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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 60




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 60

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina's POV

When I got to CJ's Villa, I met Min ho pacing to and fro, I quickly held his hand and was breathing heavily

"Mina are you okay?? What happened??

I swallowed my spit and exhaled heavily

"CJ where is he?? Do you have any idea where he is?? I asked and he shook his head negatively

"I tried his number few minutes ago but it was switched off... What is it??

I touched my forehead and I didn't know what to do

Where could he be??

Author's POV

CJ looked around the building and let out a sigh before entering, the house was not well organized and he almost screamed on sighting a dead rat

"CJ my son you're finally here" Someone called and he turned to see his mother.

She was looking dirty and messy

CJ cover his mouth as he tried to hold back his tears, his mother went to him and hugged him tightly.

"I was scared, I thought my own son is going to turn me in to the police and....

CJ slowly disengage the hug and looked at her

"Where is dad??

His mother held his hand and led him inside a dark room, she switched on the light and CJ was surprised to see his father sitting on the chair

He was looking haggard and miserable

"Your father has refused to eat anything or even leave the room but CJ how about my business?? What about the company?? His mother said and CJ shot her a glance

"So all you can think of right now is your business and the company?? Huh?? You're really unbelievable.. I can't blame you because all you care about is your business and you never care about your children's feeling... I am really regretting right now that you two are my parents "

"CJ, don't say that... I and your father loves you... What about kayla?? I hope she is okay?? Don't worry.. Her father is rich and and....

"Will you pls cut it out already?? There's so much I would really love to tell you but I don't think I have much time because you two never wish to know what and how I feel "

CJ's mom burst out crying as she try to touch CJ but he took a step backward

"Pls don't do this to us.. CJ we're your parents and and... We're really sorry for everything we must have done " Her mother pleaded and this time CJ couldn't stop himself from crying

He looked at his father but he wasn't saying anything then instantly his phone beep and he wipe his tears with the back of his hand

"I am sorry but it's too late "

"Wh.. What do you mean?? His mother asked then suddenly four policemen entered

"You're under arrest for the murder of Chairman Wol bin late wife " The detective said and CJ mother was beyond shocked

She looked at CJ and couldn't alter a word, she recalled about their conversation some minutes ago about CJ telling her how much he missed her and he should tell them where they are hiding so he could see them

She never knew it was going to be a set up

"Thank You CJ, we will make sure you get rewarded for this, you prove to us that you're a good citizen of this country and...

"It's okay.. I.. I don't need anything " He said then his father gave him a paper before they handcuffed him and took them again

"You can't do this to me, what about my money?? My business... Noo.... The company.. This can't be happening " His mother yelled as they forcefully dragged her away.

CJ wasn't surprised that the only thing his mother kept saying is money, business, she never ever for once care about him and his elder sister.

He unfold the paper and started reading the letter which his father wrote

Chen Jai, Love is the strongest force the world possesses, yet it is the humblest imaginable... It was love that led me to all this, I so much love your mother more than anything in this world that I really don't want anything to happen to her... The day she killed my friend's wife, I was really shocked and terrified but due to the love I have for her, I decided to keep it a secret because I think without her, I won't be able to live... Have you ever experience that kind of love?? The kind of love that you will go to any level to save the person you love?? Well I love your mother but she didn't love me the way I do, I later realize your mom was only interested in my money and not my heart, it is quite heartbreaking but I still love and cherish her, every night ... The terrible thing she did keep haunting me down not until the day we received a video clip from an unknown person about the video of how she killed chairman wol bin's wife, there's nothing I can do about than to just keep protecting her... I am sorry if this is coming late and I couldn't give you fatherly love to you and your sister but deep down you should know how much I love you and I will.....

Tears had already welled up in CJ's eyes as he drop to a squat and burst out crying

Even though his father was unable to finish the letter, he knew he wasn't his fault

Everything was his mother 's fault and the mistake his father made is falling in love with someone like her

Eve's POV

I couldn't take my eyes off the person in front of me and all she could do is just to keep smiling.

What does she want from me??

I had bumped into her some minutes ago and I was really trying hard to avoid her but I just can't

"Long time Eve " She said and I fake a smile

"Of course isn't it?? " I said

" You're looking good and still fresh " She said but I didn't answer then my phone started ringing

It was Mina..

I have tried calling her since I listened to her voicemail but it wasn't reachable

I was about to pick the call then I looked at Suzy and she urged me to pick it which I did

"Hello Mina, are you okay??

"Eve.. Eve... Do you have any idea where CJ is?? Huh?? Plsss?? She asked sounding worried

"Wh.. What is it??

"Eve... CJ did not abandon me.. He did not. .. He loves me and... and.. He only got marry to kayla because he was trying to protect me.. He.... "

I could hear her crying over the phone

"Mina it's okay.. It's okay.. I believe CJ is fine " I said while looking at Susy

"No it's not.. Don't you watch the news?? He helped the police by turning his parents in"

"What!! I exclaimed "He turn his parents in"

I paused as I looked at Suzy, she was also surprised that she quickly brought out her phone

"And also you know what?? He knew I am pregnant but he never knew I am pregnant for me, he thinks I play his heart " Mina said and I could feel her pain

"Mina believe me.. Everything will be fine " I said and she hang up

I looked at Suzy, I was expecting her to freak out about her parents arrested by the police but she didn't

"What a smart ass boy, he should take all the credit " Suzy said and I was confused

"What do you mean?? Aren't you feeling sad that your parents are....

"Can we leave that aside?? That is not why I am here to see you? She said and I arched my brow

"Then why??

"I'll be leaving this country tomorrow and I need a Favour from you "


"Yea, can you pls take care of Eric for me?? She said and I was shocked as my eyes was wide open

I need to control myself

"Wh.. Wh.. What are you talking about?? Eric is dead and we all know it" I said and she smiled

"I think you really deserve Eric even though I love him a lot but I guess he did not feel the same way so I hereby surrender him to you because I don't want to end up like Kayla " She said then she giggled

"You should never let go of him and yoy should cherish him a lot, he is too handsome and so many girls will try to flirt with him, don't let that happen and I am sorry for whatsoever I have done for you.. I believe I will find my own true love soon " She said and I was speechless

"I saw you two kissing in the Graveyard, I thought you were actually kissing Eric 's ghost at first " She said and laugh at her own joke

"But can't you wait?? He is going to reveal to the world that he is alive on Mina's birthday " I said "You can get to see him and also talk to him"

"Then you want me to fall in love with him again" She said ans then smiled "Guess this is it " She said and let out a sigh "if I found out you're not taking good care of him then I will come back and take him away from you " She added making me smile

"Noo.. You don't dare" I said and I hugged her so tightly "Thanks Suzy and I forgive you" I said but to my surprise she pulled away

"Aish... What will people think when they see us hugging like this?? Huh?? She said and we both burst out laughing then my phone beeps and I glanced through it

My eyes widened and my hand began to shake

"What.. What is it?? Are... Are.. Y.. You okay??

"Suicide... CJ is trying to commit suicide " I said and Suzy was startled as she snatched my phone

She looked at it and gasped

"Oh shit... " She gave me back my phone and started running

I checked my phone, he had written a suicide note on his account and I clicked on a video

It was Live

So many people were on the bridge begging him not to do it, telling him they love him no matter what but he was not looking at them..

He tied his hand with a rope and also his leg


I stopped the video and dialed Mina's number but she wasn't picking... I dialed Prosecutor Shin ah number and she picked it

"Hello... Pls can I have Eric's number?? I asked

"You want to call him about CJ right?? She asked

"Yess "

"Eric is in gwanju right now with his family, he...

"Damn" I said as I hang up


"Don't do it"

"You'll forever be our star"

"We love you CJ"

"Stay with us"

I turned to look at so many young girls carrying sign post while some of them are crying, the police are also there doing whatever they could to stop me

So many things are running through my head and I just couldn't stand it.

"CJ stop " I heard a familiar voice and I turned to see Chu Jung, she was now in tears and was shaking her negatively "Don't do it pls... Don't do it " She said and I swallowed my spit

"I.. I am sorry for whatever I have done to you, I only did that because I love you, I love you... Big sis loves so don't.. don't do it and come down.. Plsss" Chu jung pleaded in tears

I looked away and then back to the river

"Chen... Pls don't " She yelled

"I am sorry Chu Jung "

Author's POV

"Why are you apologizing?? I should be the one apologizing " Chu Jung said

"I am sorry " he repeated

Mina got to the scene and was forcing her way through the crowd then she heard the young girl screaming

She paused and her heartbeat increased

When she got to main scene, she see Suzy crying out loud, Mina didn't think twice as she jumped into river earning another wail from the young girls



The submarine with their flag rose above the sea level, water gushed down the side of the submarine making the ladder to the cockpit of the submarine visible.

Mina suddenly hauled out and looked around

"CJ...... " She yelled as panic struck her heart "CJ..... CJ......

To be continued...

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