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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 12




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 12

Written By Amah's Heart


Cole couldn't sit still, he stood and began to pace up and down.

He punched the wall severally and despite the pain, he was too hurt to feel it.

He kicked the table, the glass cups on the table shattered into pieces.

Madam Gold was seated too, she crossed her legs on a stool and continue wiggling her toes.

She moved her mouth sadly, clapped her hands together.

Marina sat on the chair crying, she was crying heavily.

Lizbeth, the help in the house was trying to console her but Marina loud cry could be heard even in the street. She refused to be consoled.

"Leave me let me die...I want to die with my baby. After everything I suffered, everything I went through because of that pregnancy. After all the insult I collected I'm left without a child. No... this can't be happening...it can't. Where did I go wrong, how could this happen to us. I know how much everyone looked forward to his arrival. Even his father and grandmother were fully ready to meet the baby...but I was greeted with disappointment. The doctor said he couldn't make it and the hospital quickly buried him. I'm lost of words...how do I start again. This life is not fair...

She stylishly looked at madam Gold who continued wiggling her toe while Cole kept pacing up and down like a crazy person.

She increased her cry and even added screamed to it.

Madam Gold spoke.

"Let's all calm down please, Marina dear, stop hitting yourself hard...is not your fault. You and Coleman will have another baby... this is not the end of the world. Another child will be born. For the fact that you got pregnant for my son, carried the pregnancy full term and even more passed the supposed delivery date, you were able to put to birth, don't cry because you will conceive again. you may even have twins the second time. Coleman, my dear son calm down. I know it hurt because of your time, finance and whole effort you put into making sure your son is born healthy. I totally understand your pain... I'm also in pain like everyone of you. It hurt because I looked forward to welcoming my grandson too. Let's try and move pass this, give yourselves time... maybe a month or two before trying for another baby. This time around we will be more careful than ever...

Marina smiled inwardly.

She turned to Madam Gold and said while still sobbing.

"Thank you madam Gold for your encouragement. I feel strengthened already. It really hurt, my heart is shattered in pieces. After carrying pregnancy for almost a year and it ended in premium tears...I don't know how to cry. I'm broken.. really. Your kind words restrengthened me again. I will try and hope for the better days and...

"After draining me of almost everything I had with the pregnancy..." Cole interrupted her.

"....How will I get the money to foot the bills in your second pregnancy. well, if I happen to take it as an option, how do i handle your extravagant lifestyle? Your first pregnancy left me almost broke Marina, how will the second one look like...as much as I want to try again, I want all the sweat I poured into you to pay off...by giving me a child but I don't have such money like the first one....I don't.

Marina sat properly on a chair to face Cole.

"Carrying a pregnancy is not as easy as it appears Cole. I'm sorry that things turned out this way, is never my making and you are not the only one hurting here... I'm deeply hurt too. But I'm willing to give nature another chance...I really do want to give you a child Cole, I'm ready to cut down my cost...yes. I'm a very loving and considerate person. I will make sure you don't spend like the first...I promise. But, you should be aware that I'm not a baby making factory. If we're lucky I will conceive early but if we're not lucky it will come at a later end but you have to be patient Cole...

Madam Gold cleared her voice and said.

"What if all of this that happened is caused by Florence? I threw in the suggestion the last time but Coleman said is not possible. Looking at it all over again, I think Florence may have a hand in it. She may be the one behind all of this misfortune. Coleman I think you should properly divorce her, we don't need her. She can't get pregnant, she can't even satisfy you in bed, give you different sex styles like Marina does. Is only to cook and clean that she is good at, nothing else. Did you remember the way she angrily came back to pack all her food, including the one we were eating.. she carried it all away. She disrespected me and embarrassed us all with food. Florence is capable of anything, I wonder why you underated her...thinking she can't hurt a fly. I madam Gold knows what a person is capable off when I set my eyes on them. Florence is a scorpion, she will stunk you and pretend like she did nothing. if Marina becomes pregnant again, keep it away from the public hearing... Florence must not know about it.

Marina almost laughed out, she finally got hold of somebody to channels the blame, all thanks to madam Gold for mentioning Florence.

"You are very right madam Gold. Florence must be behind all of this. She probably went diabolic just to hurt us...and look, she finally succeeded. All this ladies with innocent face and attitude are filled with evil. I think Cole should complete the divorce plan. I wonder what is still keeping him, maybe he's waiting for Florence to kill one of us before he do something. I will be her major target because she feels like I took her husband away from her. She succeeded in making me and Cole childless... this is not fair.

Cole began to see reasons with everything that his mother and fiancee was saying.


Florence left the office and was walking towards her car after the close of work when somebody accosted her from behind.

She turned and saw Cole.

Florence was a bit happy to see him, she thought within her that Cole has finally realized his mistake and has come to plead for her return. She won't make it easy for him, she will have to be certain that Cole has actually repented for good.

"What are you doing here Cole...I thought I warned you to stay away from me?

After saying that she waited for his reply, hoping to hear a sincere apology this time.

"I'm here to warn you Florence, a serious warning you have to take very serious...

Florence was shocked. She wondered what he was talking about.

"What exactly are you talking about...

She asked him surprised

"You are pretending like you don't know what I'm talking about right? Okay let me remind you that your evil plan and act towards me and Marina won't work again... you succeeded the first time because we didn't know but not again. I never knew that you are this evil...if not for my mother that opened my eyes to your prowess. Florence, so with all your churchy and nice attitude you are a witch... you are devil. But be warned, if anything happens to either me, Marina, my Mom or my baby again I will come for you. This is no threat...I will do as I say and even more.

He turned and started walking away, Florence's phone was ringing continuesly but she didn't bother to check the caller.

She stood for sometime and was about to turn and walk to her car which was few feets away when Cole suddenly turned back.

"....wait...wait. another thing I forgot to add is that I will be finalizing the divorce plans by month end. From the begining of next month you will hear from me concerning that. We will meet in Court for proper signing and other documentation. I don't want to ever have anything to do with you. You're nothing but a curse to me. after the divorce I will finally be free to marry Marina. What you have not been able to do in years Marina has done within a short period. Aside loosing our baby to your crafty art Marina gives it to me back to back in the bedroom. She knows all the styles, both the cat, sharkky, doggy and many other bedroom styles. She invited her friend twice for threesome and it was awesome. Unlike you, anytime I want to practice different styles with you, it will appear like I'm punishing you or putting a knife to your throat. You are always boring in bed. Even if I didn't place you on pregnancy pills you would not have been able to conceive. I can bet you that you are probably barren and all those things contributed to your bitterness. I won't fold my hands and watch you destroy me. I will destroy you first. Wait to hear from me by next month concerning the divorce... You have bitten more than you can chew...

He turned and started walking away, Florence stood watching him leave.

Her phone was ringing again but she didn't bother to check who was calling.

After she was certain that Cole wasn't going to turn back again, she walked to her car.

she did not bother driving away immediately, she sat alone and tries to understand everything that Cole said to her.

Florence suddenly broke down and began to cry.

She allowed tears to flow down without making any effort to stop it.

She placed her head on the car steering wheel and continued sobbing bitterly.

Her phone rang twice again she didn't check the caller as she remain in her devasting state.

She has been crying for almost an hour and didn't feel like going home.

Her voice was patched, her eyes red and swollen from crying.

As the phone rang the third time she picked up.

It was Maxwell

"Hello Floz, how are you and how was work today...?

"Fine Max, why the continuous call...is there any problem?

Florence asked impatiently.

Maxwell was taken a bit back with the question.

He noticed her unusual harsh tone, it sounds dry and angry.

He assumed it could be work stress.

"There's no problem Floz, I came down to your house and found out that you aren't back from work yet...

Florence quickly cut in before Maxwell could finish.

"You went over to my house without informing me? Who does that...no one. Before you go to people's house you call them first to let them know of your coming. Who do you think you are? You have no right to come to my place without my knowledge Max. Go home, I'm not in the mood to see anyone... especially you. Next time Max, you call me first.

Maxwell knew that all wasn't well, Florence was so harsh and angry which is unlike her.

He didn't take any of what she said to heart.

"I'm sorry Floz, you told me last week that you will like to taste Japanese chicken curry pavatin. well, I made it today, personally for you. I called you while still at home to inform you first, like an hour ago but you didn't answer the call which was why I decided to drive down to check you at your end. My apologies for not waiting for your reply before coming... Maybe, I will just go back home then...

Maxwell waited for a reply but she didn't say anything.

He ended the call. He couldn't fathom what exactly was the problem with Florence but he was determined to respect her privacy.

Maybe is better he leave her alone for sometime.

He drove back to his place.

After two hours the door bell rang. He wondered who was knocking, he checked the time and realized is almost 9pm.

He wasn't expecting anyone, who could be at the door that the security allowed inside the compound without calling him through the intercom first.

He went straight to the door and opened up.

He was surprised to see Florence staring straight into his face.

She has swollen red eyes and looked so pale.

"I...I... did not want to stay alone tonight. Also did not want to go over to Susan's place to avoid further interrogation. I...wan..

Maxwell left the way for her to come in.

"You've been crying? You don't need to explain anything... please come inside...

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