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The Slave And I - Episode 29



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 29

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi 



I Walked out of the room adjusting my garment and smiling widely. I couldn't believe Akira and I just had a nasty moment.

As I walked down the hallway, I saw Aaron walking to my direction. 

"My Prince." He said bowing and I nodded looking at him.

"Hey, how do you do?" I asked and he looked at me.

"I am good my Prince. I am yet to thank you for helping me out of the dungeon. Thank you so much." He said smiling and I shook my head.

"Oh, that's nothing Aaron. You were innocent and that fought for you." I stated and he nodded bowing his head.

Then I remembered Hana asked of him earlier.

"Are you don't talking to Hana?" I asked and he nodded reluctantly, and I could guess he wasn't himself.

"Yes my Prince. We talked already." He responded and then I narrowed my gaze.

"Walk me to the garden." I said with Intentions to know exactly what he feels for Hana. I can't let her get hurt anymore,not after what she did for Akira and I.

He complied and we both walked down the hallway and bursted out at the garden.

"So what happened? You don't look happy. I expect you to be happy with the one you love." I said looking at him and I saw he was scared.

"Yeah right. You are scared to talk to me because I am the Prince and she is my sister. Okay let me say this, I love Akira with my whole life and it's an ABOMINATION."

"But I can't stay away from her, I am willing to take any risks and protect her at the same time just to be with her." I explained as we both walked.

"My Prince..." He called but then I cut him short.

"Call me Arjun for now." I said and he nodded reluctantly.

"I know you love Akira, and I also love Hana but this is vice-versa. You are a man, you are from the Royals, you can stand up for Akira anywhere, anytime because you have the right too..."

"But with these rights, you still hide your relationship outside. If yours can be like that, what about ours? I mean Hana and I."

"She is a lady from the Royals, she can talk to your father to some extent, but not as far as you can go as a man. And I, the man is the Slave which sounds more punishing."

"My Mother has only me, after me she has no one. If I risk anything now and it ends my life what would become of my mother?" He asked looking scared and sad at the same time.

I sighed knowing he also has fears like Akira. 

"I understand you totally Aaron, believe me I do. But you know why i am talking to you? My sister has been so hurt, even putting her life at the edge to make me happy." 

"And I want to pay her back that favor, and the only way to do that is to see her happy, to make her happy. And you know the one thing that can make her Happy?" I asked.

"Me." He replied and I nodded.

"Exactly. So I don't know how you would do this but you need to make my sister happy. I can't let her be sad again. She shouldn't be, she is an angel." I said smiling and he nodded smiling too.

"I know but I really need to sit and think about this. I don't know if my mother can be released from this Palace, she has been here her whole life, and since we have recruited new slaves, she should be set free."

"My Prince, please if you can convince your father to let my mother go, then I can love Hana the way I want and make her Happy. Cos when mother is out of here, then I am not scared of anything. Why I am scared of death is my mother."

"I can't let her suffer here and later suffer loneliness in the same place." He said and I nodded understanding perfectly.

"You won't die Aaron, and I promise to do something about your mother's release. That Is a promise." I said and he looked very happy.

"Thank you so much my Prince." He said and I smiled.

"Looks like you two are getting along real well." I heard Niran behind us and we both looked back.

"You can go now Aaron." I said trying not to act frustrated in front of him.

"Why are you dismissing him?" He asked after Aaron was about to leave,making him stand still.

"Because his presence is no more needed." I said in a cold voice and looked at Aaron, who walked away very fast.

"So you wish to share what you are doing with him too? Cos the only slave you talk to is Akira. Do you do men too?" He asked and I looked at him.

"What do you want Niran? Don't come frustrate me." I stated walking away.

"I am not here to frustrate you. Stop being a drama queen." He said but I kept walking.

"You smell Akira." He said and my eyes widened.

"What? What does that even mean?" I asked furrowing my brows.

"You were with her. I know her scent and it's on you." He said and I hid my shock face bringing out a bold one.

"What do you want?" I asked again, this time looking very angry.

"Oops, no offense. I just want to tell you Father announced he would be leaving the Palace for a day with mother." He said and I furrowed my brows.

"Wait what? Father has never gone on a leave. That's damn weird." I said and he nodded.

"Yeah, very weird." He replied.

"And did he tell you why? Dad would have a reason for the leave." I said and he nodded.

"I know he has a reason but I am yet to figure out why. But as a normal conscienceless human, I think he just want to take our recovered Mother on a tour." He said and I laughed.

"That is ridiculous. Father takes his throne first before family." I said as we both walked back to the hallway.

"Well,don't you think that changed since Hana stabbed herself?" He asked and my lips curved into an "oh".

"Oh yeah that right. But Its still hard to believe." I Stated and he nodded.

"Same here." He said and then I looked at him furrowing my brows.

"Did we just discuss without having a fight?" I asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

"I think so. But don't you think we would be great partners?" He asked and I scoffed.

"With every evidence you have to backstab me? I don't think so." I said walking away.

I headed to my chamber, and I saw my guards were dismissed. And then I saw my room opened. I arched my brows opening the door slightly.

I walked in and then I saw someone facing the window. His back was turned against my face.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked in anger and a little fright.

"Hey Friend." He said turning to look at me, and Immediately I saw him face I was dumbfounded.

"Kaleb?" I called in shock.


Which kin wahala be this?? Who is Kaleb 

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