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The Slave And I - Episode 20



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 20

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi


I followed behind them as they took Aaron away, tears filled my eyes knowing none of this was his fault, and I could say nothing to defend him.

He looked at me and cleaned his eyes.

"She would be fine, and then I would be free from here." He said and I made sure my next statement won't implicate issues the more.

We got to the so-called dark room and when they opened the brass door, I saw absolutely nothing in it. It was totally darkness.

"Can I talk to him for a minute before you lock him in there?" I pleaded.

"You have five minutes." One of them said and they excuses us.

"You shouldn't have to go through this Aaron." I said in tears.

"But I have to. It's fine Akira, Hana would survive this, and then I would be out of here." He said confidently, but inwardly I could feel his fears.

"What if it takes days, months?" I asked and he reached for my hand and took it in his.

"It won't. I pray it doesn't, all I need you to do for me now is call Mother. I need to talk to her." He said and I nodded wiping the tears on my face off with my thumb.

"I will bring her very soon." I said and began to run down the path we took. I got to the hallway and kept running. I didn't stop until I got to Nikita's room.

I knocked on the door and no one answered from inside. Then I heard footsteps approach me.

"Akira what's wrong? You look worried." She stated and I nodded.

"You need to see Aaron now." I said in haste and her eyes heated up immediately.

"What's wrong with my son?" She asked in a shaky voice.

"Weren't you In the palace?" I asked and she shook her head.

"I went to get some herbs for Queen Amber. What Happened?" She asked but I couldn't bring myself to say anything to her, so I kept mute.

"Talk to me Akira! Why are we going down this path?" She asked as we ran down the path leading to the dark room.

"Aaron was implicated, and he was asked to be locked inside the dark room until Princess Hana wakes up." I said as we got to the room.

"What? What kind of implications?" She asked fearfully.

"The king thinks he stabbed the Princess." I said and her eyes widened.

"What? Why would they even think that? My son is not a murderer." She yelled in tears.

"Mom, please calm down. You don't want to worsen the situation." Aaron said walking out of the dark room.

She held her mouth In tears as she saw Aaron...

"Why are they doing this to you? Were you with her?" She asked and he nodded bowing his head.

"I rescued her and the king made sure he saw someone to put the blame on. But trust me, I will be fine. I promise." He said but we couldn't stop the tears from flowing down.

"We are going to get you out of here. I promise you my son." She mumbled and he nodded walking into the room and the guards shut the door.

"I told him to stay away from her, from the royals in general." She said and she hugged me weeping on my shoulders.

"We need to leave here." I said and she nodded walking out of the room.

On our way back to Nikita's room, we saw Prince Arjun approach us.

He had this confused look mixed with pity in his face. His clothes were stained with blood.

"My son is innocent." Nikita said to him and he sighed holding her hand.

"I know Aaron would never do this, but I need to talk to Akira. She was the one that came to call our attention about my sister, she should have something I can use that would help Aaron out." He said and I smiled. 

I was so much in love with his generosity.

"Can I be there when you talk?" She asked and he shook his head.

"It's best you rest now. You need to calm down, I promise to be the first to tell you what happens next." He stated and she looked at me.

"Ma'am Nikita please go. Everything would be fine, I promise." I said and she nodded reluctantly opening the door and walking into the room.

"Follow me." He said and I turned to follow him. My head was bowed and I didn't know what to say or do when he asks me questions about his sister.

Will I tell him she stabbed herself to save me? Or tell him what we told the others, that she stabbed herself.

I can't tell him that, he knows his sister more than anyone. In as much as I wish she told him herself, I need to tell him the truth. We are in this together.

We stopped in front of his chamber and he walked in. 

"Prince Arjun? I can't..." I stated and he looked at me.

"Everyone is busy with mother and sister, you can come in. It's safe." He muttered and I walked in slowly. 

I shut the door so that we won't make the mistake of getting seen by anyone. Not even now King Maeko is as furious as ever.

"What happened Akira?" He asked and began to get rid of his robe. I shut my eyes quickly and bowed my head to avoid looking at him.

"I don't know how to tell you this. But she did that to herself." I said and he heaved.

"You can't lie to me too Akira. My sister would never stab herself, just like that." He said in anger and I knew he was hurting.

"She did it for me." I said and he became silent.

"What?" He asked in a very low tone.

"She knew if you did the mind reading,I would be dead , and she said you won't be able to forgive yourself. So to save you from yourself, she had to disrupt the meeting." I explained and I looked up to see his clothes were on him now.

Clean ones, and I see he was sitting on the bed staring into space.

"So the only way she could think of Is to put her life in danger." He said and I walked towards him after thinking twice.

"I tried to stop her, Aaron tried to stop her but she was adamant. She said if you were in her shoes,you would do the same thing." I said and he looked at him.

His eyes were filled with tears and I felt my throat hurt. 

"She did that for my happiness." He mumbled in tears and I knelt before him pulling him into my arms.

"I am sorry Arjun." I said in tears as we both wept.



This is serious 

Arjun do something about Aaron

Abi wetin I talk Fans?

Nikita won't be able to survive this oo 

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