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The Slave And I - Episode 28



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 28

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi


He kissed me down my neck making me moan softly. Just this touch on my naked body was driving me nuts.

I felt the wetness between my thighs and my hands kept roaming around his body. He nibbled on my lips again before moving down to my b**bs.

He took my left b**ast in his mouth, biting my n**ple gradually and I moaned again breath out with my month.

He flicked the tip severally and I felt my liquid running down my p**sy. 

"Arjun." I said within gritted teeth. I was going mad in pleasure.

"Shhhh." He placed his finger on my mouth and I looked at him nodding. I knew I wouldn't be able to control the noise soon, and I think he also got that.

He got rid of the upper part of his robe and tied it around my mouth. I furrowed my brows looking at him and he smiled.

"This is to stop the noise." He said and went back to my b**bs, this time taking the right. I bit the clothes that were between my teeth hard, trying not to scream. 

He kissed me down my belly and stopped in my belly button plucking the hole between his soft lips. I rose up my hip wanting more. 

Just then he moved his hand between my thighs and immediately his hand touched p**sy, I shivered. My eyes went shut in pleasure and I groaned.

His hand slipped right around it because of my wetness. He moved his hand down and my eyes widened.

I wondered what he wanted to do. And to my surprise he stuck out his tongue, and it met with my Cl*ts.

I pushed his head away slightly, as I felt the sensation flow up to my brain. He moved his head closer and I let him.

This time instead of sticking out his tongue, he blew this cool breeze right on my p**sy and the feeling was...

Crazy!!! My p**sy was hurting, I needed him badly, I wanted him right inside of me.

He looked at me and smiled, before I could think I reached for the cloth in my mouth and got rid of it.

"Arjun you are punishing me. Do it already." I said like I was going to cry.

"I thought you would want it slow." He said Chuckling and staring at my body.

"I want it slow, but I can't want that in this vicinity! What if someone interrupts again? You leave me horny!" I said trying not to shout.

"Fine! Calm down okay?" He said laughing and I nodded smiling.

"I haven't done this before. You need to be careful with me, i heard it hurts." I said and he smiled looking at me.

"Are you sure you want this? I mean lose your virginity to me?" He asked and I nodded.

"I have been thinking about this for a very long time. I am ready." I said and he smirked.

"Don't worry baby girl. I will try to go easy on you." He said and I narrowed my gaze.

"Try?" I asked and he crawled up and kissed me on the lips again. He reached for his trousers and pulled them off.

Just then his d**k sprang out, looking so rigid and beautiful.

"Oh My God." I said covering my mouth with my hand.

"Don't be scared. He is a gentle little boy." He said and I flushed.

"Come here already, we don't have time for this." I said and he reached for my lips again. This time widening my legs and laying in between them.

He used his elbow to support his body, lifting himself a little from my body.

His other hand helping his d**k to my passage. 

"Here we go." He whispered and then pushed in gently. I felt a slight pain between my legs and I winced in pain.

He stopped letting me adjust to the pain, and after some seconds, I nodded for him to continue.

He moved in further and this time kinda faster than before. I felt his hugeness inside of me with the pain.

I winced again and he kept still for some minutes.

"Are you okay? Can I go on?" He asked looking at me.

"Yeah. I am good." I said looking at him too.

He began to thrust in and out of my slowly, I could feel his every move because I was tight around him.

I began to moan and he also began to groan as his pace increased, this time I felt just little pain and more of pleasure.

He increased his pace and I had to put the clothes in my mouth again as I began to scream.

"Akira Control yourself." He said as he kept thrusting.

"I can't." I said with my eyes shut. I felt my lower tummy Viberate and I felt something building inside of me.

"Okay, something is going on in my belly." I said and he smriked. 

"Looks like you are coming." He said and instantly, I clipped him right inside of me and screamed. He quickly covered my mouth, and I felt a wet liquid on me.

He continued thrusting and this time I felt him exploded inside of me.

He fell to the bed and laid beside me as we both were panting hard.

I wanted to speak but then we heard a knock on the door.

"Talk of the devil." I said jumping up.

"Akira I am sorry." I heard Mei say and my eyes widened. In the twinkle of an Eye Arjun and I sprang to our feet and began to wear our clothes.

"So please forgive Mei." Arjun said aloud as I walked to the door.

"Okay my Prince." I said opening the door and she Walked in.

"Akira..." She said and I cut her short.

"I have forgiven you Mei." I said hugging her and I used my eyes to signal Arjun.

"I am happy you two are good now. I would take my leave,I am happy I am able to convince you." He said.

"I am very grateful my prince." Mei said and he nodded walking out of the room.

"Eww." I sighed in relieve. Mei looked at me and I smiled at her.


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