But to where exactly?
She asked in fright.

The other night, she had heard Ma'am Schwezilia telling doctor Madolf and the other agents that she was ready and they needed to make a move before it's late.

She doesn't understand what she meant by any of that. What was she ready for?  And if truly she was on a transporting container, where was she heading to? 

If ma'am schwez wanted to place her in another cell aside KAC, TAC would be the next option for her. 

Ciara pondered in uncertainty as she prayed silently. What are these people up to? 
Her heart pounded so hard that she feared she'd have a panic attack.

Where is Louisa for heaven's sake??? She promised never to let ma'am schwez get to her. And so soon Louisa has forgotten her 

The Crazy doctor Madolf had told her Louisa was the one who sold her back to Schwezilia and that's why she hasn't come in search of her.

Ciara doesn't know what to believe anymore. Louisa who promised to protect wasn't anywhere near her rescue. And here she was with a crazy therapist telling her Louisa planned everything. Her abduction and all.

Ciara almost choked herself with thoughts. There's really nothing she can do. But there's one thing she's sure of, it's her against the world. No one else. She's alone and whatever awaits her wherever they're taking her to, she's gotta be ready for it.


       It was morning already. Louisa got dressed in a pitch gown and block-heels. Scooping her hair into a neat bun. She was about sitting for breakfast when the door bell rang.

She sighed out and went for it.slowly opening her door. " How can I .." she abruptly stopped when she saw who it was. 

"Seon..." Her cheeks flushed. 

"Can I..." 

"Yes please come in" she replied Huskily gesturing him inside.

"Good morning Louisa... Hope you slept well"  he grinned

"Yes I did... please join me for breakfast" 

"Nah...I'm good" he declined waving her off.

"So....what brought you here this early morning?" She darted her eyes around him. Barely focusing her gaze on his face.

"I came to see you. You huh....it's ....I-its b-been  uhm ...L-Long we ....uhm. ...I..."

Seon stuttered palming his head in disbelief. He just can't face the fact that he's stuttering in front of a Lady.. How embarrassing.

How was he gonna tell her he actually came to ask if she has any feelings for him.

"Well it's true. We haven't really seen since that day and I didn't go to work either. So I guess we kinda missed each other.....Alot." she retorted slightly twitching her mouth.

"Yeah. I guess we did. Cause I really missed your warm smiles and beautiful face. And I am really sorry I didn't drop by to ask why you were absent"

"No problem seon.  Besides...I w-was actually pl-planning to pay y-you a v-visit Later later today" 

She bit her lower lips tentatively.

"A visit? What's it about?"  He asked.

"I can't say it now cause I haven't uh. Really kind of composed it" 

"Okay..... That's no problem" he smiled. Contemplating on what next to say.

He loves this lady so much and he doesn't want Andrea to ruin anything for him. He wish she could just go away from his life.

Maybe telling Louisa first about Andrea is better. He doesn't wanna let Her hear from another source. Andrea as a crazy person might intentionally bump into Louisa and create issues. 

He swallowed a heavy lump down his throat and began.


"Yes seon?" 

"I need your ears. There's something I've got to tell you. And it's very important. 

I really care about you.  I love and cherish our bond, our closeness. 

I don't want anything to tear us apart. I've tried so hard building my love for you and ..........   "

Louisa watched as he continued whatever he was saying. Does seon think she doesn't love him too? 

If that's what he thinks, then it's definitely wrong. 

But how would he know? She hasn't told him yet. Maybe now is the perfect time. 

Right Now.

She breath in.and watched him continue talking

"........ I really Love you and I don't want anything to tear us apart. I don't know if you feel same way but I can't just let Andr....

Louisa stopped him abruptly by locking her lips into his...

She kissed him feverishly with so much Passion. Digging her fingers into his thick curly hair and rolling her tongue in and out of his.

Until finally, she pulled her face from his. Breathing harder than before. 

Staring into his surprised eyes, she finally found the right words...

Seon's mouth dropped open. 
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"I had to stop you from blabbing about and that's why.....

Seon silenced her by pressing his lips on hers. Kissing her back.

"You don't know how much happy you've made me by saying what you just said. I Love you too Baby" 

He finally found his words.

"But first....I've got something to confess to you" he sounded more serious pricking Louisa's attention.

Seeing he finally has her attention, he began spilling out the entire truth about himself. His family background, his educational status,  and most especially his Naughty Ex-girlfriend.

He told her about Andrea and his old lifestyle without leaving any stone unturned..


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