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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 13




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 13

Written By Amah's Heart


He showed her the room that she will be spending the night.

She thanked him as he closed the door behind her and walked away.

After few minutes there was a knock on the door. Florence opened the door and saw Bianca, the housekeeper.

she stood smiling with some folded materials in her hand.

"Sorry to disturb you ma'am, Mr Max said i should give all this to you. Check for a perfect night wear that suits you. clean towels are included also.

Florence thanked her before collecting the materials.

She took the clothes to the bed, selected a cuddly night wear that smells of Maxwell fine fragrance.

She put the clothe to her nose and inhaled with her eyes closed.

She placed it on her chest and wrapped her hands around it.

The night wear was unique, and cuddly. Is nothing close to her usual pjamas or those sexy nighty that Cole usually buys for her.

This particular one was special.

Florence separated it from the rest, she put away the others before going to have her bath.

She was very eager to wear the nighty, it has a small inner before the overall robe that covers up the body.

It was so warm and inviting.

Maxwell was waiting downstairs, he kept looking up the stairs, hoping she will come down for dinner.

But after 30minutes and he didn't see her, he thought of going over to knock on her door.

As he took few steps, he changed his mind and turned back.

"She probably needs rest... Let me leave her to be.

He said to himself. He turned off the television and was about going to bed when he heard her room door opening and closing.

He waited and smile as he saw her coming in a beautiful night wear.

"Flox, I almost thought you were asleep and do not need to be disturbed. My believe is that you have gone to bed already...

Florence smiled and replied.

"You wanted me to sleep in an empty stomach? Is that the way you treat your visitor... that's so unfair. What of that food you specially made for me, my Japanese pavatin or palliative. Can't remember the full name. Have you finished it...?

Maxwell laughed out before saying.

"Is called Japanese chicken curry pavatin and is still available and specially waiting for you. Sit here let me take the honor of serving you tonight. I will go and warm it up a little, is more enjoyable that way.

Florence sat on the dining and within few minutes Maxwell served her and she began to eat.

"Oh my goodness, Max... this is really delicious. Wow, what are the ingredients and how did you prepared this. The taste is absolutely great. I'm definitely making it ones I return back to my side.

Maxwell told her everything she needed to know about the food and even promise to prepare it again in her presence.

Florence ate up the full plate. She made attempt to pack the plate but Maxwell stopped her.

"Let me bring the remaining one for you... I'm sorry I didn't make it much since is for you alone but I will do better next time..

"I'm so fed right now. I know I don't supposed to eat this much... at this time of the night but I couldn't help but finish it. Max, if I stay here one months I will definitely fat up...

Max smile as he cleared the table. When he retuned back, he sat beside her.

"Do you want to talk about what happened earlier that made you react the way you did. What was it that broke you down today Flox? If you don't feel like sharing then is fine by me alright?...

Florence told him what happened and apologiesed for how she reacted.

Maxwell was a good listener, he took her hand into his and reassured her that all will be well soon before releasing her hand.

They talked about other things, crack jokes and laughed.

Florence told him that she will like to leave early so that she can get some clean clothes for office but Maxwell asked her not to worry about that, he will sort it out.

They continued talking as the night wears on.

They later paused, stared closely at each other without words.

Maxwell looked away to the woodart wall clock.

Florence followed his gaze.

"Is late, this is 11:23pm. I guess is time for you to go to bed since you will be going to the office tomorrow. Except you want to take a day off tomorrow and rest, I will pay you for the off day. But if you have some important office work to tidy up tomorrow... then is okay..."Maxwell said.

He looked at her again like he had something troubling his mind.

Florence stood.

"You're right, is late. I need to go to bed now. I have to be at work tomorrow, I can't afford to loose the high praises and recommendation that I have been getting at work. I'm strongly believing for more appraisal and not a scold. During the early time of my marriage crisis, I had a serious rough time, even got two weeks suspension at work. I'm happy that I have been able to overcome all of that. I want it to get more better...

She started walking towards her room, Maxwell followed her behind silently.

As they got closer to her door, he turned to her and said.

"Flox, I...I had a lot on my mind I want to say but, I don't want you to feel like I'm taking advantage of you or the fact that you are at my place. I...uhmm.. never mind. Goodnight Flox...

He tries to walk away but Florence stopped him.

Florence wondered what exactly was bothering him so much that he can't say.

She decided not to give it much thought.

"Max, I appreciate everything you have been doing for me. Thanks for the delicious pavatin, thanks for accommodating me tonight and for this coozy night wear, I love it. Goodnight... Max.

Maxwell did not reply or say anything. Florence was about opening the door when Maxwell intercepted her.

He gently drew her into his body and planted a kiss on her lip at first before kissing her intensively.

Florence broke free from him and slapped him.

Maxwell placed a hand on his cheek shocked.

His heart was panting, he bite his lips to suppress his raging emotions.

"What exactly are you trying to do Max? Can't you see that I'm a married woman, I'm still married to Coleman. Isn't my wedding ring glaring enough in your eyes. You need to respect the fact that I'm still Mrs Spence. Why are men like this? Always taking advantage of a vulnerable ladies. Maybe the mistake I made is coming to pass a night here, I can't wait for morning to come so that I will be out of here. What do you take me for, You probably thought that I'm still the Florence of old...that you used to know. listen to me, I'm a grown ass married woman now, get that into your skull and don't pull this kind of stunt next time.

She opened her door and walked in, ignoring Maxwell plea.

Maxwell punched the wall severally, he combed his hand into his hair wondering what he just did.

He couldn't walk to his room, he was so beaten. he wish Florence will listen to him. he stood outside the door and began speaking to her.

"Flox, please... I'm sincerely sorry . forgive me. I wasn't taking advantage of you in anyway...I can never do that to you. I'm not like other men out there like you stated earlier, I'm different Flox. I love you, yes I really do. I have never stopped loving you Flox. I feel so stupid right now, i never wanted to offend you. My emotions got the best of me... and I'm sorry..

He combed his hand into his hair again as no reply came from Florence.

As he turned and was about walking away, he suddenly heard the door opening.

The door flung open

Florence stood staring at Maxwell.

As Maxwell opened his mouth to apologise again. Florence interrupted by putting a finger to his mouth.

"Shhhhhh! Why are you still standing and staring at me. Don't you want to come inside...

Maxwell blinked severally to be certain of what Florence was saying.

She pushed him forward and closed the door.

She pulled off the nighty overall jacket, dropped it on the ground removed her wedding ring for the first time and put it on a dresser.

Florence went to a confused Maxwell who stood watching her

She kissed him but Maxwell didn't respond.

He gently pulled her away from him and asked

"Flox, are you really sure of this? Just few minutes ago you were bashing and cursing me for kissing you, I don't understand...

She stepped away from him and said.

"If you truly love me Max, then stop talking and asking too much questions. Let's do this. I just realized that I have actually been married to myself for over a year now, is time for me to move on too.

She kissed Maxwell again, this time he responded but not so well.

She gently pushed him to the bed, mount on top of him and continued kissing.

Maxwell turned her over to the bed, he kissed and caressed her passionately like he has wanted to do for long.


Cole dropped the phone, sat hard on the bed and continue staring at the locked wardrobe.

He just finished receiving a call from his bank.

He took a loan three months ago and has not paid in anything like he promised to do. But with the new decision he took it will favor everybody.

He was also indebted in his office, he asked for five months advance salary but his company told him that such act is not part of their policy but what they can do for him is to give him a loan which will be deducted from his monthly salary.

The company loan wasn't much which was why he decided to contact his bank.

A month ago he got involved with some fraudulent act in his company.

He supplied laboratory stocks to one big firm and did not remit the money that he was supposed to pay back to his company.

He prays that his company won't find out.

Since Marina told him last month that she was pregnant again, he did not want any mistake at all like the first.

Is been three months already that the first pregnancy didn't happen as planned.

They have been trying to conceive again.

Marina who promised to cut down her cost of expenses didn't keep to her plans.

She said there's a certain drugs, recommended by her doctor which she needs to be taken in other to quickly conceive.

She mentioned the huge amount for the drugs and it was seriously huge.

Cole was able to get the money and give to her.

Marina came up with another plan.

She told him that if he really wants her and the baby alive, safe and far away from Florence evil eyes then he should look for money and relocate her abroad until the baby is born.

She continued pressurizing Cole until he finally agreed.

He has been able to gather the agreed amount and gave all the money to Marina for peace to reign.

She assuredly him that she was walking on getting her visa, flight ticket, accommodation abroad and every other necessary thing with the money he gave her.

While Cole continue looking for a way to pay up his accumulated debt.

Since he couldn't remit any money back to the bank, he decided to put his house on a collateral.

Was he making a mistake by using his house as a collateral? This is the question he kept asking himself

There is no other option than what he did.

Marina is almost two months pregnant, he seriously doesn't want to take another risk.

He even asked her to reduce her bedroom action so that it won't affect the baby.

By next month end, she will be flying abroad.

Ones she is gone, he will be able to see if he can recover from all the debts on his neck.

It was last month he served Florence a divorce letter, it has not been finalized yet.

The court will finalize it by next month.

Florence said she doesn't want anything from him as a divorce settlement.

Cole noticed she was not looking happy nor sad.

She looks rather unpredictable.

Cole was happy when Florence said she doesn't want anything from him. She only wish for the divorce to be finalize so that she can move ahead with her life.

Florence made it very easy for him, different from what Cole thought.

Lizbeth reminded Cole in the morning that they were running low on groceries and fruits for Marina's smoothy, which she enjoys fresh.

Lizbeth usually prepares it fresh for her every day.

Cole had some money somewhere, which he kept away because of Marina.

Is mainly for Lizbeth monthly pay and the entire household expenses.

He could not find it where he kept it, he scattered his wardrobe but couldn't find it.

Missing money was becoming a ritual in his house and there is no other person that will take it if not Marina

If he goes to ask Marina she will turn it into a fight.

But is either Marina took the money again despite all he has been giving her or the money develop wings and fly out.

Is a good thing that Marina was out.

Her wardrobe which belongs to Florence is always on lock.

He has never put much thought into the locking of wardrobe with padlock.

But looking at it again, questions crossed through his mind.

why will Marina be padlocking her wardrobe.

Florence has never done that.

What is she hidding. Even if she doesn't want him meddling in her stuffs all she needs to do is say so.

Maybe she locked it because of Lizbeth or whatever her reasons maybe.

He needs to find his money so that he can give to Lizbeth to buy food stuffs and other household items and to know what Marina is always sneaking around and hidding.

Cole touched the padlock, he studied it for long and knew he needed a strong harmer to break it.

He will have to deal with Marina's trouble later but she can't continue stealing his money, locking her wardrobe as if he is the thief.

If he is spending so much on her, she needs to be transparent and grateful too.

Cole ran to his gym house, collected some tools that he will use to open the lock.

He ran back to the room to dismantle the lock.

Is a good thing that Marina is not around, she has told Cole she want to personally handle her traveling stuffs alone.

She mentioned that she was called upon for an interview concerning her traveling and she have been gone since morning.

He has enough time to break into her safe.

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