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The Slave And I Episode 1



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 1

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi



I sat on the throne looking outside the palace door waiting patiently for the captives. Beside me, a little lower was my wife Amber, also expectant.

My three children stood in front of me, at my right hand. They wore their best apparel and so did. Today marks one of the beautiful days in our kingdom so everyone was happy.

The door opened and my guard led them into the palace. The slaves were divided into two. One row for the Females, and another the males.

Their hands were tied together by chains, which would never make them think of leaving. Their eyes were all teary but that didn't move me at all.

As soon as they got to the front, all the guards gave a bow including all the captives. Then I stood up ready to give my speech. I loved giving them the speech myself.

"Welcome! To Medan, one of the best kindgoms with the most powerful ruling capacity."

"As you all know, I am King Medan, and here is my wife Amber, and my three Wonderful kids Niran, Arjun and Hana." I said pointing to them as they stood respectively.

"These are also the chiefs and wise men at your right hand side." I said and they turned their heads to look at them.

"I am making these introductions because it is necessary to know those you would be working for. You all were conquered in the war and so your lives are indebted to me!. And so you have to do exactly what I say." 

"We will be choosing some of you, the ones we want in the palace and then we leave you rest to the chiefs and wise men. They would do what seems right to you all because you owe me your lives!"

I looked at Amber and then she stood up and walked down the high throne. She walked to the side of the females and began to pick who she would want as her own maid.

She picked out three, and this there were released instantly. The initial maids in the palace took them at the moment to start cleaning them up.

She came back to where she sat and sat down. I looked at Hana and she also got up and picked three she saw she loved.

After she picked them, there were left four more ladies to go. 

"This remaining four would be used for the community's service." I declared and the guards moved them out.

Then I looked at Niran my first son, and then he walked up to the men and began to look for those who were well built and would be fit to be his guards.

He picked only two cos those were the ones he saw fit and then left the men take them away. Arjun moved to the men too and I noticed he wasn't that happy about it.

He has never been happy about all this, but I have always thought him that he has to do anything to survive and be in power, even if he has to kill to do so.

He picked another best two, and then the rest were sent to the chiefs and they began to pick too.

"Listen up everyone. This men are now our slaves! They are our captives, so feel free to use them the way you want. And if they try anything stupid, I am here to listen and give them the punishment due." I said and they all bowed. I sat on my throne again and smiled looking at all what I have achieved again.

"That position is mine again this year." I said to myself happily.

"Let the feast begin!" I declared and then the drummers began to hit the drums and the dancer began their thing.


I stood on the third floor looking down at the dancers, the happiness in them as they danced. I also looked at Father and I saw him laughing and chatting with his wise men.

"What are you brooding over?" I heard my little sister Hana ask behind me and she stood close to me looking at the party going on too.

"I just can't stop wondering why they are so happy." I said and she sighed resting her hand on the railings.

"Father is happy. So they have to be." She said and I looked at her.

"This isn't Right. And everyone knows this but can't say a word about it." I said and she looked at me.

"No one who loves their lives can say a word about it. Not even you. Because if anyone tries to stand against father's orders or him making it to the most powerful king this year, will be killed mercilessly." She said and I nodded. 

"I know Hana but this can't continue forever. This is just too cruel of him. Depriving them of everything they have, because they are less powerful." I said sadly.

"I will suggest you keep your mouth shut about anything that comes to going against father. I am sure you aren't ready to die, or rather go on exile." I heard Niran said joining the conversation.

"Arjun will you act like this too? Will you do this after you rule the throne?" I asked looking at him.

"If that Is what it takes to be in power. It's fine by me." He said and I shook my head in disappointment.

"Listen to me, you showing concern about these people is a sign you are weak, and weak people can't rule a kingdom." He said walking away.

"Arjun you know we have no rights nor power to go against father. Niran already so this." She said and I shook my head.

"Niran doesn't fear father. He wants to be like him." I said looking at father again.

"So as to save his a*s from dying. Niran is just 24, you are 22 and I am 18. We have no power against father. I just want you to stay clear of him, I can't lose the sweetest brother I have." She said and I was forced to smile.

"You are trying to make me feel better Hun?" I asked laughing.

"You should feel better. You don't deserve to be sad brother. You are the best personality I have ever met." She said and I smiled.

"Thank you." I said looking behind her back as I saw her head maid bring the three new ones to us.

Hana looked back and when she looked back they all bowed.

"My Lady." The head maid Nikita said and the other ladies repeated after her. 

I ignored them and kept observing what happened at the party. But my ears were working perfectly.

"Say your names to the princess." Nikita said and I was forced to look at them as they mentioned their names. They were lined up according to the way Hana had picked them.

I looked at them not intensely. I just looked and lifted my face. They were wearing the robe already and they had been cleaned.

"I am Mei." The lady I assumed to be the first said and I kept my face fixed on father. Since I had taken a look at them randomly, there was no need looking again.

"I am Vanna." The second lady said. They both had calmness in their voices and this made me hate father's move over them the more.

"I an Akira." I heard the sweetest of voice and I looked back immediately. I stared at her and my mouth dropped open. 

She bowed her head before I could look back but then I could feel she was the most beautiful just through the look at the side of her face.

"Okay. And I am princess Hana, and all you need to do I bet Nikita told you all." Hana said and they all nodded with their heads still bowed.

"Nikita take them to their room. They should prepare for tomorrow." She said and Nikita led them away.

I stared at Akira as they all left with Nikita. 

"Hey." Hana said and then I realized she caught me staring.

"Hey." I said looking down the floor.

"You were staring. What's wrong? They are not good enough?" She asked and I shook my head.

"They are perfect." I said smiling.


This is so cruel of King Maeko 

Taking them captive against their will 

One name for King Maeko...

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