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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 61




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 61

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Author's POV



"Hey Mina, it's half past two " Jimmy, one of her close coworkers said

Mina blinked twice and quickly remove her apron as she brought out her phone and dialed someone's number.

"Hello dad, can you please do me a favour?? She said quietly as she looked at Jimmy who was trying to tell her something and she knew what he was trying to say

The rules...

Using of phone is highly prohibited for the workers.

"You want me to send someone to get Ahyun?? Her father said "You should know that she won't allow anyone to touch her except you" He added making Mina let out a sigh and ran her fingers through her hair

"Dad just tell them to force her, I am really busy now and you know my boss is really strict and...

"Mina, you know you can't quit anytime.. Sometimes I just wonder why you chose to work in a local restaurant and also working under someone when your father is one of the richest man in Seoul "

"Dad, how many times do I have to tell you that I need to learn things and learn how to stand and depend on myself??

Jimmy make a sound and Mina eyes widened

"Aish.... Dad.. My boss is around, pls send someone to get ahyun in school.. Okay??

"Mina.. You....

Her father couldn't finish his statement as Mina quickly hang up and hid her phone

She quietly went back to her work

Their boss entered and looked at them, she make a weird face before going inside and Jimmy smiled at Mina

"That was a close one " He said as he continue cutting the vegetables then a man stood in front of the counter and kept eying Mina.

He paid his money and the whole time he just continued to gawk at her up and down like a teenage boy seeing a naked girl for the first time.

Mina looked away and resume what she was doing not until the man walked up to her.

"Hey, I must say this restaurant is the best " He said and Mina fake a smile and slightly nodded

"Not only is the restaurant the best but it also has beautiful and sexy ladies " He said while licking his lower lips and staring at Mina

"Uhm Mister thanks for coming to our restaurant, we hope to see you next time " Jimmy said as he gave him a small card but the man didn't collect the card as he kept looking at Mina

"What do you want?? Huh?? One night stand?? Mina asked and the man smirked

"You quite know too much " The man said

"Does this place look like a club to you?? I don't really want to deal with filthy dirty man like you so I will appreciate it if you can kindly leave and never come back again " Mina said and the man glared at her

He left the restaurant and Mina shook her head




Eve could see Ahyun sitting alone on the bench, she smiled as she walked up to her.

Ahyun looked up then she looked away when she see who it was

"You should know I am not leaving here until mom shows up " Ahyun said and Eve sat beside her

"Ahyun, your mother is busy and...

"Is her work more important than her own child?? Ahyun asked with a pout

"Wow... Why are you sooo cute?? Eve said and was about to touch her but Ahyun shifted her position

"Don't try to change the topic "

"Your mother loves you more than anything in this world, she's just.. Uhm... You know if she.. Uhm..

"Are you trying to lie?? Ahyun asked and Eve laughed

"And why on earth will I lie to you??

"Of course you're trying to lie because you're stammering and you can not even look at me straight in the eyes.. Anyway I am not leaving here until my mom shows up " Ahyun said and Eve scoffed.

"You're really unbelievable " She whispered and then she brought out her phone and dialed Mina's number but it wasn't reachable

"They're not allow to use phone " Ahyun said and Eve glanced at her then she let out a sigh

"I know how you feel "

"You do??

"Sure, that stupid Eric left me for good four years and he didn't bother to call or send any messages.. He abandoned me " Eve said as she sniffed

" Maybe he has gotten himself a new girlfriend in Los Angeles " Ahyun said and Eve shot her a glance

"Shut up and don't interfere in my matter " Eve said

"I never ask you to tell me anything " Ahyun yelled

"Who would know that this cute and lovely girl could be this rude?? Eve whispered to herself

"I can hear you " Ahyun said then Eve noticed that her eyes was focused on something.

She looked towards her direction and see a little girl of Ahyun age hugging a man which Eve believe to be the girl's dad.

"You miss your dad?? Eve said and Ahyun looked at her

"What is there in missing him when I have never talk to him before?? Why am I going to miss him when he doesn't know that I do exist " Ahyun said

Eve was about to talk when het phone started ringing

"Hey it's your mom" She said and quickly pick up

"Hello Eve, I saw your missed call.. How are you??

"I am fine, it's just Ahyun, she refused to follow me "

"Wait.. How..

"Your father called me and asked me to pick her up but she's not willing to follow me "

"Give the phone to her " Mina said

"Ahyun, your mom wants to speak with you " Eve said while giving her the phone but the little girl shook her head

"No.. I don't want to "

"Hello Mina, she said she don't want to speak with you "

"Aish.... That little brat... Put the phone on speaker "

Eve put the phone on speaker but Ahyun was too quick to cover her ear with her little hands

"Ahyun you should follow aunty.. Okay or else you want mommy to....

"What's the point Mina?? She can't hear you, she already cover her ears, I think it will be better if you come and pick her yourself " Eve said

"Okay okay okay "Mina said and hang up

Ahyun put down her hands and looked at Eve

"She's coming right??

"Sure she's coming... Ahyun you're no more a small girl, must you wait for your mom to pick you everytime . huh?? Am I a stranger to you??

"Firstly I am just five meaning I am still a small girl, secondly it is her job to take care of her daughter and not anyone else, grandpa already told her to stop working in the restaurant since we're rich but she did not answer and lastly, I don't know your father so you're a stranger to me" Ahyun said and Eve couldn't believe all this words is coming out from a five years old girl

Mina's POV

I threw my bag in the car and emerged in, I started the car and started driving.

Seriously this Ahyun is giving me headache.

I started driving fast then someone just came out from nowhere as I quickly hit the brake and the car behind me hit my car

I started panting heavily but the young lady did not care nor flinch as she kept pressing her phone

I was about to get out and scold her then something flashed through my mind as I recalled the first time of seeing CJ

Flash Back

"Hello, is this how they thought you in school to cross the street anyhow " He yelled venting his anger on Mina and he was surprised that Mina didn't even answer as she was smiling at her phone.

He was so angry that he jerk the phone away from her making her quickly look at him.

"Hey.. " She shouted

"Who are you?? Are you nut?? Give me my phone now?? She yelled

"You, pressing phone on the road is a bad habit, what if I had hit you ot something?? CJ yelled

"Who the heck are you?? It seems you're new in this community, my Name is Mina, nobody messes with me.. Now give me my phone " She yelled back

"You want your phone right?? He said and she nodded

"Then take it" he said and smashed the phone hard on the floor, Mina jaw dropped and her eyes widened

"That should teach you a lesson never to be engrossed on your phone when you're on the road " CJ said and was about leaving but Mina pulled him back.

"Compensate me for my phone now " Mina said while glaring at him but CJ jerk her hand off

"Don't touch my cloth with your filthy hand " he said and walked away.. Mina angrily picked a big stone on the floor and smashed it on the front glass of his car.

CJ gasped as he slowly drew back

"It's 50/50.. That is for you refusing to compensate me for my phone, if you like report me to the police, I am their regular customer, I have been to the police station countless of time, " Mina yelled and walked away leaving CJ in complete shock.


. --------

I smiled to myself as I recalled about the past but I was brought back to reality to someone tapping on my window

I whinned down and stepped out.

It was a beautiful young lady but she was looking fierce

"Hey see the damage you've caused " She yelled and I bit my lower lips

I knew she bumped into me but I shouldn't say that cos it was my fault that she bumped into me

"I am really sorry, I will compensate you for your car I promise just give me your business card.. I will...

I noticed she was no more paying attention to what I was saying, she was being distracted by something and I turned my hair and I knew exactly what had distracted her.


He is back??

Eric walked towards me and looked at the lady who just kept looking at him

"Hey beautiful lady, what happened?? Did my sister do something bad to you?? He said and I glared at him

"Sister?? Is he nut??

"Ohh she's your sister?? Haa my bad... No.. No.. It's nothing, I was the one that bumped into her and.. Oh my goodness.. I.. I am so sorry " The lady said as she bow her head and Eric raised her head

"You shouldn't be apologizing beautiful lady " He said and winked at her.

The lady held her chest and I could see her face turn red.

Then suddenly I heard different girls shouting Eric's stage name

"Miles... Miles... "

"Oh fuck.. " He cursed as he held my hand and dragged me to his car

"Err. My. My car... "

He didn't even answer as he started the engine and drove off



Author's POV

(In The Car)


"What was that all about?? Flirting with another lady in front of your girlfriend best friend?? Mina said as he pulled Eric by the ear making him winced

"Aish.... That hurt "

"When did you came back from the state?? Do you even know Eve has been dying to see you??

"I know but it wasn't my fault and also I miss her too so what about Ahyun??

"Oh my goodness!!! " Mina exclaimed

"What is it??

"Can you pls take a U-turn, we need to get both my daughter and your girlfriend in school??

"Eve is with her??

"Yea but she won't allow anyone to pick her except me "

Eric smiled as he makes a U-turn

"How about your boss?? I hope she's treating you nice now??

"She can never be nice " Mina said "I was even thinking of quiting then focus on my family, the male customers are always giving me a hard time"

"CJ make a mistake by not giving you a ring before...... " Eric paused then he looked at Mina "I am sorry...

"It's okay " Mina said and Eric focused on the road

"It has been six years now and the doctor still don't know if he is going to make it or not" Mina said

"Still in vegetative state??

"Yess and.. and... I really miss him " Mina said sadly as he recalled about what happened six years ago

Flash Back

It took them 4 hours till they finally see him and pulled him out of the water and his face has practically turned blue

They covered him with a white blanket but Mina rushed to the scene and jerked the blanket off

"CJ.... CJ... Wake up... Wake up " She cried out as they forcefully dragged her away and cover him back with the white blanket



"Hey Mina what're you thinking?? We're there already " Eric said as he pulled off the seatbelt and emerged out.

"Woww.. This school is soo big.. Do you think Ahyun will like me?? Eric asked as Mina emerged out

"You should focus on your girlfriend and ask yourself if she will be able to forgive you or not?? Mina said jokingly then she looked around

"Ahyun normally sit down there " Mina said while pointing at the empty bench "Where could they be??

She brought out her phone and dialed Eve's number which she quickly picked

"Hello "

"Hello Mina, Ahyun is no where to be found , she was beside me some minutes ago but in the twinkle of an eye, she is gone and I can't find her "

"What!!!! " Mina exclaimed

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