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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode10




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode10
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


Louisa Rolled her lips on seon's. 
Seon couldn't believe Louisa was kissing him. He cupped her face unto him and pressed his lips more on hers.

As they kissed more, he hardened as he groaned into her mouth. They swelvled their tongues on each and continued their major liplock.

Louisa's face was all red now. As heat cascaded her body. The volume of heat in her left her a riddle. She was slowly burning underneath herself and she held a soft moan escape her lips. She knows deep down that what her body wanted is more than a kiss.

Seon's hands whilst kissing, found it's way to her dress. He slowly unbuttoned it and finally broke kiss. He stared at Louisa with so much Passion. His eyes made contact to her and relayed his message. 

He want her!

Even Louisa herself couldn't deny the fact too that she herself want him. So .Much. 

Her dipped his head and took her lips once more as he lifted her into his arms. He headed straight for one of the rooms and dropped her.

Louisa was shy. Her heart pounding so hard. She knows what's about to Happen. She can't help it too, her body wants him so much.

Seon closed the door behind and walked over to Louisa. He could smell her nervousness.

"Relax honey...." he whispered into her ears. As he slowly traced kisses all over her.

He kissed her cheeks and captured her mouth. They rolled their lips on each. 

Without breaking the kiss, he slowly removed her dress. He shoved it aside after pulling it off.

He made sure their lips were still clamped together as he began to remove his shorts. He uncladed their clothes and finally broke the kiss.

He stared long into her body and was mesmerized at her beauty. She's so beautiful all over. Her body is truly a killer. She was on a red p@nt and a strapped small inner.

Louisa saw the way seon's eyes devoured her body. She felt a sudden urge to just put back on her clothes and forget she was about doing any of this. 

But no. She wants him just the way he wants her. 

Seon saw the uncertainty in her face and realized his glances made her uncomfortable.

He stopped his glances and picked her lips. Her slowly removed her inner. ...then, he slide her p@nt aside.  

*Crap* she's d@mn wet. Good thing he isn't the only one aroused here. It's gonna make it more easier for the both of them.

He guessed her to be a virgin. And he'll take it slowly on her...

Louisa could feel his Erection pointing against her lower abdomen. 

She shut her eyes as a dark memory eloped her. It's not her first time to see something like that. To feel it.... It wasn't easy with this thing around seven years ago.

Their bare skins bored each as he pulled her to the bed. She laid on her back and watched as seon climbed on her. 

Seon made sure he wasn't totally resting all his weight on her. He's Bigger than her and it's pretty obvious.

He trailed kisses all over her skin. Her neck especially as he cupped her breasts which was more than a handful.

He tilted it and deeper it head. Fondling and $ulking... He bit bit and kissed her irish red n'pples causing a moan to escape her throat.

He needed Time to fully arouse her. She wasn't wet to his satisfaction. He wants her to be wet and ready to take every inch of him. And when he sticks his head of pleasure into her, she won't feel too much pain as a virgin.
And virgins are likely to go through pain on their first time.

He raised his head to her face and pressed his lips into hers. As his hand traced down to her V and picked her cl'terus.

She moaned at his touched as pleasure cascaded her.  She has never felt so much in her life time.

It stings a bit as he continously fingered her. But the outcome was heavenly.

Seon continued to work his hands in her. She wasn't too tight, he thought. 
It's a good thing though. It'll Carry him with ease he thought again as he couldn't wait to bury himself inside her c*nt.

All that matters to him this night is Louisa. 
Louisa and no other thing.

It's gonna be a long night.

A very long night...........seon thought within himself.

{A/N: I leave the rest to your Imagination }


    The morning Ray's penetrated the glassy window and reflected on Louisa's face. She yawned and dabbed her eyes as
she slowly opened it.

Her eyes searched the room and everything seemed blank to her memory. This isn't her room. She thought.

What' was she doi...  

Her eyes caught an image standing and glaring out through the window. 

Seon? She's lying naked and Seon was standing before her facing the window.

What' he doing here? 

She almost gave out a fuss. Until  she finally recalled what transpired last night. 

She scoffed at her forgetfulness.

Seon turned around and saw her awake already. He drew closer to her. 

"Morning sunshine" he greeted pecking her cheeks.

"Morning" she whispered with her head down. It was obvious she was shy.

"You don't have to feel shy.  I had a wonderful night last night" he remarked.

"Yeah... I must have fallen asleep real quick during Eermm...

"Yes you did" he cut in seeing the specific word was hard for her to say.

"I need to freshen up" 

"Yes you do.." he added, his eyes drifter to the bed. He had an unreadable Expression on his face.

"Any problem?" She asked.

"Well..." He sat beside he on the bed. "Wasn't really what I expected"  he commented.

"What you expected?" 

Now seon has gotten her confused. She doesn't know what he meant by that.

"You aren't a virgin"...he said to her surprise
Louisa looked away from him as her contenance changed.

"Tell me Louisa ..." He took her hands " does it have anything to do with the reason you hate Men?"

Louisa stole a glance at him and threw her face away  "there's more to it" she replied non chalantly

"Then tell me. Please tell me.. what bothers you? Tell me why you are this way. Why do you hate men? Please tell me" he please with her as Louisa contemplated within herself.

"I don't wanna bring back old memories which I tried so hard to forget" she shut tight her eyes.

"That's where you are wrong. Storing painful memories with go down well with you. It'll only make things worse by giving you heart aches...  Letting them out will make you burden free and relaxed...

You don't have to be scared of your past. It's past Louisa. Please let it out." He pleaded once more.

Louisa exhaled in defeat. Her ey s turned watery as tears threatened ton  pour out 

"Unburden them Louisa... Clear those dark shades and free yourself. Let me in I beg of you" 

He knows Louisa to be a stubborn woman. If her mind's made up,there's nothing anyone can do about it.

He noticed the tears that slide down her face...

She brought her head to his thighs and rested on it as hot tears streamed down. Her eyes were shut as she tried to recall her darkest memories. 

Memories she tried so hard to live with all those years.

"I was just Twelve" she began .

"....when I lost my parents.  They never had to die if not for my naughty demand. 

It was my birthday that unfaithful day and I require to go shopping outside the town. 

It was on the journey they died. By car accident. The driver who disrupted our vehicle seemed drunk. He sped off after hitting our car. 

Our car fell over and summersaulted. My dad hit his head on the shield screen and passed out. My mom did a pretty good job by wrapping me into her arms so I won't sustain much injuries.....

They loved me so much....'"

She paused and sniffled her watery nose.  There was heat all over her. It's not easy letting out all these. It reminded her so much of her misery.
It has never been easy carrying the burden everyday of her life that she killed her parents.

If only she never asked them out that very day 

"They still had the chance to survive after some rescuers came and pulled me out. They would have survived. Until an explosion was heard. 

My parents.....they were in there. They were still inside the car when the vehicle caught fire.

I .....i....w-wanted   t.."

She gasped aloud. As tears poured out of her eyes.
Seon felt so bad  for her.... This is what she has been carrying all these years...

Let her unburden herself.

He consoled her wanting her to pour out more of her black memories.

Seeing her in tears shrinked his heart


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