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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode14




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode14
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


   "You don't mean it. That's too sudden Don't you think? Why not wait till tomorrow before you tell him. 

Besides how do you plan to tell him. You haven't even composed a lyric."

"Jinkies. You are right I guess. I'll wait till tomorrow" Louisa nodded and sat back on the couch.


"What are you doing here? And how did you find...

"Will you just stop your questions and let me in? I am your f°°king guest okay." Andrea forced herself in without seon's consent.

Her eyes darted the nooks and crannies of his apartment. She scoffed out in disgust.

"So this is the hole you finally dug yourself in" she rolled her eyes glaring at his things.

"Answer my question Andrea... How did you find me? I thought I warned Aiden not to tell you a thing?" 

"Stress not. Aiden never disclosed sh°t to me. He even deniedflat knowing about your whereabouts. 

But you know, Nothing slips through my nose. Twas really hard finding you though. But somehow I am here. 

From Italy to New York. Now tell me seon, what really is the color of your problem? 

Why did you leave everything and settle in a sh°thole like this?"

"What do you want Andrea?"  Seon asked tryna keep his cool.

"Aren't you gonna offer me a seat? Not like you have any" she scoffed out in mockery

"But at Least you need to acknowledge the fact that I am still your girlfriend. 

And I know you have really missed me.must be Really hard to stay all these while without me" she grinned trying to hug him.

"Stay away from me you pest. " He flinched, pushing her away from himself.

"You are one of the reasons I left Italy" He scorned. Eyeing her.

"Don't you get it yet? We are inseparable. You don't have to push me away. 

Besides you weren't like this before. If it was then, we'd have jumped into action with our bodies.... I really missed you" she smirked.

"I didn't miss you! You better find your way back to Italy.cause Coming  here was a total waste of Time. 

I don't love you! I never did! And you act like you love me just because of my Money. You love my Ego not me. 

We are done with each other. Let's just pretend like we never saw today. My door is wide open for you. You can leave now. 

Cause the seon you came looking for is long dead. I am no longer the party-seon  , I'm no longer the club guy you fell for. I have successfully scrubbed those things out of my life. It's a new seon who doesn't know you, you are staring at. Not your highschool sweetheart or Money-in-the-Bank dude" 

He blurted out, staring daggers at her.

"It's obvious you have changed . But you have to know you can't just walk out of my life. Remember the times we spent together. The memories we shared? The future we planned. What Happened to those? You can't just throw all that away. I won't sit back and watch you crawl out of my sight again.

You are mine and I'm yours. A perfect match made from heaven and there's nothing anyone can do about that!" 

She stated Matter of factly. Before storming out of his room.

Seon stood there in dilenma. What's all this? 
For the love of pete! What does Andrea want this time? 

He doesn't want her. Not now, not ever! 

He's found his Love. The woman of his dream and that is Louisa Sullivan.

How would Louisa feel when she gets to know about Andrea?

Coming back into his life and wanting him more than ever..What's she up to?

Louisa must not get to know about this. He can't manage the risk. It might shatter his relationship with her. 

He loves Louisa and nothing can change that. Not even Andrea can come between them.

He finalised!


   Andrea Got into her car in Anger. She hit  the steering. Cussing relentlessly. 

What is up with seon? 

Coming all the way to New York City just because of him wasn't enough. Now he's rejecting her?.

He must be nuts!

Her dad wants her to get married. She's twenty-four and has successfully rejected all her suitors. No one is saucy enough to her taste. Unlike seon! He's hot, handsome and Rich..she's gotta win him back. 

She's a city girl and bit©h£s like her don't take sh°ts from boyfriends.

Or wait..

Is Seon seeing someone else? Is he into another girl? Why is he rejecting her?

It better not be what she's thinking! He can't be with someone else. She's only gonna show him how tough she is. 

She'll only choke that bit©️h out of his life.

But she isn't sure if really he's into another girl. 

Patience Andrea. Patience.
She calmed her nerves. 

She won't stop watching his movements. No lady better fall into her trap. If they do, 

Heads will surely Roll.

Seon is going back to Italy with her. One way or another.

Their years of courting won't be in vain.

She finalised and sped off.

Her mind dinging on what next to do.

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