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The Slave And I - Episode 33



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 33

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi 


We both ran out of the Palace using the back door. Niran was behind us helping us watch our back 

"What's going on?" I asked in tears as we bursted out to the road that led to the market.

"Father knows about both of you. I can't say more than that. But here Arjun, have my phone, I would tell you all you need to know through the phone. I can't go far with you, father expects me to be on his side." Niran rapped passing Arjun the phone and running back to the Palace.

"We are doomed Arjun, I am dead." I stated in fear and tears and he shook his head holding my hand tightly.

"We are in this together, and i won't let father hurt you. You aren't dying,he would have to go through me first." He said trying to keep me cool but I don't think it was working.

We got to the Market at night and we saw the night watchers at alert. 

"We can't go through them Arjun. The Palace must have passed the message to them." I whispered and he nodded.

"I know, and that's why we aren't passing through the market nor path." He said looking at me.

"So where are we passing?" I asked in confusion still sobbing.

"The woods. Come on." He said going down on his knees and I did the same. We needed to pass the side of the market and that got me so worried.

"We need to crawl. I mean very silent and fast." He said and I nodded having no other choice.

"Okay. Let's do this." I whispered as we heard the watchers walking to our direction. My heart skipped for a moment, but then the trust I had in Arjun made me a little brave.

Arjun began to crawl, lowering himself totally so the guards won't see him at all. I followed behind him with my legs shaking as I did.

"I didn't tell any one I was leaving not even Vanna. This is so messed up." I thought as we kept moving.

"I didn't even tell Aaron! Oh My God." We had nothing with us except some money Arjun drew from his drawer and the clothes we had on.

Are we even going to last on the road? Won't the guards catch up with us??


The Palace was disturbed already and everyone was awake. I sneaked into my room and quickly jumped on the bed before anyone saw me.

Not even my guards were at the door, seems father summoned everyone of them. As I shut my eyes pretending to be asleep I was boiling in anger.

Why would Kaleb do such a thing to his friend? They were so cool that no one would ever think he would betray him this way.

Can you imagine? Setting up cameras in his room, taking Father and Mother on a fake trip...

What exactly does he stand to gain? I swear I would make him pay for this. 

A knock came on the door and I kept mute waiting for the person to speak up.

"Prince Niran, you are summoned by the King." I heard one of my men say and I sprang to my feet.

I began to pace around the room trying to stay calm. I needed to act like I knew nothing, nor saw nothing.

I hope I would be able to control my anger when I set my eyes on that back stabbing a*shole.

I made a sleepy face and dragged my feet out of my chamber heading to the meeting room where Father would be.

I got there and I see Mother seated next to him, Kaleb and some few cabinets.

"Niran." Father roared my name making me shiver.

"Father? Are you okay? When did you return?" I asked walking closer to him.

"Don't ask me any questions now! Where is Arjun?" He asked and I furrowed my brows.

"In his Chamber of course. Where else could he be at night?" I asked acting like I knew absolutely nothing.

"My Lord,I think you need to be more specific about this to him." One of his personal people said and he nodded.

"I caught Arjun and Akira having an affair." He said and my eyes widened in shock.

"What? That's surprising." I said not knowing exactly what to say.

"And annoying... And now, I don't know where they both went. I think someone in this Palace has betrayed me." Father roared again making me shiver.

"Who dares betray you father? After you knew what Happened,who was the first to know??" I asked.

"Just Kaleb and I. And after that I made an announcement that I want Arjun and Akira in my presence immediately but they were no where to be found." He explained.

"My King, that means they figured it out themselves. Cos I don't think anyone would do that, everyone knows it's an abomination." I said and Mother nodded.

"I need them now." He roared.

"They wouldn't have gone far My King, the night watchers would bring them back to the Palace." Kaleb said making me furious.

"Can we talk?" I asked looking at Kaleb and he nodded looking quite bold.

"Of course we can." He replied smiling and we both stepped out of the meeting room.

"How did you know about Arjun and Akira?" I asked turning to face him.

"In a way that would amuse you. I planted a camera in his room and caught everything." He said smiling.

"And why do you think that would amuse me?" I asked folding my hands.

"Because I know how much you hate slaves, and I know you would be happy to see Akira get punished, considering the fact that she spilled wine on your garment the first day she was here." He said.

"This isn't about me or Akira. It's about Arjun, he trusted you as a friend. I can't believe you did this to him." I said looking at him angrily.

"Hold on, are you trying to tell me you know something about this too? You knew they were together?" He asked and I shook my head quickly.

"Of course not, but the truth shouldn't be from you Kaleb." I said and he scoffed.

"I don't care about what you say. All I know is that I can finally be with the one I love, which actually happens to be the one you love it whatever..." He said walking away and I stood there in confusion.

"What is he talking about?" I thought. 


Aswearruguad this Kaleb should be killed by hanging 

I know exactly what he is trying to do... Who else knows??

Guys let's pray for Akira and Arjun oo 

It won't be easy 

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