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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode13




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode13
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis



 ~~Sunday Morning~~
       [Few days later]

    Seon sat in his room typing on his laptop. He's still on the case of Ciara. He promised Louisa to do something about it and he won't fail her. The police isn't doing a great job either. No one has a trace of Ma'am schwez nor Ciara.

He's been disturbed about this for weeks now cause his  search has been Futile. He hopes to get a good result soon.

Hours past and he still got his ass stucked on the chair. He's so exhausted. All he's tryna do is get Ciara's location. If he's able to solve this Ciara's case. He's good to go with Louisa. Maybe she'll finally let out those words he's longing to hear.

Ciara just have to...

There was a knock on the door.

Seon frowned. 

And who's that at his door?He grunted ignoring the door.

The knock came again and again..and..

"Crap!" He sighed in defeat. Lamenting as he headed for the door.

He opened it and suddenly frozed   at a spot. His mouth agap as he stared at his visitor in shock.

It can't be.... It's not possible...it really isn't...

"Hello Baby... Long time no see" Andrea pouted giving him a surprise kiss.


 Louisa laid on the couch heads up, while bayley sat opposite her. She couldn't help but watch her friend Louisa who seem lost in thoughts. 

"What's on your mind?"

Louisa smiled and said nothing.

Louisa's uncalled smiles were creeping her out. Big time! 

"Now you're gonna start by telling me the reason you've been smiling. What's going on in that dirty mind of yours?" Bayley snapped.

"Nothing" Louisa replied. Eyes still fixed to the ceiling.

"Catch!" Bayley threw a pack of cigarettes to her. Louisa caught it in the air. She stared at it for a while and threw it back.

"No thanks" 

"Care for whiskers?" Bayley asked lighting her cigarette.

"Nah. I'm good" she blurted out.

Bayley arched. "You don't wanna smoke. You don't wanna drink.Is that for real? Since when?"

Bayley asked in amazement.

"Yeah for real" she replied turning to bay.

"That's it. Tell me why. ...You've never rejected cigarettes nor drinks. Something's really off about you. I have been sitted her watching you smile at yourself. You glue those eyes to the ceiling like there's something up there and smile like a lunatic. It's so annoying yunno" Bayley frowned.

"There's no big deal in rejecting a drink...

" It's a big deal shugar. These things..." She raised up the bottle and her cigarette.

"These things used to be your zone of comfort. Tell me what Happened" she asked placing them down.

"It no longer  became my zone of comfort. That's what happened." Louisa retorted sitting upright.

"Something happened. Tell me about it.  Your mood has been bright for the past two days and you've not touched any drink. Tell me the secret" she persisted. 

Louisa sighed out... She didn't know how to put it together for her Friend.

"He slept here in the mashion. Seon passed the night here. Three days ago and we huh..

"OMG Louisa!! Did you guys? Did he? Did you? ....." She gasped. Her mouth forming a perfect O.

"Yes" Louisa blushed and nodded slightly.

"T-That's Wow..I-its Amazing. I never thought you'd...." 

She paused, drawing closer to her friend.

"Tell me, how was it?" She asked. Grinning uncontrollably.

"It was okay" Louisa's cheeks heated at Bayley's question.

"Okay? Just that?...talk to me girlie. I ain't new to this $hit.

"I enjoyed it.." she admitted. Swallowing a heavy lump down her throat.

"Whooa...I never predicted such . I thought after what that monster did you'd never have anything to do with s£x. "

"I know  Bay. But that was because the act then hurt like $hit. Last three night was the best night ever cause I never for once thought that what caused me so much pain years ago will later on  be so pleasurable." 

"Yeah. You are right. You never felt the urge back then, that's why it hurt you so bad. 

The one you had with seon was okay because there was a desire in the both of you" 

"Hmmm" Louisa sighed out with a smile.

"You are in love with seon isn't it?" Bayley gave out a toothy grin.

"Inlove? I can't say I love someone when I don't even know what it means. " 

"I can tell love when I see one shugar.  And in your case, it's crystal obvious. 

You've never tabled a man's issue before...only seon's.

No guy has ever taken you out for dinner.... except Seon.

You have never ever accepted a male visitor into this house. Even if it's business matters, you'd refer them to the office.

Except Seon.

No one has ever occupied your thoughts like seon.

You smile when you're alone because you can't help but think of him. 

What else do I need to convince you with. That you are head over heels with this dude?"

Bayley listed out. Tryna make her friend see the truth clearly.

"Does Loneliness and moody stuff when he's not around has anything to do with Love? 

I feel warm when he's around. My heart flutters at the sound of his voice. I feel shy to even look at him in the eyes. I gat myself thinking always about him. 
Has any of those got to do with Love?" 
Louisa asked in a confused state.

"It all entails love shugar. Those are the features of Love. You are in love with seon. And you aren't even aware. 

You've got to register that in heart now and think of a way to tell him. There's not more time to waste"

"So I'm in love?? With seon? ...that's great! I've got to tell him! I'm gonna tell him... 

He'll be so happy to hear me confess my feelings to him..." Louisa exclaimed in excitement. Getting up from her seat.

"Where to?" Bayley arched.

"To seon's" Louisa replied Rollin her hair into a bun.

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