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The Slave And I - Episode 5



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 5

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi


"How was your first service to the princess?" I asked trying to hide the fear that my son was just called into the Princess's chamber.

"It was annoying." Mei said and I sighed folding my hands.

"You won't really give up Hun?" I asked and she shook her head.

"Ma'am Nikita can we ask you some questions?" Vanna asked and I nodded walking to one of the beds and sitting down.

"Ask me anything you want to know about the way things are done in the palace." I muttered and she nodded.

"What does it mean for someone to be discarded?" She asked and I heaved.

"That means the Princess, Queen or the Prince won't be needing the services of that Maid anymore. The ones that are discarded are those who have been serving them for a very long time and they think it's time to free them." I explained and they looked at each other.

"If it's about their freedom, why were the ladies Princess Hana discarded sheding tears?" Mei asked and there rest nodded.

"Because it's not really freedom. Once they are discarded, they become the palace's maid, not a personal maid anymore." I said.

"It doesn't sound like a worse thing." Akira said and I smriked.

"It Is because they are no more recognized as the princess's maid but just a regular maid. They are no more seen with the Princess and they can't go anywhere close to them." I explained further and they all heaved.

"This is insane!" Mei said and we all looked at her.

"Mei can you please stop acting like an hero for us, but rather be the hero that would save your own life." Akira said angrily.

"There is no life here Akira. Don't you get it? We are captives, slaves. We were free humans two days ago and now we are bathing for someone." Mei said and they bowed their head.

"I understand your grief Mei. Trust me, I did worse than you are doing right now. But I had to move on, accept my fate. I decided to find happiness where there is sadness." I said going down the memory lane. Back to when I first met my husband.

"And you begot Aaron in that sadness." Akira stated and I nodded.

"My found my husband here too. We was the guards of the king. We kept our relationship secret, until I got pregnant of Aaron and the king began to question him."

"The king later found out about our affair, and sent him out to the battlefield where he never came back to me." I said and my eyes heated up.

"He died in the battlefield." Mei said and I nodded.

"But above that I still have my son Aaron with me. He reminds me so much about my husband. His physique, his face and the way he talks." I said smiling.

"I bet your husband was very handsome then." Akira said smiling and I nodded staring into space, as I remembered his face.

"So it's a crime to have a lover among the maids?" Vanna asked and I nodded.

"We are not to have an affair here." I said and Mei rolled her eyes.

"Too many stupid rules. So if you aren't supposed to have an affair with your co-workers, who are you supposed to have an affair with? The Royals?" Vanna asked and I shook my head.

"That's a death wish Vanna. You have no right to have anything doing with the Royals." I said standing up.

"So we are not supposed to love all our lives?" Akira asked and I nodded.

"Not when you are still in this palace. It's a dearg sentence."

"I should get to other new maids too. You two stay out of trouble." I said walking to the door when I remembered we have an occasion today.

"Lest I forget, the palace would be needing our services again today. Princess Katika is visiting the palace today. We all have to be present." I said.

"Who is princess Katika?" Akira asked.

"You will know soon." I said finally walking out of the room.


I walked out of my chamber looking as handsome as ever. I wore one of my best robes, though I didn't want to but mother forced me.

I was walking down the third floor when I met Hana and few of her maids, on her way to the meeting room. She didn't look very happy and I think I know why.

"Can't you at all pretend to be happy for Niran?" I asked as soon as I caught up with her.

"I can't. You know how much I hate that lady. She is just so full of herself." She said and I smiled. 

"You need to be at your best character. Mother has warned already." I said and she rolled her eyes.

"I didn't promise her that. If she steps on my toes, I am going to put her in her place." She said and I laughed.

Seeing her that way makes me laugh, because I know she is the only nice and gentle person in our home. 

But seeing her like this makes me laugh. For the first time I looked at the maids that were with her and to my surprise, it was the new ones.

I looked at Akira for some seconds before looking away. Her head was bowed and her hands folded in front of her.

"Why did you choose the new ones to escort you? They are yet to know how things are done. I don't want them getting into trouble." I whispered into Hana's ear.

"Them into trouble? Or her into trouble?" She asked smiling.

"What? No! That's not what i am saying." I denied looking away.

"Don't worry Arjun, they will be at their best character. They know what to do." She said and I nodded reluctantly.

"I just hope Niran forgives the one that spilled that drink on him." I said and heaved.

"He had to, cause I won't let him do any harm to her nor Vanna. Those two are just so beautiful and quiet." She said and I looked back at them again.

They were feets away from us at the back, so I bet they heard our discussion.

"Yeah. She is beautiful." I mumbled to myself making sure Hana didn't hear me.

We got to the throne where father was seated and we stood next to him, at the bottom.

"The Princess is coming in!" An announcer said loudly and the rest of the people stood up.

I looked at Niran and I saw how handsome he looked. His hair was styled and his robe was on hell of a robe.

Though his facial expression wasn't showing happy to me. I was standing next to him so I could whisper into his ears. 

"Try smiling, your wife to be is coming in." I whispered in his ears and he bent his head to look at me.

"I am trying okay?" He said within gritted teeth and faced his front. 

I was about facing the approaching Princess Katika when my eyes landed on Akira again.

What I couldn't understand was why I was always getting lost when I look at her. It was like something was drawing me to her or something.

I didn't understand the feeling at all. 

"Arjun, bow." Hana whispered touching me, so as to bring my wandered off spirit back into the palace.

I made my bow, and when I rose up my head, I saw her smiling widely. She walked to Hana and Hana gave her kisses on the cheeks.

She walked again and stopped in front of me. I took her hand and kissed it smiling. 

She smiled and walked to where Niran was. I was about concentrating on their greetings, when I noticed they was another Royal blood with her.

I stared at the lady and I noticed she looked like Katika, but more beautiful and less witchy in sight. 

I could see and feel her staring at my and I furrowed my brows wondering why.

I moved my eyes away from her and it landed on Akira before I could control myself again. 

This time her head was up and as soon as I looked at her our eyes locked.

I looked away quickly trying to concentrate on whatever Katika not her sister was doing.

I can't be caught staring at her, if not her end has come. But I just can't control it. 

My eyes keep looking at her itself.


Relationship In the palace is an abomination!!!

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