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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 11




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 11

Written By Amah's Heart


They walked side by side in silence as they entered the house.

She looked around In total wonder.

"You live here alone?

She exclaimed again

"Yeah, with my domestic staffs. you don't like it? I completed the building two years ago...

She slapped his arm playfully.

"Ofcourse I love it. Looking at the fine structure both from outside and inside is a wow. The engraving on the walls, the art works, the mini grass field and pool, the breath of nature is all I see here. Everything smells and looks outstanding and creative Max... wow. You did a great job... your house is fabulous, is breath taking Maxwell Luke..

Maxwell smiled, expressing a well set dentals as Florence called his full name.

"Thanks Flox. You made me to fall in love with nature back when we started dating. Even after we ended things my love for creative arte didn't stop. Come with me I want to show you many more.

Florence followed him behind.

She was happy with everything that greeted her eyes. Neat and perfectly in order.

They have been hanging out, meeting at their usual field, going to movies, comedy shows and other fun place mostly on weekends.

Maxwell has invited her over to his place many times but she always turned it down or give excuses.

She finally made up her mind to honor his invitation.

Maxwell asked her not to bother driving, he was going to come and pick her up.

She sent him address of her place and he came earlier than she thought.

He has to wait for her to get ready before they left together.

He came with another car, a black SUV not his usual Prado Jeep.

It was more of a quiet drive, Maxwell was the only one doing most of the talking and getting less reply and more nod from Florence.

It was when they drove into the gate after the security opened up did Florence exclaimed loudly.

"I love this Max...

After looking around the compound she throws her hand in the air happily.

"I'm glad you like it. Come let me show you the rest of the property...

Maxwell replied while laughing.

Florence followed him on a tour as he showed her every part of the building.

Florence later settled down.

"I'm a great chef too aside my road Job which has finally come to an end. I learnt different dishes in some of the country I visited. Maybe I will get to show you my cooking skills some day.... what do you think.

"Great... that will be nice Max. I look forward to it.

Maxwell smile before calling on his domestic staffs. He introduced them to Florence.

The cook, the housekeeper, laundry man, the other workers within the compound like the gardner, the two security and pool man too.

They greeted Florence kindly before returning back to their duties.

In no time the cook announced that the food was ready and already set out in the dinning.

Maxwell led Florence to the dining section. everything about the house and it's setting was absolutely beautiful which includes the dining setting.

The food taste great also.

After dining with Maxwell, he took her to his private sitting room filled with beautiful canvases hanging on the wall.

They went sipping home made Chapman and talking generally.

"...This is the result of all my tour, all my hard work, journeying none stop and putting my life and all I got at risk. I completed my second company building four years ago before building this house. It was while I was pursuing a better Life that nature took you away from me... making you fall in love with Coleman. The biggest kick on my butt was loosing you Flox but I can't fight nature or God who knows better than we do. There must be a reason for everything, I only wish you had exercised more patient with me...

Florence face suddenly changed into a frown.

"Did you just mention patience? I could have waited patiently for you to tour the entire earth...is that what you meant? You put our love and relationship at stake...if it was important to you then we wouldn't be having this conversation. I used almost three years of my life exercising patient, hoping things will be alright and back to how we started before you got your project testing and traveling job. Sometimes you will be gone for months with no communication. I tried Maxwell to continue rekindling our relationship so that it doesn't loose it's flavor. It feels like I'm the only one who values the relationship. I kept calling, kept sending messages with no reply, I kept hoping and praying that things will get better but it gets worst instead. I talked to you severally about it and you promised to Change but never did. Instead you became worst. What are you trying to tell me now... your love for me went cold. If you happen to pick my calls you will end up dismissing me with "I'm busy" sometimes you don't even take my calls at all. Our love went cold before I met Coleman...

Maxwell interrupted with an apology.

"I'm sorry.. really sorry Flox. I played a huge part in everything that happened to us. I put my job ahead of our love. I couldn't manage the two at the same time so I concentrated on the job instead. Worst mistake is not making effort to manage my relationship and my job and giving you a beautiful world like you deserved. Standing by me all those years was everything I needed. Knowing there's a beautiful soul who believes in me makes me want to work more hard and repay you greatly for your kindness and patient. But I got distracted with my demanding job and loosed you to another. I'm sorry Flox for everything you went through because of my negligence. My love for you never went cold. I only couldn't shuffle my love life and job well. I...I...

He moved closer to her, took her hands into his, Florence didn't pulled off as usual.

He spoke kindly to her, she listened to every of his words.

She looked from his eyes to his mouth. Maxwell was a nice fine man.

Maxwell was looking straight into her eyes as he spoke calmly.

Florence looked down at her wedding ring which she has not been able to removed despite is over seven months already, almost eight months she left her matrimonial home.

Cole has tried reaching her through different means, he even came to her office twice but she threaten to get him arrested if he continues stalking her for unserious reasons

His excuse was that he needed to get away from Marina for sometime.

Cole saw her as his ways escaping his shrewd mistress.

He imagined finding peace with her from his troubled mistress after which he will return back to her.

He wasn't ready to do the right thing and bring his wife back home for better this time.

His major concerns remains Marina and the baby and how much he was spending and was almost going bankrupt because of Marina.

Marina was driving him insane and the only solution is to look for his wife and stay with her for sometime before returning back home to Marina

Florence has warned him and threaten arresting him with police that was two months ago.

Florence wish he has realize his mistake and ready to start on a new page.

She miss him and the home she was very used to.

Cole wasn't ready to think right and see her real value.

She refused to throw herself into his arms because of the kind of love she had for him.

She won't be his substitute or come second place in his life.

Inwardly she was hoping her marriage will be restored for the better but she won't trade her life or happiness for it again.

"... Flox... Flox...

Maxwell tapped her gently. She looked up at him

"... you were carried away. Are you thinking about Cole or there is something bothering you. If you wish to share, I will be here to listen..

"I'm alright Max. Cole remains my husband...we aren't divorced yet. Anyway, Nothing is bothering me...

She added as she checked the time. It was almost 8pm.

Maxwell nooded, stood and left her alone.

He stood by the window close to Florence.

"Is seven months already that you left him or he chased you out because of his pregnant side chic whom he later engaged. I understand how difficult it might be moving out and trying to move on but isn't it time to start thinking about yourself, your happiness and peace of mind. I don't want to discourage you from believing or hoping to get back with your husband but don't loose yourself doing that. I want to see you happy Flox... you deserve to be happy. You are a good person and all this shouldn't be happening to you. But I won't thwart your hope, keep holding onto the tiniest of hope. Nature will smile back at you. No sparrow falls to the earth without the knowledge of God."

Florence didn't say anything. She checked the time again.

Maxwell felt bad, is obvious Florence love for Cole is far deeper than he can explain. She wants to let go and fully move on but her hopes that Cole will come back to his senses and come begging was still holding her back.

"I can see your continues checking of time, I guess is time for me take you home...?

Florence blinked several. The way Max sounds makes her wonder if he wants to quickly get rid of her.

He was trying to hide under the pretense of a curved smile but she knew him enough and knows he wasn't happy.

Her feelings for him was coming back gradually, over some months now which she tried not to nuture.

Max is a nice guy, more loving, caring and also God fearing than Cole but she can't run straight to his heart when she was still married to Cole though separated. She tried not to encourage him or her feelings.

Is better they remain just friends to avoid unnecessary feeling and drama.

Florence stood, she tried to cheer him up. She thanked him for the tour, the food and the drink.

She promised to come again and the statement made Maxwell happy as they both left.

Florence talked about one of the beautiful breath taking paintings she saw in his house.

Maxwell removed it from his wall and gave it to her. It was worth thousands of dollar. She declined the gift but he insisted.


Cole was talking with his mother. He paid her a visit.

"I'm reducing in finance, in mental health and peace of mind every day Mom, Marina drives me insane every freaking day. I don't know anymore...

Madam Gold interrupted.

"Isn't she supposed to be due two months ago... Why is she still pregnant?

"She said her doctor warned her not to do anything yet concerning the passed due date. She said if after this month and she didn't experience labour then they will induced her. The funny part is she remain very active, mostly in bed. She is a Tigris during sex. I could have said she is one hell of a strong pregnant Lady but Marina is never strong in doing any chores in the house except during sex. I'm tired of the sex romp Mom, but she said I have to continue doing it to create a better hole for the baby to come out. There's a way she said it...i have forgotten. My whole savings and almost all I got is going into Marina....

Cole clap his both hands together frustrated.

", Listen Coleman, what if Florence casted a spell on Marina and said she won't give birth safely and also want to frustrates you...?

"The Florence I know will never do such. She is too soft and loves me too. Did you know that she is still wearing her wedding ring? She wants me to come for her and I can bet you on that. Whenever I'm ready to take her back I will apply the necessary steps but I need to do something concerning Marina. If Florence was around i won't be spending so much money paying a help to tidy the house or to make the meal. Let me focus on Marina because of my baby...I can't wait to meet him. According to Marina is gonna be a boy. I will teach him everything he needs to know bout women.... Women are very dangerous species which includes his mother except you Mom...

Madam Gold drank deeply from her cup of red wine.

"Don't count on all the money that you have spent so far. Your unborn son is the most important. I'm looking forward to meeting my grandson too. Florence maybe down to earth and all but that's not what I'm after. Marina gave us what we wants which is a child. After giving birth to this one, still get her pregnant again maybe after two or three babies you can start thinking of bringing Florence back. Florence is just good for cleaning and making home. We need more than that. Her love for you like you mentioned will keep her waiting untill you are ready to bring her home. Being Mrs Spence is mostly what she's after and I guess that's why she can't change the name or remove the ring.

Cole held his drink without lifting it to his mouth.

"I'm running low on Cash. Marina told me she needs money to buy more baby stuffs, to pay for the inducement, to pay for some hospital emergency as her doctor suggested. She mentioned other hospital bills. After calculating the whole money she mentioned it was more than a million. I don't have such amount now which is why I came to you Mom

"I will give you some money Coleman but is mainly because of my grandson I'm doing it. you have to look for a way to curtail your financial burden, I can't help you always...


Back home Marina was pacing up and down on phone.

"Avid...Avid...what is wrong with you? This is not the exact size I needed, is very loose. I have been trying to manage it pending on the time I finalize my plan but is getting worst. Cole is not around, I can drive down to pick up another one from your end. Did you know most times if I'm making love with Cole I have to hold onto it with one hand so that it does not pull out and exposed me. Please, check a perfect size before sending...I pay you enough for this things I shouldn't be complaining. I did not complain with the other fake pregnant bump until this last one that is giving me issue. If this whole thing wasn't worth it I won't be here wasting my time with an annoying man like Cole. I'm not after being Mrs Spence, money is my driving force and a nice roof over my head with a good ride. If you know the amount of money I collects from Cole you wouldn't want to give me something that will remove food from my mouth. Please get back to me quick. I want by next week, I will visit Rajan for a fake caesarean section which the baby won't make it. It will look like the baby didn't survive and I will make another set of money from that and cut your share out for you. I will be driving down to meet you so that we can get a perfect pregnant bump size for me...

She continued her call for another five minutes.

After the call ended she, took the fake pregnant bump from the bed and wore, she tightened it up to make it appear real but it was a bit loose for her.

Marina sighed angrily, she got dressed took her car key and left.

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