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Devil's Secret - Chapter 4




Devil's Secret - Chapter 4

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Unknown Pov

I contacted all the best computer experts and they began working
This person must be really good
How can he twist his location like this ,, Getting access to the account was a huge deal
This person must be really good
But why did he steal little amount of money when there was enough money there to change his life for ever including his generations to come.
I tried to stay awake for the past hours ,I was really tired but I had to watch this guys work
Boss walked in a few minutes later making me sit up
"Anything"he asked
"we found him"one of the guys yelled
"good where "Boss asked
"the state "the guy replied
" Get the jet ready ,I want to shoot the f*cker myself"he said to me and walked out
I made arrangements for the apartment in states ,Boss has houses almost everywhere and once in a while he goes there to do business
I called for the jet to be ready and the apartment is also ready
it's been a while since I traveled ,I can't wait to see who the brain box is.
I know you might be wondering who I am ,well my name is Rio and I'm boss closest person even if he doesn't show it and I have a huge crush on his sister but he might probably shoot me in the balls if he finds out .
Daisy Pov
After laying there for some time i really needed to go meet Anna
The knife was still laying there ,I used my foot to drag it closer
Thankfully I do ballet and my body is very flexible
so I picked the knife using my foot
it wasn't easy
I managed to twist my arm and used the knife to cut the ropes
it was hell but right now I'm numb
I made my way upstairs and bandaged the wounds
I didn't try look at the mirror because I'm afraid of what I will see
I packed everything I will be needing and head out
I also grabbed dinner for me and Anna but before I got there she was already asleep
"I can't wait for all this to be over so I can finally get to take you away from here"
"somewhere really safe where you would have a normal teenage life that I didn't have "
I kissed her forehead and watched her sleep
she's basically the person I'm still alive for,I can't leave her alone in this cruel world .
I heard some sounds and opened my eyes
it was already morning and the doctor were doing alot on Anna
"Looks who's finally awake "Anna said with a goofy smile
"And omg you look more horrible by the day sis ,,give yourself a break so you won't break" she said and I pressed my lips against each other holding the laugh
we finally both started laughing like weirdos
"the lines rhymed so much "I said and she nodded
Even in my worst moment she made me laugh
I strolled to the bathroom did some clean up on myself and changed my clothes
My body was something you would see and want to throw up ,it has alot of cuts ,wounds and scars
most of them haven't healed and I don't feel my skin anymore .
After spending hours outside the ward the doctors were doing their work so I had to wait
it was beyond nervous
it's evening I decided to go grab something to eat,,,it's been long I ate actual food.
After feeding my stomach and feeling all satisfied I made my way out
I was walking absent mindedly when my face hit a wall
But this wall feels different
I raised my head to see a mean looking guy staring down at me
Turning to my left and right I noticed I was surrounded by huge men with tattoos all over their body
"Dylex" someone called making my heart stop beating
That was the fake name I used in cracking open the bank account I stole from
They found me .
I felt something cover my nose and before I could protest everything went black.

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