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The Slave And I - Episode 24



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 24

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi

             KING MAEKO 

They carried her unconsciously to my presence. I couldn't stop boiling in anger. What would an ordinary slave do in my son's chamber!

How dare her!! 

"Wake her up! I growled in anger. Almost all my cabin men were present. My wife was too weak to come so she was still in her chamber.

I had Maya and Niran with me.

They poured water on her head right in front of me and she jumped back to life coughing.

She looked around for some minutes trying to get where she was. Immediately she saw me I saw fear written all over her.

"Get up." I roared and she jumped to her feet.

"My king." She said bowing her head and shivering in fear or maybe cold.

"What were you doing in Arjun's Chamber?" I asked and her eyes widened.

"I.. I was called by Prince Arjun." She stammered with her head bowed.

"That is a lie! The Prince would never call you into his chamber." Maya replied Immediately and I gave her this facial expression which made her keep shut.

"You were called? And you shut the door yourself?" I asked and she nodded.

"He asked me to my King." She stated. I saw her pinch her fingers very hard and even noticed her eyes were shut.

"Look at me." I roared and she raised her head reluctantly staring at me.

"This is the last question i would ask you before throwing you into the dogs cage." I said and I saw her swallow hard.

"What did you talk about?" I asked and then Arjun walked in.

"I interrogated her about what she saw before she came to tell us about Hana." He replied before she could say anything and everyone looked at him.

"Why do you always protect her?" Maya asked angrily and I looked at her again.

"One more word from you and you would be banned from this kingdom." I said angrily and she kept mute.

"Why did it have to be in your chamber? Why didn't you do it right there where everyone was?" I asked again and he walked closer to us.

"I didn't do it there because I knew she wouldn't say the truth due to the tension and multitude of people..."

"So,I took her to my chamber so she could be comfortable with telling me anything." He explained and I was a little calm.

"And what did you find out?" I asked.

"I found out that Aaron was innocent because she was there when he ran into her room to rescue her. That was why I told you Aaron is innocent father..."

"This is the truth, you shouldn't believe anything else apart from these. Some people just want to cause troubles around here and then run back to their own kingdom." He said looking at Maya.

"How dare you say that? Why would I cause trouble in a place that would be my family soon? Can't you just say the truth? You are seeing each other! And when I had the evidence, you kissed me and told me you loved me so I could delete it!" She yelled and that caught my attention.

"What! You two are seeing each other?" I asked and they both shook their head.

"Father everyone knows it's an ABOMINATION, why would we? Why should I love a mere slave?" He asked looking at Maya.

"Yeah right! But thank God I wasn't that stupid to delete that picture totally. I can't wait to hear the lies you have this time." Maya said and pulled out her phone.

She walked closer to the throne and began to search through her phone for the picture.


It was five minutes already and she was yet to show me the pictures.

"Where are the pictures? Are you making fond of me?" I asked in anger.

"No My King. I swear I had it on my phone." She said in tears and I became so frustrated.

"Then show it to me!" I yelled and she kept searching her phone restlessly.

"Father she has nothing because she is a filthy lier. Why should she be so careless about it if she was saying the truth? How would such thing just disappear?" Arjun asked and I nodded.

"Maya get out of this kingdom and never return. You just lied to the King and you most suffer for it." I said standing up.

"No My King! Please." She pleaded following behind me and just then the guards lifted her and carried her out.

I headed to Hana's chamber again feeling so furious about what just happened. I just wanted my precious time.


As soon as they all began to leave the palace, I made a very loud sigh of relief. That was so close.

Akira stared at me and I stared back remembering what she said to me in my room.

"Both of you should be thanking me." Niran said walking up to us.

"And why is that?" I asked folding my hands.

"Because I just saved your a**ses. I was the one who deleted the pictures out of Maya's phone." He said and our eyes widened.

"You did? How? When?" I asked.

"Earlier today, when she came to the Palace. You don't have to know the full detail, all you need to do is know I saved your as*ses and I could spank them when I want." He said raising up his phone and we both saw the picture when we were entering the empty room.

"Hey..." I said pushing his hand down.

"Delete that." I said within gritted teeth.

"Why should i? I sent it to my phone before deleting it because I need it." He said smriking.

"Please My Prince." Akira said in tears and Niran looked at her.

"You don't speak where we speak." He roared and she nodded immediately.

"Akira leave." I said and she ran off quickly.

"Niran I beg you, please delete that." I said to him.

"So you guys are actually a thing?" He asked and I sighed. Why is he doing this?

"Is that really necessary?" I asked and he nodded smriking.

"Of course. I need to know too right, or you can confess in front of Father and everyone." He threatened and I shook my head.

"No. Fine, we were a thing. That was then, not anymore. Can you delete it now?" I asked In haste.

"Why?" He asked.


"Why aren't you a thing anymore?" He asked.

"Because of all these. Because of what you are doing right now." I said sadly and he laughed.

"Thanks for been honest, now I have pictures and your own voice recording. This is awesome." He said walking away and I was stuck at the point for some seconds trying to process what he said.

"What! Niran." I called but he was gone. I ran out of the place heading to Niran's chamber. 

Oh no, what did I do? Now he has everything he needs to get Akira killed. Why did I even trust him in the first place? 


Maya is gone 

Now Niran is our problem

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