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The Slave And I - Episode 4



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 4.

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi

                 PRINCESS HANA 


It was morning already, I woke up feeling streets out due to yesterday's party. It was until dawn I came to rest.

I pressed the bell that was next to my bed and waited for my maids to come in.

After few minutes, the ten of them rushed in. I think it's high time I discarded some of the old ones.

And ones they are discarded, they are turned to the palace slaves. They sweep and keep the palace clean.

"Good morning my Princess." They greeted bowing their heads.

I stood up and they reached for my robe and began to get it off. The new ones reluctantly joined not knowing exactly what to do.

But since they seemed wise they followed their leads. Some went to the bathroom to prepare my bath.

Some had towels in their hands and some were at my closet looking for a new apparel for me today.

Mei, Vanna and Akira helped my clothes off by loosing the rope at the back. I allowed them do it and as soon as the cloth was off, I stepped out of it leaving me naked.

They stepped back and bowed their head. I looked at them and sighed.

"You led me to the bathtub. Just two of you." I said raising up my hand and waiting for any two of them to take it.

Finally Akira and Venna took my hand and led me to the bathtub which was already prepared by the older maids.

They helped me in the large bath tub and I laid in it. Two of my old man, Clara and Maureen climbed into the tub with me and began to scrub my body with the foam.

The rest of them stood back with their head bowed. 

"I will be discarding some of you today. Since new ones have joined you." I said with my eyes shut and I began to hear murmurings.

I opened my eyes and everywhere went silent again. I kept ruminating on those I was going to discard and then only two names came to my head.

Annisa and Indah, the eldest of my maids. I picked them the second year of father's quest for power which was three years ago.

After they were done with bathing me, I stood up and stepped out of the bath tub. They wrapped the towel around me and held my hand to the room.

I stood in front of the mirror and they began to clean the water off my body.

"So I have decided who I am going to discard two of you, which happens to be the oldest of the maids.

"Annisa and Indah. You are hereby released from being my maids." I said and I saw sadness on their faces.

They knew very well that once they were released they would be thrown into the palace to be general maids.

Until it's In father's wish to let them go finally, and only the heavens knows when that would happen.

The rest of the maids collected my garment and stuffs from them and they walked out of the chamber In tears. 

I knew Mei and her two friends won't know what is going on. But I leave it into the hands of Nikita to do the explanation.

The rest began to dress me up when the door opened and I saw mother walk in. I saw her through the mirror.

"Excuse us." She said and all my maids bowee their heads walking out of my chamber.

"What's going on Mother?" I asked as I saw her smiling as she approached me.

"Princess Katika is arriving soon." She said and I smriked.

"And what's so exciting about that? You should be saying that to Niran not me." I said and she exhaled.

"I am here to tell you to be at your best behavior when she is here. I know you don't like her, but you need to act nice." She said and I looked at her.

"Mother I will act nice when I see she is worth it. She is just too proud for my liking." I said and she held my hand.

"Katika is your brother's wife to be. You can't be mean toward here." She said and I faced the mirror.

"I will try." I said looking at myself.

"You should get a new apparel today. It's a lovely day, so you won't be wearing that." She said and I nodded.

"I am not wearing a new apparel to impress Katika, I am wearing it because you asked me to." I said and she smiled nodding.

"Thank you Hana. I will leave you to prepare now." She said walking out of the room. 

And as soon as she was out, the maids came back into the room.

"Change of plans. A new apparel." I said and they bowed going to my closet to get it.

I looked at the Akira and Venna through the mirror and I saw how silent they were. They were nothing like Mei.

"Is this how you two are or you are acting this way in front of me?" I asked and they looked at me.

"We don't understand you my Princess." Vanna said with her head bowed and Akira did the same afterwards.

"Are you two always this quiet?" I asked and they both nodded.

I took a last stare at both of them before facing the mirror again. They finally clothed me with the fine linen mother picked for me and I was ready to go.

I just hope Katika doesn't step on my toes, cos it won't be funny at all.

"You can go now." I said and they all left the chamber. 

I walked to the door and asked one of the guards in.

"My princess." He said bowing his head.

"Call me Aaron. I need him here now!" I said and he nodded. He walked out of the chamber and I walked back to the mirror lifting up my clothes.

I looked at myself in the mirror once more, satisfied with the natural looks I had on.


"She seems nice to me." I said as three of us hit the hallway to our room.

"I like her too. I never expected the princess to be that kind." Venna added.

"I guess you two are missing the part where she discarded two ladies, though I don't know the meaning, I know it's nothing good for sure, because they left the chamber crying. So sorry if you hear a different compliment from me, but I will say they are all the same. Unmerciful egocentric people." Mei said and Vanna placed her hand on her mouth.

"Mei you would get yourself killed with this mouth of yours." Vanna said while I just stared at both of them.

"You can keep complimenting anyone you want to, while I keep looking for a way to get us out of here." She said walking ahead of both of us and Vanna looked at me.

"I hope she wouldn't get herself killed." She said and I heaved.

"I hope so too. We just need to keep talking to her. She is still our friend." I said and she nodded. 

Just then, I sighted Ma'am Nikita from afar talking to a young looking man. I stared at them Wondering who the young man was.

"That is Aaron. Nikita's son." A lady said from behind and Vanna and I looked back in haste.

"Nikita has a son?" Vanna asked and the lady nodded.

"I am Kay." She said and we smiled.

"I am Vanna and this is Akira." Vanna said and she nodded.

"I know you. The quiet maids of Princess Hana." She said and we both arced our brows.

"I am one of the maids of Queen Amber." She said and we both nodded smiling.

"Nice meeting you." We both chorused and she smiled too.

"I should go now. I can't keep the Queen waiting." She said and we made way for her.

We looked at her as she walked away and then we saw Aaron and Ma'am Nikita coming towards our way.

"It looks like you girls want to talk to me." She said smiling and we nodded. 

I looked at Aaron and he stared back at me too. He looked handsome and had this cute little eyes.

"Hey." He said to me and I smiled softly. 

"Hi." I said and Ma'am Nikita cut the conversation with her cough.

"We should discuss now." She said and we began to walk away from Aaron when the thick voice of a man stopped us.

We looked back and then I saw a familiar guard. It was the guard from Princess Hana's chamber.

"Aaron the Princess seeks your attention immediately." He said and I saw fear on Ma'am Nikita's face.

"Why did he do?" She asked fearfully but the guard said no word.

"I will be fine. Go on with them, I will be back soon." He said to her and she nodded after hesitating for some seconds.

He followed the guard and we stared at them till they were out of sight. 

"What does Princess Hana want with Aaron?" 


Mei please don't get yourself killed 

And Aaron?? In Hana's Chamber??

 What else can possibly go wrong????

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