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The Slave And I - Episode 34



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 34

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi 


We bursted into the woods after we crawled all the way down to the end of the market. I looked at Akira and I could see how tired she was.

I pulled her up as soon as we got to the woods and she staggered trying to gain her balance.

"Where do we go from here?" She asked panting and I sighed looking around us.

"I don't think we can go far this night. We need to find somewhere to lay out heads. You need rest for the day ahead of us." I stated and she looked around again under the moonlight.

"I am scared Arjun." She said and I hugged her tightly.

"I know, and i am sorry for all this. I shouldn't was too careless, even when you warned me I didn't listen." I said holding her hand and leading her down the lonely Woody path.

"It's not your ask Arjun.Whosoever did this must be jealous of what we both share." She said and I nodded.

"But that doesn't justify what he or she did. I hate what I don't like and now I hate whosoever is behind all these." I said as we kept walking.

"What's the next step now? Everyone in Medan would be looking for us and we can't leave town without then seeing us. So why run when we are still going to get caught." She said hopelessly making me feel bad.

"Akira, no one is dying. I am not giving up on you.I would come up with something, but for now, we need to settle down. I am still in shock so I can't think straight at all." I explained and she nodded.

"But where can we settle down? The king knows everywhere in Medan." She said and then I remembered a small and hidden cave where Kaleb and I used to play when we were still very young. 

"I think I know somewhere Father doesn't know." I said and I saw sparks of hope written over her.

"Where? Beneath the sea?" She asked as we both began to walk fast.

"No. In a rock.its an hidden cave, we can lay our heads there till I come up with something." I said looking at her and I saw how scared she was.

"A cave at night? Won't there be any dangerous animals like snacks in them?" She asked looking terrified.

"I am here Akira. I am here to protect you. Don't be scared." I stated and she nodded trying to look calm.

"Okay." She replied and I smiled faintly. We kept walking down the path, with our hands joined. 

There were creepy sounds from the right and the left, and some made Akira scared. Anything she was scared, she would tighten her grip on my hand. 

I held her close to me promising myself to keep her safe until my last breath.

"How much longer? My legs are beginning to hurt." She mumbled in pain 

"We are almosr there." I said squatting in front of her.

"What are you doing?" She asked staring at me.

"Hop on. I can carry you till we get there." I said and she shook her head.

"No Arjun. We both have been walking together, you must be tired too. It would be mean of me to climb on your back." She explained and I shook my head.

"I am a man Akira. I am stronger than you are, come on. We can't stand here for long, they would catch up with us." I said and after some seconds of hesitation, she climbed on my back.

I stood up to my feet and Carried her well,making her wrap her feet around me.

I kept walking for some minutes until I sighted the cave in front of us, next to the river.

"Here we are." I said happily titling my head to look at Akira when I noticed she fell asleep already.

I smiled and walked to the cave, put her down gently and removed my outer shirt to cover her, leaving me with only my tiny linen top.

The inside of the cave was dark when I peeped inside of it, so I decided to start a fire with some dry Sticks.

I looked close by for woods and luckily for me, I found some. I picked up two rocks after arranging the sticks at the entrance of the cave.

I hit the rocks together and then fire cane from them. I put it on the dry sticks and they also caught fire. 

I picked up one burning stick and walked into the cave to check if it was safe. Though my sensory organs were at alert, watching over Akira.

After going deep for some minutes and saw it was safe, I walked back to the entrance and I saw Akira still fast asleep.

I carried her in a bridal style and laid her inside the cave. I looked for a large stone and then some leaves,placed the leaves on the stone so as to make pillow for her. 

I moved the fire closer so as to keep her warm. I laid next to her too, shutting my eyes to catch some sleep.

Though my eyes were shut and I was almost sleeping, I was still very concious about what was happening around.

          PRINCESS HANA 

All the palace was awake because of the news of Arjun and Akira's disappearance.

I suspected something like this would happen and that was why I advised them to run away. If they had did when father wasn't after them like this, it would have been way better.

Before father even notices, they would have gone far. 

My door opened and Niran barged in looking so mad.

"Have you reached them?" I asked in pain.

"No! Can you believe who told Father? It was Kaleb! That bastard." He ranted in anger.

"What? Why would he do that? He is Arjun's friend, he will never hurt him." I said and he scoffed.

"I actually thought the same thing,not until he planted a camera in his room knowing He and Akira would meet, then showed it to father afterwards." He rapped and my mouth fell open.

"Why would he do that? What would he gain from betraying his own friend? How did Arjun get to know on time?" I asked.

"I told him to run immediately I saw Kaleb and Father together. I gave him my cellphone too, in case I need to get in touch with him. They should have gone far, but I don't think that is enough. Everyone in Medan are after them." He said and I sighed in fear.

"This is so bad. How will they escape father's wrath?" I asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

"I have no idea Hana. I just pray they get out of here ." He said looking extremely worried.

"Hold on. Why are you helping them? I thought you despise Slaves, especially Akira." I said furrowing my brows.

"That's because I want to help them. Arjun is my brother, and he has the right to like anyone he wants. So doing him this favor is the best I can offer him now." He said and I narrowed my gaze nodding.

"I should leave now. I need to know how the search is going." He said walking out of the room.


As the king and I wanted for the report from the people, I felt so achieved and on top of the world. 

Doing the job well, and gaining favor in the sight of the king. What else can i ask? 

"My King. They are no where to be found." The head guard said bowing in front of the king.

"How dare you say that to me? Why would they just disappear into thin air? They have to be somewhere?" The king roared.

"They are not visible anywhere. Except there are any hideouts in town that none of are aware of." He said and my eyes widened.

"There is no place I don't know!." The king roared again.

"I think there is one place you don't know. The cave." I said and all of them looked at me. 



Hypertension no go kill me oo 

ARJUN run!!! 

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