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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 10




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 10

Written By Amah's Heart


"If you don't do as I say then watch me dismiss her by myself....I warned you, this whole house will bear me witness that I warned you...

She turned and started walking away

He threw a fist to the air angrily.

He went after her, blocked her on the stairs, preventing her from walking pass him.

"Leave the road, I'm not in the mood for this your childish behavior...

She began to rant none stop.

"Marina, you are overreacting... what is your plan, what do you intend to do...?

Cole asked while still standing on her way.

"What you failed to do Cole. Before you employed that girl, I told you that I don't need a female maid. You went ahead, disobeyed my orders, you didn't even consider the fact that I am pregnant. I suffer several morning, afternoon and night sickness because of this your child I'm carrying. The only thing you could have done for me is to do all my bidding, but instead you did things that piss me off. I'm kicking her out. I almost two months of trying to exercise patient and wait until you do the needful but I'm done waiting...

"If you kick her out who will do the chores... because I will no longer do your dirty laundry, cleaning, mobbing or even vacuuming. So, you better think it through before dismissing the only lady helping out here all because of your inferiority compl...

Marina interrupted by pushing him aside.

"Cole, did you just insulted me? You forgot that I'm carrying your child right? You should be very grateful and worship the ground I walks on for trying to make you feel like a man. Unlike your wife who all the five years of marriage to her never conceived even ones. Listen to me, is Florence you can push around and not me. If you gets me angry, you will never set your eyes on this child in my womb...

"You are damn ungrateful Marina. What exactly do you want again eeh? I did everything you asked of me. I engaged you, drove my wife out, shared the master bedroom with you, bought a car for you, pays monthly allowance, clean and wash for you. We have been feeding on fast food because you are too lazy to cook. You blames everything on the pregnancy and I never argued. Since you're a carrying my child is only normal for me to pamper you. I got tired of seeing the dirts and mess in the house, I couldn't stand it or do it anymore, I decided to employed a help... Lizbeth has been doing her work effortlessly, so well and yet you don't want her. You want me to fire her for your selfish reasons and employe a man instead, because you don't want any Lady to drag me with you. You belittle me and subjected me to a mere items that have no say, like a piece of furniture. Lizbeth stays and if you kick her out, I won't employ another help, you will have to do all the chores. Go ahead and try me. I'm sick and tired of all this your nonsense...

He walked away from her, Marina followed him, she continued ranting.

"You are just a coward Coleman. I'm not the type of Lady you should raise your voice at... remember I'm carrying your child and deserve a maximum respect, care and love. Take a long look at me, I'm not like your dullard of a wife that only woke up at the dying minutes. I'm always awake and watching you like a hawk. My type of person is rare...and you can't easily get a beautiful smart lady like me...I can bet you to it..

Cole laughed sarcastically before turning to her.

", The only thing you are good at is sex, sex and only sex. I sometimes gets scared of the baby you carried but you care less. Despite your pregnancy you are ready to give different style, even turn upside down just for sexual pleasure. I'm sick and tired of you already. Florence doesn't have all the styles but she was never lazy, never disrespectful, never allow me to spend extravagantly. She was a better woman than you...i can also bet to that the reason why I'm not shutting your running mouth right now with a slap is because of the baby and another major reason is I don't beat women...

"Cut the scrap off Cole... have you forgotten who you are talking to? You dares not lay a finger on me. You can only deceive women like Florence not me. If she was all this you mentioned why did you drove her out, got me pregnant, engaged me, allowed me move into your matrimonial master bedroom and spending so much on me and not her...? Let me guess because you are so confused and do not know what you truly want... another thing is that she can't get pregnant and I beat her to it. Oh wait, I'm really good at the bedroom job, my great skills and performance even in pregnancy shock you right? Hahahaha... atleast I'm good at something which is why you can't let go. I'm here to stay Cole. I haven't even started and you are already complaining. I'm not your maid...so if you are expecting me to do the dishes, cook and clean then you will grow real old while waiting. I will let Lizbeth stay but if I catch you sneaking around her like a dog, you will wish you never met someone like me. Rubbish...

She walked away, leaving Cole speechless.


Florence drove in from work. She sat in her car for sometimes, her head was relaxed on the car seat.

It was a hectic day at work, she was grateful that weekend is around the corner.

After tomorrow's work, which is Friday she will have enough time to rest.

She needs to go in, make dinner and get ready for tomorrow.

Her manager has commended her at work. Her recent performance at work is recommendable which made her manager to give her a thumb up and asked her to keep up with the great performance.

She wants to continue that way without any further bad record.

The period she moved out from her home and marriage was the toughest time of her life.

Moving into a hotel and trying to live everyday at a time wasn't easy.

She was given two weeks of suspension at work due to errors and several complains.

She used that period to look for a mini apartment in an estate not too far from the company she works with.

Florence paid up but didn't have enough money to furnish it.

Staying in the hotel for almost three weeks and spent so much in paying for her room, for feeding, fueling and maintaining her car and other necessary expenses almost crippled her bank account in.

She was running low on cash after renting the apartment.

Florence spent a weekend with Susan and her boys.

Susan gave her some money which she added to buy things in her new apartment.

Susan and her husband Jimmy asked her to stay but Florence didn't want to become a burden for them.

This was the third month of moving out of her matrimonial home.

Is been rough and tough. She was gradually coming in terms with the fact that her husband belongs to another woman carrying his child.

She has not been able remove her wedding ring from her finger.

She made attempt to do so many times but broke down each time.

Maxwell tries to respect her every decision. Even when she told him to stop calling or texting her, she needed to focus more on God and herself.

Maxwell did as she asked.

He stayed away for a month but as the second month came, Florence called and they resumed talking and chatting.

She promised to tell him everything she was going through.

They met only twice, one was the first outing they did to the field for the first time.

They second time was going with him to the comedy night. She drove straight to her hotel after the show.

The rest of the talk was on phone.

It was until the middle of the second month, they got to see again.

They went to their hangout field.

Florence opened up to him.

She poured out everything she has bottled in.

It feels like a relief as she talks to somebody like Maxwell who won't judge her or throw sheds at Cole.

He was a great listener and allowed her pour out her soul without interruption.. Florence has began

"I still wonder why Cole will do this to me? What did I ever do wrong? I was a good wife, I tried to be at my best. Supporting him, loving him, pleasing him even when it hurts...all of this I did and many more without complaining and yet this is what I got in return. Nothing to boost off, no child to call mine. Cole told me he doesn't want me getting pregnant because he wasn't ready for such responsibility or the mess that comes with it. He wasn't much of a children person. I agreed despite how much his decision hurts me but I have no choice than to agree for peace to reign... hoping that someday he will be ready like he said and we will have kids. Susan talked me into trying to see if I can conceive maybe with pregnancy Cole will throw off his strong will of not wanting children, unknown to me he has already gotten another Lady pregnant. I was thinking that Cole had issue in getting a woman pregnant just as the doctor had mentioned. The doc has confirmed me alright and ready to take in but my husband needed to go through some checking and medication so that we can both be on same lane...but Cole refused. He said he was very fertile and active, maybe I'm the one with the problem. He had a great prove to show for it, Marina was the prove. Cole broke me, he cut me deeply and left me with a deep hidden scar. Getting another woman pregnant wasn't enough, bringing the lady home, engaging her, moved her to the bedroom we both shared. Cole had the gut to move my own things to the guest room and scattered my stuffs everywhere in that room. His mother supports his decision. My husband threatened to kill me because of another woman. He told me he was done with the marriage and will be serving me a divorce letter still because of another woman. I'm healing gradually but no day pass by without thinking of everything I passed through in the hand of Cole and how it still hurts...

Florence wiped a tear, she tried not to break down in front of Max.

Maxwell can see her struggling to hold back tears and emotions.

"Let it out. If you feel like crying, is alright Flox. If I appear like Cole in your eyes and you feel like striking me. Do so... because I will never judge you. I deeply understand your pain. You are a strong lady, I have Known you to be unbending, you will be alright Flox because all of this will still pass and your sanity will be fully restored with happiness that can only come from God. I'm sorry for everything you have to go through...so sorry Flox...

Florence went into his arm and released the heavy tears she held back.

Maxwell was careful as he stroke her shoulder gently.

She told him of her new apartment after moving out of the hotel due to the expenses.

They talked until it was 10pm before Maxwell walked Florence to her car, bid her goodnight, "drive carefully Flox"

He stood as she speed off.

Max returned to his own car.

He didn't drive off immediately, he went through everything Florence told him and all that she has gone through.

He folded his fist and hit it on the steering wheel.

He probably played a part in driving Florence into the arm of a man like Cole. Men who doesn't value what they have.

Florence was kind, she was loving and God fearing. She loves with everything in her and holds nothing back.

She was patient with him for almost three years of their dating. Despite how he was mostly on the road, Florence understand him and was ready to make it work.

she waited until she couldn't anymore.

She fell deeply in love with Coleman, he was always present whenever she needed some one.

Florence said many amazing things about him and he was happy that she will be in a safe hand with a responsible man who also loved her.

Seeing how broken, sad and hurt the same man left her made him want to punch him real hard.

Maxwell later drove her.

Despite how Florence confided in him, he tries as much as possible to avoid meddling in her personal life.

He wanted to remain a friend she can always lend her shoulder on and that was what Florence wanted too.

She focused more on her job and getting more recommendation as days goes on.

Florence was finally letting go little by little.

She was home that Thursday from work, while getting ready for the next day her phone rang.

It was Cole. He was calling for the first time in three months.


Florence was quiet, she pretend like she doesn't know him.

"Who's this?

Cole became speechless at first.

"Don't you have my number or know my voice again...?

"I will end this call if you don't introduced yourself immediately... Florence said.

"So you deleted my number and can't recognize my voice.. Cole replied.

Florence ended the call.

Cole called like twice before she picked up.

"Florence please don't end the call, is me... Cole. Your husband..." Cole added.

"Which husband are you referring to? Because I don't have a husband Mr Cole. How's your new wife and the baby and what do you want...is the divorce papers ready. My lawyer will pick it up, just let me know when...

Cole interrupted.

"Florence, I didn't call for that, I only called to...to check up on you...

"Is it to Check if I'm dead or alive? Don't call this line next time Colman Spence. If the divorce papers are ready text it to me and I will send my lawyer to you..." Florence added

Florence can hear Marina in the background shouting over something he did.

"... I just got this month alert Cole and is not complete, what happened to the rest of the money. I want my complete allowance or..."

Florence heard Marina cursing him.

"Can't you see that I'm on call...what the hell is wrong with you...? Cole said

He suddenly covered the mouth piece so that Florence won't hear the rest of the banter. He later returned to the call.

Maybe he didn't want Marina to know who he was talking to, he suddenly started talking very quiet


Florence quietly ended the call before switching off her phone.

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