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The Slave And I - Episode 6



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 6

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi

                           PRINCESS MAYA 

I stared at Prince Arjun, lost in his handsomeness. I couldn't seem to get my eyes off him. 

Truly, he is the most handsome in all of Medan. And I am the only one, I mean the only one that deserves his attention, since I am also the most beautiful girl in my town.

As my sister greeted the family, I kept my gaze on Arjun. 

Our eyes met, and when I was about giving him this sexy smile, he looked away. I heaved tracing what could have taken his attention off my beautiful face and it happened to be one of the slaves.

She was annoyingly beautiful, but I bet she isn't as beautiful as I am. I began to grow angry when I heard my sister's Voice.

"Maya. It's time to greet the family." She said standing next to Niran, and I smiled loving the sound of it.

At least, Arjun would have the chance to look at me, and even kiss my hand.

I walked to the Princess Hana, since she was the first to be met. My sister has told me they aren't that good, and I ain't really a fan of her either.

We kissed each other's cheeks showcasing this obvious fake smile on our faces.

After that, I walked to Arjun whom I assumed, I already gained his attention. I smiled at him and he did at me too. 

I lifted my hand and he took it kissing the back of my hand slowly. I shut my eyes as I felt my whole body react to his lips on my skin.

Maybe he wasn't staring at the Maid after all. I got his attention.

He raised his head and looked at me one more time. I could feel my cheeks were red and hurting. I walked away from him reluctantly because I wanted to be there forever staring into his eyes.

I got to Niran and gave him my hand which he kissed. It felt normal. 

Of course he would, because for the records, I don't really like Niran myself.

I moved to the front of the king and queen and gave them my bow.

"My Lord, My Lady." I said and when I lifted my head I saw them smiling. I bet they love me already.

"Welcome to Medan Princess Maya. I hope you are impressed by what you see here." The kind stated as he sat comfortably on the throne.

"I love what I see here. It is Exquisite!" I said with so much gladness. I never knew they would welcome me this well, given this is my first time here.

"Well, you are yet to get amused. I could ask the guards or slaves to show you around the palace." The king said and I felt so happy.

"I would be so honored, but can I make a request my Lord." I said with my head bowed.

"Feel free to make your heart desires known." He said grinning.

"I would love the second Prince, Prince Arjun to show me around the Palace, if that isn't a big thing to ask." I said looking at Arjun and he looked at me speechlessly.

"I think Arjun would love that too. Right Arjun?" The king asked him and he gave a bow as a response.

"Thank you my Lord. I can't wait to go on this tour around the Palace." I said looking at Katika who looked like she knew exactly what I was doing by the smrik on her face.

I looked at Arjun afterwards and he walked up to me. He gave me his hand and I received it. I felt butterflies in my belly as we crossed hands.

We walked away from the rest of the people, and I guess our tour began already. He led me out of the meeting place to the garden.

"Wow. This is so beautiful." I said looking around.

"Yes. This is the most beautiful place in the whole palace." He said smiling. 

I looked at him at the sound of his voice. He has this hot looks, and now thick mascular voice?? Gosh! He is perfect! 

His smile was intoxicating and I couldn't seem to get enough, until it faded from his face.

"So....." I said not knowing what to say to him.

"So are there still other places as beautiful as this? Is that your question?" He asked smiling and I nodded swallowing hard.

"You are quite good at knowing a woman's desire." I said and he laughed softly. I felt like I was drowning in love already.

"I will take that as a compliment." He said looking at me.

"It is a compliment." I said beaming widely.

"So the other beautiful place as this is at the pool. The beauty is most ravishing at night, when the lights are on." He explained as we walked away from the garden.

He led me through this way, I guess to the pool. We got to the pool and I saw how beautiful it was without even the lights on.

"I can imagine how this would look at night." I said looking at him as I held his hand with my other hand. As I stood there, I pictured both of us sitting at the pool at the night.

My head on his shoulders, and his head on mine, discussing about our intoxicating love.

"My Prince, My Princess. The Queen ordered us to escort you to your chamber so you could have a nice bath and rest." A maid stated.

An head Maid to be precise, given the robe she had on was quite different and pompous to that of the rest.

"We would continue this some other time Prince Arjun, we have a lot of time since I would be sticking around for some days." I said and he smiled nodding.

I released his hand and walked up to Maid.

"Let's go." I said walking away and then I turned my face to see the Maid Arjun was staring at. Her head was bowed. 

I stared at her as I walked and then she rose up her head and our eyes locked for some seconds before she bowed her head.

I don't know, but I just hate her.


I kept my head bowed till she was walking in front. I didn't know why she was looking at me, but it was obvious it was a good stare.

She looked at me like she had issues with me once upon a time or something.

I turned my head to look at Prince Arjun, and I saw he was also looking at me. I looked away quickly knowing that if I am caught, i won't last an hour.

"The Handsome Prince is looking at you." Vanna said and I heaved.

"I don't think it's something I should be happy about. He can look at me but that doesn't mean anything." I said in haste.

"I didn't say that. You said that." She said and I swallowed hard.

"We should go with Nikita right?" I asked changing the topic.

"Yes we should. But I don't think that would be pleasant, knowing how much I crave to rip that princess's head off for looking at you that way." She said and I sighed.

"That is death." I said walking away and to my uttermost surprise I heard my name.

"Akira." Prince Arjun called and my heart Skipped. The others were already at the front with Nikita and Princess Maya.

And when I was called, Vanna also walked away to catch up with them.

"My Prince." I said facing him with my head bowed.

"How are you coping?" He asked coldly and I was forced to look up. But! I controlled myself knowing it's an abomination to just stare at him in the eyes right in front of him.

"I don't understand you My Prince." I replied honestly.

"With the Slave thing, trying to stay out of trouble?" He asked again.

"Yes my Prince. I am trying to stay out of trouble so I don't lose my life." I said and I heard him sigh.

"That's good. You should tell that to your friend too. Looks like she is going to rip her own head off instead." He said and my eyes widened.

"Holy shit! He heard what Vanna said." I thought in fear.

"I am so sorry on her behalf my Prince. She knows nothing." I said going on my knees immediately. I was shivering and my eyes were watery.

"I know she knows nothing, and that's why I am telling you to talk something to her. If she said that statement in the wrong hands, you both are going to get killed for it." He whispered and I nodded still kneeling.

"Get up and go." He said and I stood up in fear.

"So you won't tell?" I asked bowing my head.

"I should but I wouldn't , because it I do, no one is going to save you from Father's punishment and your head would truly be served to the dogs." He said and I could hear my own heart beating very fast at the sound of that.

"Thank you Prince Arjun. I swear to you, it would never happen again." I said and he sighed.

"Go before they notice you were with me." He said and I nodded.

"I owe you my life." I said before running to meet the rest. I cleaned my eyes dry making sure no one noticed what just happened.


Princess Maya, are we okay???

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