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A Gay Bought Me - Last Chapter




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 62

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Author's POV

"We will surely find her.. I promise you " Eric said as he watched Mina pacing to and fro while running her hands through her hair

"It's all my fault, she told to get her ice cream from the ice cream trunk passing by.. Aish " Eve complained bitterly

"You left a little girl alone to get an ice cream?? Eric asked but Eve glared at him instead

"She's not missing I am sure of that, for her to tell you to get ice cream for her, she is probably tired of staying with you so she excused herself " Mina said and Eve arched her brow

"Mom" Someone yelled and they all turned to see Ahyun walking towards them while licking a pop sweet

Mina glared at her and put her hand on her waist

"Ahyun, where did you go ?? Huh??

Ahyun glared back at her then at Eve

"I went to get myself something to keep my mouth busy like you always say mom " Ahyun said

"Then why did you ask me to get you ice cream?? Eve asked while glaring at the little girl who just winked at her and then looked at Eric.

"You must be Eric " Ahyun said and Eric smiled at her then he dropped to a squat, he wanted to touch her but Ahyun took a step backward

"Nice to meet you "Ahyun said and look around

"Mom where's your car?? She asked

"We will be taking cab " Mina said then she looked at Eve "I am so sorry for the trouble, I will leave you two now... Thanks for today and I will be expecting you guys this evening for the reunion " Mina said then she slightly nodded and hit Eric on his shoulder making him winced

"Let's go" Mina said and held Ahyun hand and was about going but Ahyun stopped and went to Eve

"Where's my ice cream?? She asked and Eve scoffed

"Ice cream??

"Never mind " Ahyun said while she rolled her eyes and went back to her mom to take a cab



(Mina's Apartment)


" Mom, what is it with the reunion?? I hate it " Ahyun said as she remove her jacket and threw it on the floor

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop that silly attitude of yours?? Mina half yelled as she pick her jacket on the floor "And why did you hate it??

"Because it is always boring "

"You will get to see Mimi or don't you miss her?? Mina asked expecting her to smile or jump like she always do but she didn't do it

Mina watched as Ahyun walked upstairs sadly.

"Ahyun, I promise this year reunion is gonna be one of the best.. Aunty Suzy is coming too " Mina yelled but She heard the door slammed

She let out a sigh and picked her school bag from the couch

"Ahyun I will be cooking your favourite meal so freshen up and come downstairs so you can help mommy " Mina yelled but there was no response



"Are you ignoring me?? Eric asked but Eve kept walking in the little park where there are few people

"This is unfair, don't you know you're hurting me " Eric whined like a baby but Eve did not care

"What's the point of living when the love of my life is ignoring me?? Eric said and Eve stopped and turned to look at him

"What do you mean by that??

"I wanted to kill myself but now you...

"Go ahead, kill yourself " Eve said and Eric eyes widened


"If you don't kill yourself then I will kill you myself " Eve said and hit him hard on his shoulder then she hit him on his leg making him winced

"You came back from the state and the first person you went to see was your first love?? Isn't that great?? Eve yelled as he pulled him by his ear

"Ahhh... Eve that hurt.... Ahhhhh" Eric winced but Eve didn't answer as she pulled him to a quiet place then she released him

Eric rubbed his ear and pouted

"I really have a mean girlfriend but seriously I went to see my mom and sister first then I was on my way to see you but I saw Mina on the road and she needs my help so I offer to help her... That's it " Eric said but Eve looked away

"You don't believe me??

"I also heard you and Suzy were close in Los Angeles or wait... Do you go to LA because of Suzy?? Eve asked

"This is unbelievable... Suzy just went there to complete her work and we accidentally met, even though she's now a damsel and.... " He paused as Eve glared at him "Noo.. That is not what I mean... Uhm... It's just, you don't expect me to flirt with a married woman "

"Great.. Suzy now has a husband... Most of my friends are in their husband house while my own boyfriend hasn't propose to me " Eve said

Eric smiled and quickly pulled her to a hug, Eve tried to pull away but Eric hugged her tightly and she surrendered

"I miss you " He whispered into her ears

Eve looked up at him and tried to fight back her tears

"I thought you would've forgotten all about me and...

She couldn't finish her statement as Eric placed his lips on her and kissed her passionately on her lips

"It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember...I love you " He murmured in her mouth

"I love you too"

(At The Reunion)

Everyone was eating, smiling, laughing and chatting on the dining table

"I remember when Eric was always to shy to talk to girls, after talking to a girl, he would run inside the house and lock himself in the room " Wei said and everyone burst out laughing

"Jeez... You're embarrassing me" Eric said as he threw the napkin on her face

"Ahyun why are you not saying anything?? Suzy asked and they all look at her

"I don't have anything to say " She said as she focus on her food.

Mimi brought out her pen and wrote something then she show it to everyone to read.

"Ahyun is just like Mina "

They all laughed...

"Exactly, she played me for a fool today " Eve said but Ahyun did not say anything.

"Where is your mom?? Mina asked Eric as she tried to change the topic.

" She is busy in gwanju.. She sent her greetings " Eric said as he took a bit of fried meat

Wei was about to pour some green beans in Ahyun food but she quickly pull her bowl away

"She don't like green beans " Mina said

"Just like CJ" Suzy said then smiled "CJ did not like green beans at all"

Ahyun smiled and seem interested

"You mean my dad did not like green beans too " Ahyun said and Suzy nodded

Ahyun glared at Mina who quickly understand her

"You don't expect me to know that" Mina said with a pout "but seriously CJ did not like green beans?? Mina asked

"Yes.. Ahyun.. When your dad was about your age, he always pick green beans secretly without no one knowing not even the maids knew about it"

"Then what did he use to do with it??

"He will put it in his pocket then excused himself saying he wants to go to the toilet then when he gets to the toilet, he flushed it " Suzy said and Ahyun burst out laughing even though it wasn't funny

" Tell me more " Ahyun said and Suzy did not hesitate to tell her more about CJ silly adventure even though others didn't find it amusing



Min ho gave the guy the picture and pouted

"Today is Reunion and now I am going to miss it because of you " Min ho said

The guy kept looking at the picture and smiled

"She's really pretty "

"Pretty?? Of course she is.. Pretty but fierce, she look exactly like her mom, she's very troublesome and she never allow anybody to touch her except her mom " Min ho said

"Her mom??

"Hm.. Though She has changed but she seem lonely without you " Min ho said "CJ, it has been a week now.. how long are you planning to pretend you're still in coma.. Huh?? Mina needs you.. Your daughter needs you "

"I am scared"

"Scared of what??

"Scared of facing her afterall what I have done "

"CJ it's not your fault and also she didn't know about you telling the doctor to abort the baby even though the doctor didn't do it " Min ho said then his phone started ringing

He looked at CJ and sighed

"It's Mina" he said and picked it

"Hello Min ho, why are you not here?? Where are you?? She asked

CJ shut his eyes then opened it back

Min ho was about to answer but CJ quickly jerk the phone from him

"He is with me " CJ said but there was no response



Mina's POV

" Where is Min ho?? Eve asked

"Let me call him " I said and dialed his number, I looked at Ahyun, she was smiling as Suzy was still telling her about CJ funny past

"It's ringing " I whispered then he picked it

"Hello Min ho, why are you not here?? Where are you?? I asked but he didn't answer then I heard another voice

"He is with me "

I paused and held my phone tightly

"Who.. Who is this?? I asked and they all looked at me

"Mina is everything all right?? Eve whispered

"I hope you're still wearing your purple pin cos you're yet to fulfill my wish " The person said and my heart kept beating fast as my eyes widened and I dropped my phone

"Mina... Mina...

I could hear them calling my name faintly, I swallowed my spit hard as I recalled about the pin

""I wish you stay with me forever "

"Mina is something wrong??

"Mina answer "

"CJ... CJ"I whispered then I looked at Ahyun, she was wearing the hair pin

"What about CJ?? They all asked

"CJ is.. CJ is alive, he made it" I said as I quickly pulled Ahyun close "Ahyun.. Your dad made it " I said as tears rolled down my eyes "So mom will love to borrow this " I said as I removed the hair pin

I quickly stood up and walked towards the door

"Are... Are.. You sure?? Suzy asked and I could tell she was surprised

I nodded and opened the door to see the greatest shock in my life

"C.. C.. CJ" I whispered, I didn't know what happened but everything went blank



I slightly opened my eyes and I could see the sunlight reflect in the room.

"You're awake??

I heard a familiar voice and I turned to see Eve

"Wh.. What happened?? I asked "I had this craziest dream thar I saw CJ, where's Ahyun, how about the reunion??

" Suzy has went back to LA to meet her husband while Mimi and Wei has gone back to Gwanju and Ahyun is sleeping " Eve said and I sighed

"Aish. For how long have I been sleeping?? I asked

"You should quickly dress up and come downstair, someone is waiting for you?? .. I think its your boss.. Eve said and my eyes widened

"My boss,?? Gawd!!! I knew it.. I am doomed " I said as I quickly jolted up from bed and quickly went to the bathroom to freshen up

When I got downstairs, I was startled to see CJ together with Ahyun, Suzy and everyone

It was not a dream...

CJ is alive, he made it... He finally made it, so all the time I have waited for him was not in vain.

"Mom... "Ahyun yelled and they all turned to look at me

I couldn't take a step forward as I just kept looking at CJ, he try to say something but just couldn't

We just couldn't say anything or move closer but our eyes has said it all

How much I missed him and how much he missed me..

How sorry I was and how sorry I am..

How I wanted to forget about the past and how he wanted to forget about everything that might hurt me or him

We couldn't say anything... We just couldn't

His presence in my life brings smiles and loving throughts within my heart!



A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.


(One Month Later)

"He finally proposed to me" 'Eve yelled out happily as she flaunt her finger to Mina who smiled at her

"I am so happy for you baby girl " Mina said

" Uhm.. Actually I and Eric will be going to Taiwan tomorrow and we will be staying there for some months, he is trying to take a rest from the industry and spend time with his lovely girlfriend " Eve said and Mina hugged her

" Once again, I am happy for you " She whispered

"What of CJ?? Eve asked as she disengage the hug

"He went for a concert in Singapore "

"What of Ahyun??

"He took her along"

"What!!! CJ took Ahyun to a concert??

"Yes, don't you see it online... That is not even the problem, Ahyun now likes CJ more than me, it's unfair "

"Ahh... Don't be a jealous woman, she probably want to spend more time with him, you know she grew up without someone to call dad but now....

"No that's not it... What about me?? I was the one that took care of her when CJ is not here but she has forgotten it all and now they both left me and went for concert "

"Anyway, did you see Suzy new post on Instagram?? Eve said trying to change the topic as she brought out her phone and show Mina some pictures of Suzy

"See her tummy.. See "

"Woah... She's pregnant " Mina said as she looked at the pictures surprisingly

"Yes and... Jeez... I have to go now ' Eve said and stood up then the door unlocked and Ahyun entered together with CJ

"Ohh you're back.. I was about to go " Eve said and Ahyun smiled

"My dad hit it, the concert was a hit and aish... it was really cool " Ahyun said

CJ smiled and walked towards Mina and kissed her on her head then on her cheeks then on her lips

"That's cool, when I get home, I will make sure I watch it " Eve said and wanted to touch Ahyun but she took a step backward, then she smiled and hugged her

"You can touch me now" She said and Eve caresses her hair

"Okay I have to go now "She said then she looked at Mina who was still busy kissing CJ "bye " She said and went out

Ahyun looked at her parents and let out a sigh

"Must you do that everytime " She asked and they both quickly disengage the kiss

"Hey.. Don't you miss your mom?? Mina said and Ahyun smiled as she ran towards her mom and hugged her tightly

"I miss you mom "


(Night Night Night)


Mina was serving the dishes when CJ came and wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed her on her neck.

Mina smiled and turned to look at him then she kissed him on the lips

"Mina, why is it you don't want to hear anything about what I did and why I did all that?? " CJ whispered

"Because everything was in the past, we forget about the past and move on " Mina whispered back and kissed him passionately on his lips

They started kissing vigorously not until they heard Ahyun wail and they quickly disengage the kiss

"Isn't that Ahyun?? CJ asked

"Let her be, her boyfriend broke up with her " Mina said as she placed the chicken soup on the table


"Yes, the cute dimple guy she told us about "

"Wah.. When I was about her age, having a girlfriend has never cross my mind and now my daughter has a boyfriend and they even broke up?? I think she took that from you" CJ said

"What?? Me?? My first boyfriend was you and you even took my first kiss, I had a boyfriend when I was just 18 and you're my first boyfriend, I don't know about you but I am sure I am not your first girlfriend " Mina yelled

"What!!! " CJ exclaimed

"What is going on?? Ahyun asked and they both turned to see their daughter wearing black cloth with black veil

"Ahyun what's the meaning of this??

"Dad, am idiot broke my heart tonight so I am not in the mood to laugh, I just came downstairs to eat " She said coldly and walked to the dining and sat on the chair

"You know sometimes I use to think a spirit do posses her " Mina whispered into CJ's Ear

"I think God is trying to punish you for having sex with me without my consent " CJ whispered back and Mina hit him

"Hey, why are you always putting the blame on me?? Did you think it's my fault I had sex with you and..... " Mina eyes widened when she found out she said the word "sex" in front of her little daughter

She looked at her and smiled but Ahyun didn't smile back

"Did you hear what mom just said?? Mina said but Ahyun didn't answer

"You should watch the way you speak next time " CJ whispered and sat next to Ahyun

"Aw.. My baby look so down, who break my baby's heart??

"Dad, I don't want to talk about it "

"Fine then I won't tell you how I met your mother, you've always been dying to hear that story right?? CJ said and Ahyun eyes widened

"He broke up with him because I only told him the truth " Ahyun said and Mina arched her brow as she also sat down

"What truth??

"I told him that his mouth smell like my mommy dirty socks " Ahyun said and Mina's jaw dropped as CJ was trying hard not to laugh

"What!!!! Aish... You little brat " Mina yelled as she angrily stood up

"I love you mom" Ahyun said as she quickly hid behind her father

"Well... I don't love you " Mina said as she wanted to hit her but CJ stood in front of her and obstruct her from hitting her

"Hey stay out of it... It's the matter between a mother and a daughter " Mina said

"Well it's normal for someone socks to smell so you should forgive her and let it go "

"Like how your sock smell too dad " Ahyun said and this time it was Mina turn to laugh

"Hey, I am trying to defend you and you said my sock smell too??

"I love you dad " She said and quickly hid behind Mina

"Hey come here " CJ yelled

"Well it's normal for someone socks to smell so you should forgive her and let it go " Mina imitate CJ

"Then I guess you will take her punishment " CJ said as he pulled her close and started kissing her

"Enough of kissing, the food is getting cold " Ahyun yelled and they both looked at themselves and smiled



"So dad tell me how did you met mom?? Ahyun asked as pour more rice in her bowl

"Well... It started with a rumor "

"A rumor "

"Yess... Long time ago.........

Ahyun paid attention as her dad started telling her the story of how everything started



Love is master key of opening a gate of happiness...

A man in love is incomplete until he is married with her love. Then he's finished.

Decision in life defines destiny..


Ending :--

Eric :- His dreams finally come true by being one of the best kpop star in the industry, he was able to find out what true love is after falling deeply in love with Eve and they both got married and live happily ever after.

He found out that the main reason his mother treat him that way was because she thought he will end up like his father, her mother apologies for her terrible mistakes but he ensure his mother that he has forgiven her and it was her terrible mistakes that lead him to where he land himself in

Mimi :- Though the death of her mother really pain and hurt her but she was able to overcome but never failed to visit her grave, even though she is mute, that doesn't stop her from achieving her aim by being one of the best gymnast in gwanju

Eve :- She start her life in a rough way by going to clubs and giving her body out in order to be signed as a dancer in the music industry because she wanted to take care of her mother and her brother, she never knew she is going to find what is called love after being sexually molested by the manager but she end up getting married to someone she never knew she's going to end up with

Suzy /Chu Jung :- She didn't end up with the guy she has always dream to be with but she end up being the happiest mother alive to her twins and also a caring wife to her husband, she never fail to visit her guardian who took care of her when the incident happened.. How she manage to escape from the fire and how another body was found in the fire has been a shocking question which she herself can not answer so she decided to drop the past and move on

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