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The Slave And I - Episode 23



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 23

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi


After I heard the voices in the room die down, I opened the door slightly peeping out of the bathroom. 

"You can come out now. He is gone." Prince Arjun said to me in a whisper and I nodded walking out of the bathroom with a relieving smile on my face.

"I need to go now Prince Arjun." I said with my heart still beating very fast. 

"I am sorry this had to happen." He pleaded and I shook my head walking to the door.

"It's fine Prince Arjun. We made a mistake, and it won't happen again." I said and he rushed to me pulling me back with my hand.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked looking at me.

"Prince Arjun that was a stupid thing we just did. If we didn't act fast I would be dead by now and I don't want that." I said and hie countenance changed.

"But you weren't caught Akira." He said and I nodded.

"Yes I wasn't, but I was lucky and I may not be lucky next time. This has to stop, I was so stupid to think things would work out for us." I said and walked out of the chamber before he could stop me again.

"I knew I hurt him with my words, and I was also hurting. But this is the best way to stay alive, we can't keep doing this,what if someone sees us and reports to the King?" I thought walking down the hallway as fast as my legs could carry.

Then I got to the front of Ma'am Nikita's room and knocked on the door. I wanted to tell her not to worry that Aaron would be released soon.

I heard everything the King discussed with Arjun, and I could feel he was sorry about how Hana felt.

Even the strongest has a weakness they say. The door opened and I saw Aaron standing right in front of me.

"Wow that was so fast." I said as he pulled me into a hug immediately.

"Thank you for saving me." He said happily and I shook my head against his shoulders.

"It's not me Aaron. It's prince Arjun, he talked to the King on your behalf and that's why the king ordered for your release." I said and he disengaged smiling.

"I can't thank him enough. I was so scared in the room." He said and I looked at him sadly .

"I am so sorry." I said and he nodded.

"What about your mom?" I asked looking around for ma'am Nikita.

"Oh, she left for the queens chamber. The Queen is awake so she was called for services." He said and I nodded. 

My mouth couldn't stop itching me, I wanted to tell him what happened today. I needed to tell someone because it was eating me up. But I needed to share it with someone I trust and I think I can trust Aaron. He is a good friend.

"Hey Kira, are you okay? You look lost." He said waving his hand in front of my face.

"Yeah. Aaron can we talk?" I asked and he nodded looking damn serious.

"Yes. Of course, anything Akira." He said gesturing me to sit. I sat and then he sat next to me staring at me.

"I can trust you right?" I asked and he nodded staring right into my eyes.

"You should Akira, I am your friend and your secrets are safe with me." He reassured and I nodded swallowing hard before I proceeded.

"Arjun and I made out." I said very fast shutting my eyes. There was total silence for some seconds and I was forced to open my eyes.

I saw his eyes were widened and his mouth was apart slightly.

"Okay don't look at me like that." I said bowing my head.

"OMG. You guys had sex?" He asked in a whisper and I shook my head.

"No. But we almost did." I replied. His shocked expression didn't fade away.

"What stopped you?" He asked.

"The king." I replied and his eyes widened even more.

"Holy moly! How are you still breathing?" He asked in shock.

"Arjun saved the day again. He came up with something and I had to hide in the bathroom." I said and he bursted into laughter.

"What the f**k! This is hilarious!" He said admist laughter and I furrowed my brows.

"Mocking me, great." I said rolling my eyes.

"No, I am sorry. It's just that the statement won't stop to amaze me. You made out which is kinda cute, then the king interfered which is a death sentence, and then you had to hide in the bathroom which is hilarious. I had to show my expressions." He said trying hard to stop laughing and I stared at him angrily.

 "Okay for real. How was it?  The half make out?" He asked and I smiled.

"I don't want to talk about it. Cos I just kind broke up with him. Will I call that break up? We weren't even a couple." I said laughing at myself.

"Now the sad part." He said pulling me to himself.

"I am sorry, but I think you did the right thing. If the king saw you, you would be corpse by now." He said and I heaved nodding.

The door opened and Ma'am Nikita came in. 

"Hey." She said to both of us and we disengaged smiling.

"I am happy you helped him get out of that dungeon." She said and I shook my head standing up.

"It's Prince Arjun not me." I said and she smiled...

"I would leave you now." I said and she nodded. I waved to Aaron and he waved back.

I walked out of the room hitting the hallway again. This time I headed straight to my own room.

I opened the door and then I saw Mei pacing around in the room.

"Hey Mei. What's wrong? Where is Vanna?" I asked looking at her.

"Running errands. I need to tell you something Akira." She said and I arched my brows.

"Okay?" I asked looking at her suspiciously.

"I betrayed you Akira. I wanted to leave this Palace so badly that I forgot all about our friendship." She said in tears and my heart began to beat very fast.

"What did you do Mei?" I asked and she shut her mouth with her hand crying.

"Talk to me! What did you do?" I asked In a shaky voice.

"I took pictures of you and Prince Arjun when you went into his room." She said and my feete wobble Immediately.

"Oh My God. Why would you do that Mei? Why would you do this to me?" U asked in tears.

"I am sorry. I didn't know what I was doing, I was so desperate to have my own freedom." She said and I looked at her angrily.

"How does taking pictures of us help you have your freedom?" I asked in confusion and rage.

"I sent it to Princess Maya. She promised to get me out of here." She stated and I shut my eyes bursting into more tears.

I can't believe I was backstabbed by my own best friend.

"So it was you. It was you she was talking about. You are my friend Mei! You should have my back not stab it !" I yelled.

"I am sorry." She stated trying to hold me but I yanked off her hand.

"Don't you dare!" I said angrily.

Then we heard footsteps approach our door. I could hear my own heart beat.

"Akira the king wants you now!" I heard the harsh voice say and my heart stopped beating and that was the last thing I could remember.


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