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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 5




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 5

Written By Amah's Heart


She looked up at him in doubt of what he was requesting.

Her eye ball pop out straight to his as she dares him to repeat what he just said.

"...Sweetie, it will be fun... let's give it a try. Is another way of spicing up our marriage.

Florence began to laugh at the disgusted request coming from her very own husband.

"Cole, I'm not really sure I heard you clearly. What exactly did you say...again?

Florence was hoping he won't have the gut to repeat it again but he did.

"Florence, I have said it twice already but since you pretend not to hear or understand me, I will say it again. Will you mind if Marina joins us in bed tonight... Is a new modernized way for sexholics like us to enjoys a sexathon bedtime, that's a long period of sex. In other words is called threesome. Is hell of fun and I promise that you will enjoy it, trust me on this... and give it a try. Marina is very willing and if you can do this sweetie, I will do your bidding without a second thought....

"Cole you are obviously running mad without knowing it. I say it again with no apology... you and your Marina... two of you are crazy. You told me that she was only here for weekend right? But we are about to enter the second week and your so called personal assistant is still here. I caught you in bed with her on Tuesday when I decided to come home way too early and you apologies and promise to send her away Cole. You must have mistaken my quietness for a fool. I have been calm, tolerating, praying that you will get back to your senses, I have been cooking and cleaning her whole mess. I have made a big fool out of myself. You have the nerve, the gut Cole to ask me to have a threesome with you and Marina? and you think you are normal? You have allowed the devil to dominate your heart Cole, so get behind me devil. I'm tired already... I'm driving straight down to see your mother. I'm glad she's still alive. I can't take this whole madness anymore....I can't.

Just then Marina stepped out of the room.

"I heard my name. I was wondering why my name was being mentioned. Listen Florence, is quiet clear that you don't love your husband. He innocently asked for a threesome which is very common and you are here making a whole lot of noise... calling your ancestors. You even called him a devil. Oh my gosh... you are not fit to be Mrs Spence. You are angry that I haven't left, Mr Spence invited me, I'm his personal visitor and if he wants me to stay as long as I want no one can tell me otherwise. I'm his guest and not yours. Since you don't value your marriage and not ready to spice up things then give room let another woman teach you the knowledge you obviously lack. Since I came into this house almost two weeks now, I have been on my lane, minding my business and only mingle with whatever Mr Spence wants me to contribute in which includes bedroom plays. I have been doing my job perfectly. You mentioning my name in a wrong way, that is exactly what I don't like and I gat to stretch it out with you Florence, you are not a good wife. For refusing to spice up the bedroom foreplay with your husband, you are a dulard and not ready to learn. I'm good at it and very willing to teach you what you don't know...but your churchy lifestyle and primitive brain won't allow you to be great. I'm sorry to say that you are not fit to be Mrs Spence...

Florence folded her fist, trying to suppress the anger forming heavily on her mind.

Marina was far from her reach. Florence who couldn't take it anymore raised one leg up, took off a leg of her shoe.

Which was something she could easily lay her hand on.

She pulled it out and threw it straight at Marina who quickly dodged it.

She was about rushing down to her when Cole caught his wife and pushed her far away.

Florence fell down as Cole pushed her, she quickly stood up from the ground.

"Florence, why are you so vexed? Everything Marina said is the fact. Which of them will you deny? Anyway, you can still change your mind and let's take our marriage to another level. Is a welcomed idea and it will help you greatly. And about seeing my mother, you are going to make a big mockery of yourself there, remember she is my mother and not yours. I won't stop you from going to see her but you will wish you haven't wasted your time going...

Florence stormed out angrily.

She drove out and kept hitting the steering wheel hard. She was almost running crazy and can't keep it together anymore.

Driving down to see her mother inlaw took the whole day.

She was residing in another city and it was indeed a very long drive before she finally arrived.

Cole's elder sister was around with her mother when she walked in. His elder sister's daughter was watching kid's show.

After exchanging pleasantries, without wasting time Florence went straight to what made her come all the way down.

Her mother-in-law looked at her daughter, that is Cole's elder sister and they began to laugh.

Florence didn't understand the reason for their laughter

Her mother inlaw loves to be addressed by her name. Everyone knows her as madam Gold.

Florence said to her.

"Cole brought a Lady for over a week now to our home all in the name of working together. She stays in the guest room and just last week Tuesday, I suspected their dirty game and drove back home only to caught them in our matrimonial bed together. Alot I can't put into words have been going on madam Gold. Your son walks up to me this morning and asked me to join in a threesome sex with him and this said lady. There are many others but you see this last part where he asked me for a threesome cut me deeply madam Gold. Your son has no regards for me as his wife...he...

Madam Gold interrupted.

"Point of correction, stop addressing him as just my son, he is your husband and has in turn becomes your burden. I'm not interfering in your marriage Florence, carry your cross alone. That is what it takes to be Mrs Spence. If you complained from now till tomorrow, there's nothing I can do. As far as I'm concerned, Coleman is not doing quarter of what his father did to me. I carried my cross, I enjoyed the marriage while it lasted because I chose to do so. Whatever your husband wants, give it to him...if he wants threesome, what is the big deal. If he brings a woman to the house, learn to share until she leaves. Do everything to make my son happy. He is your duty and not mine. Look at his sister here Betty, her husband is seeking for divorce because he said she's not a good wife. His complain is baseless, accusing my daughter of violence and flirting with other men. After all she went through carrying his child and trying to support him. Betty doesn't tolerate nonsense, she is just like me. She is ready to get divorce and move on because there are several other men that will dye for her. So, my dear Florence, do everything possible to save your marriage. If Cole wants you to turn upside down and do it with him, my dear comply...do everything to please Coleman and stop complaining. Many Ladies will kill to have your husband... that's more reason you should protect what you have before you loose it and please stop complaining.

Betty spoke from where she sat, chewing gum loudly and filing her long nails.

"Listen Florence, my brother is a hot guy... many ladies will kill to have him. Since you are lucky to have him you should be grateful and stop complaining. He didn't ask you to kill anyone just normal sexual fun and you are forming righteous. If you are not careful another Lady will eventually win him over. Is probably because you have not been able to produce any child for him that made him want to try another style... you should be really grateful that he is very hopeful of you giving him a child. What if you don't have a womb or is already damaged? Try doing another style with my brother maybe you will conceive that way. Stop being a boring wife. Is not by being Mrs Spence, are you willing to do what it takes to hold the title. My Mum might have skipped it but she complains of your inability to conceive for Coleman. Is over four years and no sign of a child or pregnancy. My brother is very much alright... the problem is from you and you ran all the way here to sell him off. You should be grateful Florence... seriously...

Florence was in shock of everything she just heard both from her mother and sister inlaw.

"Wow... what a family. I'm not surprised at Cole's crazy mentality. Cole said it all, and indeed it was a waste of time but I'm glad that we had this conversation. I can see it takes blood and sweat just to be this almighty "Mrs Spence". And for the record, ask your son, madam Gold why he refused getting me pregnant. In his defense he doesn't want a child yet...he isn't ready for such responsibility. Like Betty assumed, the fault isn't from me. Like I said earlier, I'm happy to have wasted my time for nothing. Atleast I can take whatever necessary measure that will give me peace of mind.

Florence stormed out. She ignored whatever madam Gold and Betty was saying.

She lodged in a hotel because it was late and left the following morning.

Cole was calling her that night but she ignored his call.

When she arrived home the following day,

The whole house was in disarray again.

Marina was sitting with her leg crossed and was watching the television.

"Finally, you re back. I'm hungry and have been craving for good food. Florence, please fix something for us to eat.

Marina said but Florence pretend not to hear a word she said.

"Florence, where did you pass the night? You have been away since yesterday and refused to pick my calls.

Cole barked at her, Florence replied.

"I drove down to see your mother, fortunately your sister Betty who her husband just kicked out and also asking for divorce was around too. We had a nice conversation and thanks for your previous warning about your mother not paying attention to whatever I have to say. You were absolutely right darlin.

"How happy that they gave you a taste of what they can do. And I can decide to kick you out just like Betty husband did to her if you continue like this. Don't you ever insult any members of my family. Look around this house, is disorganized and there's no food again left... tidy up the house and make something for me to eat.

Marina showed up by the door and said.

"Yea, Mr Spence is right. I'm really famished. And I know Mr Spence will also be very hungry... Florence, please when will you start the cooking.

Florence laughed out loudly for a very long time.

Cole and Marina stare at her.

"You and your Mr Spence are two funny folks. Marina, since we are both sharing my husband and also sharing my matrimonial bed, let's also share the cleaning of the house, the cooking and other chores. I'm off this month, I hand it over to you and you can also have the title of Mrs Spence, I'm about to retire from that too.

She was about to walk away but Cole forcefully drew her back.

She angrily lifted her hand and slapped him on the cheek.

Cole was shocked, his jaw dropped because his wife has never done such before.

He screamed out her name.


Florence charged towards him and replied.

"Yes, Mr Spence? Listen to me Cole, you have pushed me to the wall far too long, watch out for the clap back because is going to be really messy.

She started walking towards the door,

Marina ran back thinking Florence was coming for her.

"I think i should just leave, I will go and pick my stuffs and be going... Mr Spence will no longer be needing my service here...I..wi...

Marina said while moving back from Florence.

"No, don't go anywhere Marina. Mr Spence still needs you. if you leave who will clean up this house, do his cooking and satisfy his crazy large appetite for sex because I'm retiring for good. You can have Mr Spence all to yourself, invite your friends for threesome or sixsome, turn the house upside down and do as you please. He's yours for now my dear Marina...

Cole interrupted.

"Marina, yeah...I think you should leave immediately. I need time with my wife... get your things and leave.

Florence turned to Cole angrily.

"If she leaves who will clean up the house? Who will do your cooking and satisfy your large urge in bed? Because I'm done with your crazy ass Cole... you can go to hell and burn for all i care. Your whore, harlot or your cocotte should wait and clean up this house because I'm not picking up a pin...

"Let her go, I will do the cleaning...

He said to Florence as he walked to the sitting room and began to pack up the dirts littered everywhere.

Florence sat on the cushion, relaxed back her head, placed her legs on a stool, change the television station, and began to watch.

While Cole continue to tidy the whole place.

Marina picked up her bag.

"Mr Spence, I'm leaving...

Cole nodded without a word as he went about cleaning up the place.

Marina walked out of the house.

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