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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 2




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 2

Written By Amah's Heart


He called out to her from the bathroom that early morning.

She rushed to him and he pointed a tooth paste towards her face.

"What is this? Cole asked her

"Is paste. Replied Florence wondering what she did wrong again.

"Are you daft? Ofcourse I know is paste. Check how disgusting the whole body looks like. Why can't you do things in a clean and arranged manner? You know how stuffs like this irritates me.

"I'm sorry darlin. I only took paste to brush this morning. I wasn't even paying attention to how I pressed it out.

Florence apologiesed and wishing he will drop the topic.

"Florence, I have told you that anytime you want to take paste, apply preasure starting from the bottom not from the middle of the body. Let things look orderly for ones in this house. I have to teach you again on how to take a common tooth paste...what exactly do you know how to do on your own?

Florence was tired of standing and listening to the morning lectures again on toothpaste.

She kept quiet and listened like a good student

When the lecture was over she heaped a sigh of relief before returning to what she was doing.

After two weeks, Cole informed her of another of his colleagues house warming party that will be huge.

He asked her to wear the said cloth he bought to the party.

"Cole... let me wear another. That gown is not appropriate for a married woman...

"Shhhh! You will do exactly what I say... I want to see that gown on you.

Florence wore the gown as he instructed her.

"Oh mine... you put me right in the mood sweetie. Turn around let me see...

Florence turned and watch her husband exclaimed excitedly.

He held her from behind and caressed her from the back to her boobs.

Florence felt disgusted and stepped away from him.

"Stop treating me like a harlot darling. I'm your wife and deserve some respect...

Cole laughed out.

"Sweetie... you're my harlot, my wife, my cook, my maid... my every every. Anytime I need you to play any of those roles you just have to switch and do as I say. Today, you have to act like my harlot... hahahaha.

They Left for the occasion. When they arrived there, both the men and the women couldn't help but stare at Florence.

She was very ashamed at first but looking at Cole he was enjoying the attention on his wife.

Florence caught him staring at a young pretty lady who also looked back at him and smile.

She felt bad but tried not to show it.

It was until some of the men started winking and makin sexual faces at Florence she decided to brace up and enjoy the moment.

Cole was no longer finding it funny. When he stepped away to greet some of his senior colleagues before he will return his wife was talking and laughing with two younger men.

"Excuse me, did you know that this is a married woman...?

Cole stared angrily at the young men.

"Oh... sorry. We're not taking your wife away except if she wants one of us to. I will be so pleased to have a beautiful curvy sexy pretty Lady as her. She was sitting alone when i and my friend saw her. Why will you leave your pretty wife all by herself. We only decided to say hello...or is there any crime in saying hello to a beautiful lady...?

Florence was enjoying the moment. Next time Cole will not bring her out to the public dressed like this.

The men stood, they smiled at her and she retuned the smile so well that made Cole swear under his breath.

"You're shamelessly entertaining men right under my nose. Acting like a cheap harlot...

Cole said as he sat beside Florence.

"What where you thinking when you forced me to wear this gown darling? This cloth is calling for so much attention from the men and even some of the women I'm not the one doing it, my appearance says it all. I'm only dancing to the music you are playing. Remember I'm your harlot today... I'm also free to attract other clients. let's both enjoy the moment Cole...

"I think you should take a cab home Florence. I can no longer stand my wife flirting with men shamelessly. Is better you just go home. Beside I have some catch up to do and will probably be staying late before coming home.

Florence chuckled annoyingly, upsetting Cole even more. she bent over to Cole's ear and whispered quietly.

"Darling, I will stick by you until this party is over and we will return home together. There's nothing to go home to...no kids yet so we're both free to catch cruise. Sorry to disobey you again dear husband but I'm not stepping an inch out of here alone except we're leaving together.

One of the men that was previously sitting with her walked past with a drink in hand.

He raised his glass at her and she waved happily at him.

Cole was boiling angrily and said.

"Damn you Florence! You're very Lucky that we're in public...but wait until we get home.

Florence didn't bother replying him.

The music started and some people stood dancing.

Cole remained seated while Florence who crossed her legs was filled with smile as she continued to enjoy the show.

"Hello pretty...

Cole looked up and it was another strange man. He waved at Cole annoyingly.

"... the music is loud, can you hear what I'm saying pretty..?

Florence nodded excitedly.

"... okay good. Is this your brother, your boyfriend or your husband...I can see you are wearing a wedding ring.

"He's my husband.

Florence replied. Cole looked on and wishing his eyes has bullet so that he can shoot down both the strange man and his wife.

"Ohkay...I was hoping he wouldn't mind if I ask you to dance with me?

"I'm not much of a dancer but aside that I don't want to. I appreciate you wanting to dance with me of all the single ladies here... I'm thrilled. Since I'm together with my husband I can't possibly dance with you...buh thank you.

The man nooded with smile before walking away.

"Stand up let's go home. Get up quickly... is time to go. You have had enough moment humiliating me Florence...

"Why so angry Cole? He's just one of the attracted clients. I'm only trying to be nice to them due to the nature of my job today.

Cole was almost dragging her up. But she forcefully pulled her hand away from him.

She stood up majestically with her bag. Waved to the men who can't stop staring at her. They waved back disappointed that she was already leaving.

Florence walked like a runaway Queen until she got to the car.

Immediately she was seated, Cole locked her in the car and retuned back to the party.

He stayed there for another 30minute before returning back to the car.

Florence was glad that the car air condition was on.

She didn't flinched or worry.

All she did was to relax back her head and wait.

Cole came back and drove off without a word.

None said anything until they got home.

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