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The Slave And I - Episode 2



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 2

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi


Nikita led us through the hallway and down to a particular room are the end of the hallway. She opened the door and walked in. 

We followed thus just as the slaves they named us to be already. 

"So this will be your room. You take a bad each for yourselves. Three of you own this room now. For the mean time though." She said looking at us.

"How did you get here?" Mei asked Nikita.

"And why should I answer to that?" She asked folding her hands.

"I am just curious. You don't seem worries about your stay here neither does it show you want to get out." She added.

"You will do no such thing. No one has ever come out of this palace at all. Once you are a slave, you die here as a slave. So you have to accept your fates now." She said and tears heated my eyes. 

I was missing Java already. I was missing the peaceful co-existence.

"I will go to check if there is anything you can do. But for now, lay your heads low in here. You are my responsibility now, so stay out of trouble." Nikita said and walked out of the room leaving the three of us.

"This is totally insane!" Mei said in anger.

"I actually heard about these traditions but I never thought they would ever come to Java. We lost our home." Vanna said in tears.

"No we can't give up now vanna." Mei said and I sat on the bed close to me.

"What do you think Akira?" Vanna asked and I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know Vanna. Nikita already told us what to do to stay alive. We should obey." I said and Mei opposed immediately.

"So we have to answer to Nikita now? No way. I owe my loyalty to only our king Drone." She said and Vanna breathed out loud.

"Mei we have no power here. We are in the palace for crying out loud. Any suspicion and we are all dead. I love my life." She said.

"Well I prepared being dead than been a slave in the palace of Medan. Don't you understand, we were deprived of everything we had, everything we fought for..." She said and then was caught shut when the door opened and we all sprang to our feets.

"You three would be busy after all. You three are to serve the people at the party wine. Follow me." Nikita said and we three looked at each other before walking out of the room.

We kept looking around the palace examining it's Beauty. Our palace is nothing compared to this at all. Just the passage was way bigger than our Kings palace.

We kept walking until we got to this place, it was filled with jars which had wine in them. Some ladies had Jars in their hands already, and Nikita passed empty ones with her.

"Have this. You ladies will stand right there in the congregation and wait for people to call on you for a drink. Note this, no sitting or chatting, or playing. You pour and that's it." She explained and we nodded. 

We dipped the jars into the drum of wine and took the amount we could carry. My own jar was quite heavy, but I carried it like that. 

I knew just one pour from it and we are good to go. I carried the jar with my two hands.

"You have no right to pour yourself a drink until the party is over and there are no more people to serve." Nikita added.

"So we don't get to taste it? What if the wine finishes after the party?" Mei asked and Nikita walked closer to her. 

"It's better to stay off wine, then be dead for good. Anything I ask you to do, you do it! If you cherish your life! And I won't take anymore questioning from you." She said and we all nodded.

We walked down the hallway out to where the party was holding. As we walked the men and women were already lifting up their empty cups, so our work started.

We started serving from where we were, and I moved to the nearest cup which happened to be held up by a man.

I began to fill his cup and I felt his eyes on my br**sts. Before he could do anything stupid, I moved back and pretended not to see anything.

I looked around for the next person and it was a woman. She was in the midst of both women and men laughing and chatting happily.

I was hurting so much as I saw them that way. Why would they be happy because we were taken as slaves? And not up to a day, we were already treated like one.

Apart from Mei, Vanna and I which were under princess Hana. I saw other ladies which I persumed to be slaves also. 

They seemed to know how things works around the palace through my observation, so I knew they were taken years before us, or probably the year that just passed.

After pouring the lady and her friends the drink, I looked around and the next cup I saw on top was that of the king. 

I looked around to see if any one was going to attend to him but unfortunately everyone was busy, and I was the only one. 

His eyes fell on me, and I walked to the throne in fear. I never thought I would come face to face with the man who ordered our capture, at least not today.

I got to the top and bent down to pour his drink. My hands were shaking but I made sure I didn't make any silly move, like spilling the wine on his garment.

After pouring it, I walked down and next to me by the right seated the three children of the king. I sighted Prince Niran's cup up and I moved to pour some wine for him.

I poured it slowly so as not to spill wine on him. Then I felt the gaze of someone on me, I looked at my side and I saw Prince Arjun staring at me.

Our eyes locked for some seconds and before I knew it the wine I poured Prince Niran filled his cup and poured on his garment.

"You bloody Slave!" Prince Niran yelled in anger and I moved back in fear.

"I am sorry my Prince." I said in tears going on my knees.

"How dare you!" He roared and attentions were drawn to us. I could hear murmurings from near and far and I knew my death had come.

"Niran! Today is not a day for killings. I pardon her because today is an happy today. But once this happen again I won't hesitate to have her head fed to the dogs." He said and his statement made me grow goosebumps.

"Thank you my King. And I am sorry once again My Prince." I said standing up and making sure I didn't look at him again.


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