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The Slave And I - Episode 8



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 8

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi



"So you and the Princess were friends at a very tender age?" I asked and he and his mother, Nikita nodded.

"Woah. That's...."

"Insane right?" He asked and I nodded looking at Nikita.

"You need to stay away from her if you want to live. You were almost killed by her Father because you were friends with her when you were still very young. If not for Queen Amber, I would have lost you too."

"I lost your father a long time ago, and I can't lose you too. I won't be able to take it. You are my only hope and I would never let anything bad happen to you, and that starts with you running away from the princess." She explained in fear and tears.

"Mom trust me, nothing would happen to me. When she told me those things I remembered some times when we were in the garden together. It was beautiful and it's annoying she has a d**k as a father." He whispered while I just stared at them.

"You are awkwardly silent Akira." Aaron said to me and I sighed.

"There is actually nothing I can say now. I am just dumbfounded. Even if we aren't allowed to love, can't we at least make friends with the Royals??" I asked remembering Prince Arjun's sweetness.

"You make friends with your type of people, not those bigger than you. You make friends with slaves like you and for Royals it you want to live long." She said and I sighed.

"Since I became wise, I have never really had a friend around here." Aaron said sadly.

"But you made one already. Akira is here, Vanna and Mei are your friends. They are here for you." Nikita said and my eyes and that of Aaron locked.

"I think she would be a good friend after all." He said and I bowed my head smiling. He is so cute.

"Okay enough of this. I need to rest. We would be busy serving our guests lunch and I really need a good nap before then." Nikita said and we nodded Standing up.

"So we are on break now or what?" I asked.

"Something like that. You are less busy, and would be till you are needed, so I think it's called Break." She said and I smiled.

"You should rest mom. I would be outside with Akira." Aaron said and she nodded laying on the bed and shutting her eyes.

We walked out of the room, and shut the door behind us. 

"You must be a lucky boy to have such a sweet Mom." I said looking at him and he smiled.

"You can say that again. I love her so much. She has endured a lot of things just for me to stay alive. I would surely repay that favor." He said and I smiled walking down the hallway.

"And you?? Where is your mom?" He asked and I sighed.

"They died when I was very young. By some plague." I stated trying not to shed tears.

"I am very sorry Akira." He said hugging me, and I poured out my tears right on his shoulders.

"I have always missed them. There has always been this vacant place in my heart for them. I wish they could just see me and give me a warm hug but I guess that's not possible." I said as we kept walking.

"Somethings we don't wish for happen, and we need to live with it. My father was killed before I was even born. I was born into a palace as a slave, we has no right of his own." He said and tears rolled down our eyes.

"I guess we aren't the only ones messed up around here." I said and he nodded.

"Right now. We need to focus on what's the come and not the past." He said taking my hand in his and I smiled nodding.

"Look who we have here." I heard someone say and we looked back to see princess Katika.

"My Lady." I said quickly removing my hand from Aaron's and bowed my head. Aaron also did the same.

"Busy talking and holding hands when you are supposed to be at work. It seems like you don't have anything doing. Follow me slave." She said turning her back and walking away.

I looked at Aaron and he looked at me sadly. 

"It would be fine Aaron, i would just do what she wants and i will be back soon." I whispered walking away.

I trailed behind her, my hand was folded in front of me as I walked. I believed it was a sign of submission.

I don't want any troubles with her,not after getting on Niran's anger.

She led me to her chamber and asked me to stop at the door. She requested for her maids and whispered something Into their ears.

They walked into the house, and after few minutes, they came out with heaps of clothes. My eyes widened as I saw how many they were.

"You wash all that before dinner." She said and I nodded. I would use the washing machine, it's no big deal.

"And I hate using machines, so you use yours hands. You have few hours to finish up." She said smriking before she walked into the chamber and slammed the door.

"Why is she doing this to me?? I don't even know her and now she wants me to suffer? Or maybe this is her own way of avenging Prince Niran." I thought bending down to carry the clothes.

I couldn't carry all at once, so I had to take the little I could take the first time. I walked down the hallway heading to the garden side where the laundries are done.

I met Aaron still standing where I left him. Immediately he sighted me and the clothes in my hand, his eyes widened.

"So many clothes??" He asked and I nodded weakly.

"But this isn't the way to where the Machine is. It's there." He said smiling and I scoffed.

"She said she hates using the Machine, so I have to wash it with my hands." I said and he furrowed my brows.

"What the heck! Why would anyone hate using washing machines??" He asked.

"She doesn't. She wants me to suffer for my sins. Remember I spilled wine on Prince Niran." I said and he arced his brows.

"So this are all the clothes?" He asked and I shook my head. 

"There are still a lot more in front of her chamber. I would come back to get them." I said.

"I would bring the rest. You go prepare the water and the rest." He said and I smiled.

"Thank you so much Aaron." I said and he smiled.

"We are friends now remember." He said walking away and I smiled as i kept walking down the hallway.

I got to the garden, picked up some big bowls and begsn to prepare water for the washing.

"These clothes are not even dirty." Aaron said approaching me with the rest of the clothes in his hands.

"That's none of her business. I need to wash all." I said smiling.

"I hate them." He mumbled pouring the clothes on the floor and sitting next to me.

"What should I do for you?" He asked and I looked at him.

"You can just sit here and distract me from the annoying atmosphere. I would prefer that." I said and we smiled at each other.


Aaron and Akira 

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