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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 6




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 6

Written By Amah's Heart


"... you're going through all of this but kept it all a secret. What if that son of a beast killed you? What if he disabled one part of your body... what will you say? To my understanding this is not marriage. I'm sorry to say but Cole, your husband is an animal. I would have dismembered him if anything happened to you.

Florence sniffs back and wiped a tear off.

"Cole is driving me nut.... I'm going crazy already because of my husband. After Marina, the lady he brought to our home left, Cole behaved normal for few days. He will do the laundry with the washing machine, vacuum the house even make breakfast sometime. I was very excited that my husband was finally back to his senses. He woke me up one night after spending time chatting on his phone, he inform me that he will be traveling. I sensed it that he probably wanted to go and lodge in a hotel with Marina. My husband traveled and stayed almost a week out. He came back three days ago with his old problem. Ordering me around like a maid, threatening to stop me from working if I don't do his bidding. He even threaten to collect my car. He bought that car for me as a bribe during our second year in marriage when he had an affair and got caught, I threatened to leave back then before he bought that car for me just to ask me for forgiveness. Do you still remembered that Cole took the first car I bought with my money out and a truck ran it over, destroying it in the process. What I didn't tell you is that Cole was busy talking with a woman inside an eatery, after doing a wrong parking and that was how my first car went. He promised to buy another but didn't until I caught him having affair. There's a lot to be said, I'm already tired. Suzy...I don't know what to do anymore. I want my husband back. I still love him and wish we can live like normal couples. I admire you and Jimmy alot. I'm trying to get pregnant but to no avail. I don't know what's wrong with me... maybe if a baby is involve Cole will change for good.

Susan sighed sadly.

"Do you think so? I know you love your husband but your sanity and peace of mind should come first Flo. Well, if you think getting pregnant will change Cole to a better man, then I suggest you do so. If pregnancy is not forthcoming then try visiting the doctor...I want to also carry my niece or nephew, depending on which comes first.. soon. Flo, relax everything will be alright but if Cole dares lay a finger on you next time, don't keep mute let me know...

Florence decided to visit the doctor.

After checking her, the doctor told her that she was alright but her immune system was down due to all the dose of pregnancy preventive drugs she had been taking for over three years.

He prescribed some medicine for her and seven days injection.

He also said that her husband needs to take the seven days injection and some medicine that will boost his fertility.

Florence got home and without wasting time told Cole that they need to start getting ready to conceive.

She told him everything the doctor said and asked him to also visit the doctor to take his own seven days injection.

So that when they are fully ready for a child there won't be any problem at all.

Florence didn't tell Cole that she has been trying for several months to get pregnant but to no avail which made her visit the doctor.

Cole refused to go with her to see doctor

He told her that he was very alright, he said if something was wrong with her medically nothing was wrong with him and he wasn't ready for her to get pregnant yet.

He suggested that she should continue taking the pregnancy preventive medicine that she was taking because he was not ready for the responsibility of becoming a father.

He can't stand the mess, expenses, the whole drama of having a baby yet.

Until maybe next year or upper. Untill then Florence has to do as he said.

It saddened her greatly when her husband said those words but she wasn't ready to give up trying.

He may not be ready but she was ready and won't allow Cole stop her.

When the baby is finally born, her husband will have no choice than to take up his fatherly role seriously.

Florence did everything that she was asked to do yet there was no change.

She began to seek God out, praying fervently for God to be merciful to her and bless her womb.

But after several prayer no improvement.

Cole believed she was still taking her drugs, not knowing that for almost eight months Florence has been trying to conceive.

Florence felt Cole maybe the one delaying her from conceiving.

They make love three to five times in a week.

Cole maybe hard sometimes in bed but what she was mostly after is to get pregnant not the pleasure aspect of it.

Florence began to pressurize Cole to go and see the doctor but Cole kept insisting that nothing was wrong with him, whenever he is ready for a baby, she will stop taking the preventive medicine so that she can conceive.

After two weeks Cole said to her in bed after their usual love making.

"There's something I want to tell you sweetie, don't take it to heart please. I know it was a big mistake but it has happened and there's nothing I can do...

Florence nodded, she thought Cole was about to admit that something was medically wrong with him and ready to buy into her suggestion to see a doctor but he shocked her by saying.

"Marina is pregnant...

Florence blinked back severally. Not sure of what she just heard or was it her ear drum?

"Whaaaat?...I don't understand Cole..

"I said Marina is pregnant for me. She is almost three months gone. I didn't know how to tell you before Sweetie... she told me in her second month. so i....

She didn't hear the rest of Cole's explanaion. Florence stood up from the bed like a robot. She kept pinching herself to make sure that it wasn't some bad dream.

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